Monday, June 25, 2007

Soccer Fashionistas

David Beckham likes to play dress up. I don't mind at all.

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I think Reggie Bush was at the filming of the Nike commercial where he and Beckham switch sports AND he was wearing eye black (the DEFINITIVE post on eye black), but I was distracted by Beckham's ice blonde hair and steely glare.

I'm going through a soccer phase now. Lozo might label me a mere GSF for this, but fuck him and the PATH train he rode in on.

Pretend that Bobby Boswell is not wearing that shirt, but DC United puts YouTube to good use to analyze hats. I'm not mad.

1 comment:

Lozo said...

if you are going through a "soccer phase" because of any of the following:

1) your boyfriend likes soccer.
2) you think the uniforms are cute.
3) you like only hot soccer players.
4) all your friends like soccer and you just want to fit in

then you are a GSF. otherwise, carry on.

really, why is the GSF concept so hard to understand?