Thursday, July 12, 2007

T.O. Tackled By Karma

Recently, Terrell Owens filed suit against a New York nightclub for wrongfully using his valuable name to promote parties. So when it comes time for Terrell to have his own blowout, his name is spelled incorrectly for his own party. You mess with one party promoter, you mess with them all. Osi Umenyiora's name is spelled correctly and Terrell couldn't get two "r's"? Awww... Anyone got an umbrella for TO so he can protect himself from the cloud that's been hovering over him lately?

BTW, the party is for Strike 4 A Cure. Terrell and Osi are setting aside their division rivalry to raise money for HIV and Alzheimer's research. And, of course, the only way to raise money for worthy charities is to party all weekend long. And bowl.

1 comment:

My Hero Zero said...

Which is the bigger blow to TO's ego: the misspelling or the equal billing with Osi Umenyiora?