Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Damn Feds!

Not only did the sneaky ass Feds surprise everybody with the indictment of Michael Vick, they have scheduled Vick's first hearing for July 26 - the first day of training camp. It's at 3:30 pm, so there's no way Vick can practice that day.

Right now, 62% of AJC readers plan to throw away their #7 jerseys.

The Atlanta Falcons message boards are inoperable.

Morning sports talk hosts plead for calm in the stands at home games. Midday sports talk hosts say suspend him with pay. Callers prefer Vick over Harrington. No PETA members have called in yet.

Falcons owner Arthur Blank just got back from Africa and is "huddling" with team and league officials concerning the Vick indictment. Vick is characterized as being "devastated" by the indictment.

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CoCo said...

Of the 62% of AJC readers who said they were throwing away their Vick jerseys 52% of them were lying. Jerseys cost too damn much!