Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Active Animal Cruelty Charge, Active on the Roster

The AJC reports that Atlanta Falcons defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux's felony animal cruelty charge is still winding it's way through the legal system.

Babineaux was charged in February in the death of Kilo, a pit bull-mix owned by his girlfriend.

Babineaux's girlfriend said she and Babineaux argued on February 18 and that Babineaux later suggested she return home to check on the dog after she went out to a movie.

The girlfriend told police she found Kilo in "severe physical distress". Initial tests showed that the dog died of blunt force trauma to the head, likely by hammer.

The dead dog has been frozen and will re-examined by an expert.

Jonathan Babineaux is active on the Falcons roster and is projected to be a starter.

The pic is of Lucky, a pit bull brought into an Atlanta shelter this week. The knife was removed today and her prognosis is good. Hopefully, she will be adopted by someone not on the Atlanta Falcons roster.


Gangsta D said...

If I laughed at this picture, would that make me a bad person?

Sue said...

Yes. There is nothing funny about someone with a knife sticking out of her head. If you think that is amusing, you need therapy and heavy medication. Because your sign-in name is "gangsta," your comments, unfortunately, don't surprise me.

Gangsta D said...

Well Sue, I do need therapy and heavy medication. My left shoulder is killing me! As far as my nom-de-plume, a nickname is just a nickname. Words have no meaning other than that which the author prescribes to them. Let's take "someone." Most rationally thinking human beings would use the word "someone" to describe...another human being. But not Sue. Sue thinks a dog can be a "someone." If Sue thinks dogs are people, then Sue may need therapy and heavy medication. Of course, with a name like Sue I'm not surprised.

Anonymous said...

Actually "gangsta d", you are the one that needs heavy medication. Yea dogs and cats may not be able to communicate with us, but they still feel pain and emotion. Maybe we should just try that on you and see how it works out eh?

㊣美樂蒂melody咩咩㊣ said...


Taylor said...

I just don't see what kind of a person would do this to such a poor innocent helpless animal i don't think any animal deserves this its wrong to even think about hurting a animal or leaving it to suffer or toture an animal i cry when ever i look at images on animal cruelty i feel bad for this dog how would some animal abuser like it if they was abused like that i wounder what kind of a human would have a heart to do that? I love animals and would never hurt one!