Monday, July 30, 2007

Preaching to the Choir

Michael Vick has finally made an appearance. Well, an audio appearance, that is.

He appeared on V-103 today. The highlights are as follows:

"Hopefully I'll see y'all again. It remains to be seen, but that's what I'm working on.

I just want to thank all my fans and all my support and all the people that are praying for Mike Vick and are in my corner right now. It's a crisis situation for me, but I'm going to get through it and I feel, by the grace of God, that's the only way. I believe in the outcome at the end, and that's why I put my faith in the man upstairs. It pains me not be down there right now because I know so many people want to see me and I want to be there."

...Hopefully, under the right circumstances, I think it can work. I know I put the city through a lot, my owner, Arthur Blank, who I love, sincerely; I put him through a lot. It hurts me to put him through this situation.

A lot of things would have to be worked out for him to put his faith and trust back in me. But if I had the opportunity, if it wouldn't be a problem, I'd like to come back, under the right circumstances."

It's a smart move for Vick to appear on a radio station known for being a voice for the Black community in Atlanta (it's also the #1 station overall in the market and, for background, the host has also recently faced legal issues). Especially after the protest yesterday. Vick knows the local community is already sympathetic to him. He spoke to people that are ready to listen to him. And Vick is putting pressure squarely on the Falcons. If the team feels like the local fan base is "compromised," it's going to inform future decision they make concerning Vick.

The interview was taped. That is also smart. His lawyers could monitor the comments to make sure they wouldn't incriminate him.

And the interview counters the coverage of the Tony Taylor plea today. One would imagine the news organization will lead with Vick's comments (the good news, then focus on Taylor (the bad news).

I did listen to the audio (I will update the post w/ audio if it becomes available). He sounded calm, relaxed and genuinely aware of the bad situation he has put his various business partners in. He did reiterate the "under the right circumstances" comment as far as coming back to the team. However, he did express remorse about Blank personally, so it's hard to tell how bristled he is about the way the Falcons are treating him.

Overall, the interview was a good move for him. It's about time he made one of those.

Update : The audio is posted on the homepage here.


Jarrett Carter said...

I don't know if that was a good move. His boy has flipped for the feds, everyday evidence surfaces about him being the unofficial commisioner of dogfighting, and he opts to get on local radio over reaching out to a national reporter?

Maybe his allegiance is to ATL, but this story is national news.

CoCo said...

The story is National news, but much like with Barry and San Francisco, Vick isn't loved anywhere like he's loved in Atlanta by a good majority of the people. He owed Falcons fans something and I think that's why he chose V-103.