Thursday, July 19, 2007

Vick Should Remain QB

Just because Michael Vick is a knucklehead, we should all suffer?

I was surprised when Vick was indicted and horrified reading the allegations. But it didn't take me long to decide that I wanted to see Vick on the field this season. Flat out, if Vick is not the quarterback, the season is presumptively tanked. Joey Harrington is not the one.

The NFL is full of manslaughter committing, murder trial having, gun running, marijuana trafficking, drug dealing, drug taking, wife beating, baby mama abusing, bar fight starting, DUI getting, strip club fight starting, pain pill abusing, steroid rage having, cleat stomping assholes. Vick is not the first and he won't be the last NFL player to get into trouble. Michael Vick should not be singled out. If it gets to that, let him pay his debt to society and/or the league and let Ookie back on the field.

There is no way that Vick should be suspended with or without pay before due process takes it course. That would just be an unfair action with total disregard to Vick's presumed innocence. And one idea that has been gaining steam - that Vick should take a leave of absence - should not be considered unless the legal proceedings substantively interfere with Vick's ability to do his job or the situation otherwise becomes untenable. Yeah, they'll be some booing at the games, but it'll settle down. The league has been through this before.

There is no need for Falcons owner Arthur Blank to overreact to the situation. Locally, Vick's current troubles make little difference to the Falcons fans. Vick has long been a divisive presence in Atlanta (for a variety of reasons). So, if you were a Vick detractor, you'll just be a more enthusiastic Vick detractor. If you are a Vick supporter, he needs you more than ever.

Still, the tone of the ESPN coverage on Vick is so somber, it's as if Vick is being held for assassinating the president. The analysts have gone stupid just to paint as dire a picture as possible. This morning, Mike and Mike wondered why Kobe Bryant's endorsers reacted more swiftly against him than Vick's endorsers have. Because Kobe was accused of violently harming a PERSON, not a dog, geniuses. Plus, I assume Nike, maker of leather shoes, could care less about PETA. Also, The NFL Live panel had an entire debate on whether Vick could handle a trial during the season. For some unknown reason, they decided the trial would be occurring in 4 months. Their own analyst, Roger Cossack, said a trial would probably not occur inside a year. Still, they chose a selective "fact" they wanted to run with and ran with it.

Nevertheless, any publicity is good publicity. If Vick stays on the field, the Falcons will be the number one story of the season. If Vick is not on the field, we'll be an afterthought. I bet ALL the networks who have Falcons games this season want Vick on the field. It might not be the kind of publicity Arthur Blank prefers, but it's better than none. The Falcons don't really have any other options.

As a fan, I am not interested in the morality of the players on the field. Judging the relative "goodness" of players is an exercise in futility. I will settle for wins. In that respect, Michael Vick is my best hope.


Gangsta D said...

No faith in Joey? What did he ever do to you? lol

wayne fontes said...

While I've disagreed with your opinion on the Duke case I wouldn't wish a full season of Joey Harrington on any true NFL fan. Here is the key phrase "check down". Let's use it in a sentence; "I don't know why Harrington keeps checking down to his running back for three yards on third and eight".

Who is the third stringer?

I think you're under estimating the impact PETA will have. The clear moral high ground will bring out every tree hugging dirt munching druid in the lower 48. The NFL has been looking to make an example of someone and Vick is on the wrong side of an emotional issue. I'm guessing he doesn't play a down this year.

The HCIC said...

Wayne, DJ Shockley is the 3rd stringer. He was the starter at UGA. This would be his second year. Frankly, if we have to "rebuild", I'd rather see him get snaps than Harrington. At least he has upside. :)

PETA might be problematic on the road, but GA is a state of hunters and carnivores (and, btw, people who fight dogs). They'll be outnumbered at the Dome. We may also be safe in Lousiana, North Carolina... :)

wayne fontes said...

I gotta disagree with you about hunters HCIC. I rarely see abused vizlas and German Shorthairs in shelters. Hunters tend to be dog lovers.

While you may be safe in Georgia and Lousiana I have a feeling the road game at San Francisco may be a bit of a problem. These are the same people who forced Stanford to adopt a frigging tree as mascot.
Vick could give out tie-dyed Bad Newz Kennels jerseys in the parking lot and it wouldn't help him.

I might have to bump Jerious Norwood up my sleeper list.

The HCIC said...

See, Wayne, Tie Dye jerseys in SF? That's a good idea! We need to get u on the PR team.

Cuz I think ESPN, Fox and NFLN have all taken a vote. And they want Vick to play. It would be heartless to take this gift away from the sports media.

You're heartless, Wayne.

NOIS said...

"There is no way that Vick should be suspended with or without pay before due process takes it course."

Unfortunately, the precedence has been set by Goodell.

The HCIC said...

NOIS, next time you come on my blog, say something funny! (especially if you are going to disagree)

Anonymous said...

"The NFL is full of manslaughter committing, murder trial having, gun running, marijuana trafficking, drug dealing, drug taking, wife beating, baby mama abusing, bar fight starting, DUI getting, strip club fight starting, pain pill abusing, steroid rage having, cleat stomping assholes."

And the NBA is called a 'thug league', at least according to some dummies.

wayne fontes said...

HCIC said: "It would be heartless to take this gift away from the sports media.

You're heartless, Wayne."

I resent that HCIC. No coach in NFL history has ever given better media than me. Berman owes me an addition.

CoCo said...

You mean to tell me Joey Harrington is not as good as Vick?? The Falcons are a 7 win team with Vick, Falcon's fans shouldn't be deprived of that!

The HCIC said...

you know good and well that if vick is good for 7 wins, joey is good for 2.

That said, I'll retract the whole post if they get daunte. :)

CoCo said...

Hahah! Enter Joey Harrington! Petrino feels like Joey is capable of running their offense! (coach speak) Now, do you think the Joey Harrington experience will be as exciting as the Michael Vick experience? You might want to get in line now!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why you think PETA people are going to bring Vick down. Plenty of rational people, have dogs, love dogs, don't believe in the things PETA stands for. The humane society (HSUS) and many other rational groups of people are of the same opinion. Face it, this is a country that loves their animals.

Personally, I have more sympathy for a dog thats been beaten to death, than a woman who enters an athletes room, bends over, and lifts her skirt, and doesn't expect a solid boning to occur.

Seriously, I know she was like 20, but she wasn't retarded. That being said, kobe is still a scumbag. But the dogs skull was crushed for not being mean enough. So I gotta side with the dog on that one.

OJ, thats a whole different story.

And sorry this wasn't funny. Poop boobs fart. Better? I'll try harder next time.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and your opener
"Just because Michael Vick is a knucklehead, we should all suffer?"
Yeah, "knucklehead"... oh that wacky fella, always hanging dogs and beatin' em to death, smuggling weed resin onto airplanes... I tell ya, he's a real firecracker.

The HCIC said...

Cjg, your comments are great. I was just yelling at NOIS who has more talent for commenting than what was put on display. They shortchanged me, not you.

And to be accurate, the indictment does not accuse Vick of killing the dogs with his own hands. The flunkies did the dirty work, although Vick was allegedly consulted on one of the terminations. His official designation will be "knucklehead" until he is proven guilty in a court of law.

Ted said...

Good post. I too agree Vick should be allowed to play. Innocent until proven guilty is the right way to go about it. I do not share your your thoughts about not caring about the morality of athletes. I do care and I think most fans do too. The kind of cruelty we're talking about here is repugnant to any one with a sense of decency. We watch athletics for an escape from the real world. No one wants that to swirl around for a whole season .

However, if Vick has a monster season, it will all be forgotten. See Lewis, Ray.

In the mean time, as a Falcons fan and a dog lover, I'm pretty torn about this season. I want to win and all but just thinking about the allegations makes me want to take a shower. I probably will not watch much this season. This has me pretty bummed. And our defense looks like its going to bite too.

btw - off the cuff usability observation on your blog -
I have trouble reading the comments because of the way firefox renders
the page. If blogger gives you an option to allow users resize the popup window, you might consider taking advantage of that ;)

JD said...

Enter Mr. Blue Skys

Pacifist Viking said...

The Falcons play the Vikings week one....

Suspend him! Suspend him!

Actually, I don't think players should be suspended until after legal convictions (if then). But then I think about seeing Joey Harrington back in the Metrodome, and my fandom wins out over principles. Goodell must suspend him...for one regular season game. Just one. Then the Falcons can go their merry way.

Nos said...

Great Post. I do think Vick needs to play and he shouldn't be suspended.

The NFL should let the Feds do their work (so should the mainstream media).

I thought it was a mistake to suspend Pacman 16 games. Because it sets a precedent. This is going to bite Goodell where it hurts.

The HCIC said...

nos, you're so right about pacman. I want to give it a few days before I address the vick situation as it relates to pacman. Because, despite what the MSM might say, there is a correlation.

Sportsbruh said...

Bout damn time I can leave a message. Shit, I had you in my tagline for a minute on that musty-ass site

Hell, he's indicted now. Might as well go all out. I'm sure your girl DeAngela Hall will be flossing all year in front of the camera - AND getting burned by better athletes.

I wonder which one of them SNITCHED out Ookie, was it P-Funk Q or T. Find out for me will ya.

wayne fontes said...

Sorry HCIC but when the videos start this fast there is no way Vick doesn't get suspended.

Anonymous said...

M Vick is a peice of shit that will be flushed down the toilet to rot with the rest of it.
Dude has no brain, wasn't for football he'd be a two-bit crook.
I'd beat his ass if he looked twice at my dog.
Local hero turns jail-house zero. PUNK bitch will be getting it doggstyle soon enough.
bark out loud!

Anonymous said...

peta can kiss my ass!!!!