Monday, July 02, 2007

"ESPN Is Filled With Sexual Harrassment"

I guess Dan LeBatard will be testifying for the defense if Harold Reynold's suit against ESPN goes to trial. He has no sympathy for Harold Reynolds and his allegations of wrongful firing from ESPN.

On Dan's radio show in Miami on Friday, LeBatard gave a little speech about Harold and what he thinks of the allegations. Dan said:

"ESPN is filled with sexual harassment. It's actually funny."

"For Harold to be claiming that he was wrongfully fired.. I don't know how he says that with a straight face."

Dan goes on to say that Harold hit on and "creeped out" not one, but two, of Dan's girlfriends. Consequently, Dan is doubtful that Harold is not a sexual harasser. You can listen to the minute long audio here (or here).

For the record, hitting on people and/or creeping them out is not necessarily the equivalent of sexual harassment from a legal perspective.

Dan felt smug enough to criticize Harold right in the middle of a game he was playing with the callers - "Given the accusations of sexual harassment against Woody Paige and Jay Crawford, First Take should've been called _________." And when Dan picks up women at work, they're "girlfriends." That designation presumably expempts LeBatard from being an ordinary sexual harasser, as impressive as it may be that Dan is able to score multiple girlfriends from the same pool of women as Harold when Dan is only in Bristol part time. Not to mention that Dan aired out a married man on the radio. The same Dan that cried that journalistic integrity had died the day pictures of Alex Rodriguez cavorting with a stripper were printed on the cover of the New York Post.

I have to wonder, given that ESPN has invested so much time and money in joint ventures like ESPN the Phone, why the worldwide leader hasn't paired up with a dating service. At this point, it's looking like a natural fit. ESPN and could do something...Oh, wait...ESPN may not be Eharmony material. They're selective. Maybe Craigslist?


Jarrett Carter said...

Well, they do run eHarmony commercials pretty often during major sports events.

But other than that, I'm sure the locker room mentality is alive and well in boring ass Bristol, CT.

Covert Jerk said...

Who would've thought that a channel based on covering sports who hires ex-ATHLETES as employees would ever have a problem with sexual harassment? hmmmm real shocking