Sunday, July 22, 2007

Corrections: ESPY Awards

I will forever be traumatized by the nightmare fuel of Shaq "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Diesel fondling the nether regions of Stuart Scott.

LeBron wore EIGHT outfits, not a mere seven like I previously stated. The overlooked outfit had sequins on it. Yeah...

Also, LeBron James is an affront to dancing.

Jerry Rice did an homage to Crown Royal, but Common pays tribute to Michael Irvin with his crazy tie/neck sash thingie.

Greg Oden's suit fabric was not the same as his shirt fabric. He's a sweetheart, but hopefully he will use that first check to get his grill straight.

Candace Parker is not pictured, but trust me, she looked fine. However, my eagle eye did not spot Shelden Williams. Is Candace available?

Finally, Carmelo Anthony was too fancy for the red carpet with his fancy, fancy cornrows and the fancy, fancy pocket square.


DP said...

I am pretty sure Shelden Williams was busy getting his summer league on.

He's not quite good enough/old enough to escape Summer league duty.

Steve said...

Dude, I think your fucking genuis isn't's fucking gone.

Leave Oden's grill alone before i mess with yours.