Friday, July 20, 2007

Precedent Supports Due Process in Atlanta

Shockingly, an Atlanta Journal Constitution columnist published an article in support of Michael Vick. I know this was difficult for them to do, so I will acknowledge the effort. Mark Bradley basically acknowledged that the Falcons are in a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation. He also brought up some interesting situations of current and former Atlanta athletes who found themselves in the legal hot water.

  • Jonathan Babineaux is still on the Falcons roster. Jonathan has an active felony charge for animal cruelty. He allegedly killed his girlfriend's puppy with his own hands. He has not been cut from the team, suspended or placed on any sort of leave. Arthur Blank said the following about his case in February: “There’s this thing called the legal process that’s even above the NFL and sports … [Cutting Babineaux] would be the worst possible thing we could do. It would be a slap in the face to the judicial system. Making the concession of throwing somebody on the fire would be the worst thing for our organization and the worst thing for Atlanta.”

  • Tony Martin was a wide receiver for the Falcons during their Super Bowl season. The Falcons released after he was indicted on federal money-laundering charges (Vick is also the subject of a federal indictment). He was acquitted and wound up catching 67 passes for the Dolphins that fall. Two years later he returned to the Falcons for his final pro season.

  • Rafael Furcal played for the Atlanta Braves in the 2004 division series after having being sentenced, earlier that same day, to three weeks in jail for violating probation. Not many exprssed moral outrage when Furcal hit the home run that won the game.


Miranda said...

Well it looks like we've lost this one....if its a leave of absence...thats the equivalent of Vick leaving Atlanta...which is what some wanted all along.

jl_walton said...

A show of support from the AJC - WOW, I really missed that. It is so unfortunate that people are jumping to conclusion when everything remains in the state of "allegedness". Remember the Duke case?

Nos said...

walton you're right. i would think people would think twice (especially the media) over this situation.

With the way ESPN talks about Vick, you would think he was already convicted.

As an aspiring journalist, I am disgusted with how the media is treating this case.

You would think they would have learned from the Duke Rape Case. Apparently not.