Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cultural Differences

I am still shocked that Gary Sheffield was able to say that Latin players were "easy to control" and that MLB Latinos were seemingly unoffended by the characterization. Whether or not it was a justifiable statement, to Black people, that's just talking "greasy."

I remain a little confused about the communication differences. Especially when I read Ozzie Guillen blame Miguel Cabrera's culture for his expanded waistline.

"When your mom is Venezuelan and your wife is Venezuelan, you're going to get fat because they like to cook. When you sit there for lunch and you see all the food, you're going to eat it. The good thing is he knows about it."
To me, that is a sweeping generalization and stereotype. Like when Fuzzy Zoeller expected Tiger Woods to order fried chicken at the Masters dinner. And he blames the women. Booo!

And just for good measure, Guillen joked:

"If Cabrera doesn't make a change soon, however, 'He's going to play in the Mexican League.'"

Uh, okay. But I suspect Guillen will not be criticized for these statements. Whether speech is offensive depends largely on the audience, so I'm not even sure Guillen should be called out.

And by the way, US Open champion Angel Cabrera is "affectionately" called, "El Pato." "El Pato" means duck. It is also a homosexual slur in certain Spanish speaking cultures. Which one is Angel? (Maybe there's a reason Angel insists on doing his best Marlboro Man impression.)

I'm just trying to keep an open mind.

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DP said...

Zoeller...Fuzzy Zoeller.

Sheffield caught some heat about what he said from some Latino folk. I think the fact that he didnt catch a BUNCH...says that he wasnt that far off.

Ozzie is ALSO Venezuelan so the gringos would be hard pressed to get all self-righteous about what he says about his own people, especially if Cabrera doesnt make a fuss.

Fact is..Miggie IS getting Biggie.