Monday, June 25, 2007

Pacman Catches a Lawsuit. Shocking!

If I'm going to post about boring matters such as the law, I'm going to keep track of such mundane matters as my "wins and losses."

I called it! Adam "Pacman" Jones is being sued in civil court as a result of the criminal charges that were levied against him last week.

A bouncer who was shot and said his left ankle was bitten by Adam “Pacman” Jones in a strip club melee sued the suspended NFL player and other members of his entourage for damages Monday.

The suit for an unspecified amount was filed with the Clark County District Court on behalf of Aaron Cudworth three days after the Tennessee Titans cornerback surrendered in Las Vegas on two felony charges of coercion and posted $20,000 in bail.

Facts about the Feb. 19 melee and shooting, which paralyzed another strip club bouncer and wounded one other person, were confirmed in charges that the district attorney filed against Jones on Wednesday, said Cudworth’s lawyer, Richard Schonfeld.

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DP said...

you didnt need a law degree to call that one, but having one never hurts.