Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fashion Round Up - Handicapping the NBA Draftees

So I've stumbled upon the gallery of the NBA draftees before the live blog on Dan Shanoff tonight, and I think there are some real hints as to what to expect tonight - from a fashion perspective - at the draft.

I fully expect Al Horford to be a strong contender for best dressed. He has the body for a suit. And, so far, I'm not disappointed.

Greg Oden goes for color, a surprising choice for a big man. But it looks good. And Mike Conley is doing resort chic with the argyle and linen. The pastel colors look great on him. Mike Conley may also emerge has a contender for best dressed.

We're probably not going to have to worry about Spencer Hawes for best dressed.

Or Joakim Noah. Poor baby. He's promised to get a "crispy" shape-up for tonight. He will either make me cry or make me laugh tonight. That's for sure.

Kevin Durant is surprising in the flap pocket jacket and the summery fabric. And look at the detail on that left lapel! I see you, stunna.

I was worried when I saw him in a purple button down shirt at the press conferences, but I can confidently declare a "pre-game" winner. He just happens to be a Georgetown Hoya (Me? Biased?). Jeff Green is ballin'. I like the cargo influence. He's not afraid to mix colors. He didn't lose focus all the way down to his shoes.

Gotta take risks, young men. Sweater vests will only get you so far.

All pics from via Getty Images


MCBias said...

Did someone say B-B-B-Biased? ha. I thought this post would be good and it was. Another 3 months of reading your blog and I might stop wearing white socks with my dress shoes, heh.

CoCo said...

Al Horford is looking smashing in that pic!

Mini Me said...

Umm, Noah wow. What the f was he wearing? that was hideous.