Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Fun Pt. 2

If I haven't stated it before, I'm all for the shameless objectification of male athletes. I support the Hot Blogger Bracket (Congratulations to Holy Dog Water. I was pulling for Orson and Sven is a great jump off name, but it's all good). And I support DC United player Bobby Boswell's efforts to objectify himself via calf muscle. Hey, size matters. Appropriately, Bobby is very concerned about his, uh, muscle.

This week, I suffered a minor injury to my calf, causing it to be a little deformed and ugly. I was worried my calves would no longer be beautiful, which got me thinking – do I have the nicest calves on the team?

I think he's halfway serious too. How could such vanity not have an effect on me? Bobby is actually running a contest for tickets to see DC United play David Beckham and his personal assistants that comprise the LA Galaxy. After the top three calves are voted upon, fans can match the calves to the players on DC United. (Yes, the whole team took pictures of their calves. I think they wax.)

Bobby does have nice calves.

I think this is the first post I've ever done about soccer and I really should have tried harder. Bobby's calves hardly constitute substantive soccer analysis. Wait... Nah, not that substantive. But I think he might be the Gilbert Arenas of soccer. Is there something in the water in DC?


MCBias said...

Check your ballhype account; I had some Bobby video links that you might enjoy.

The Rover said...

You should see my calves.

Johnny Cockring said...

FYI: some professional teams in Europe make their players remove leg hair. The same may be true for United.

The only logical explanation is to ease the trainer's task of dressing and treating brush burns.

Of course, there are other explanations. We are talking about footballers.