Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Did These Guys Get the Memo?

Two separate articles on Yahoo! and CBS Sportsline quote people close to the league willing to re-sign Vick afer his punishment. Michael Vick has committed the worst crime known to society. That is why he will serve a whole 12 or so months in camp jail. He narrowly avoided lethal injection. Gosh.

Former Green Bay Packers general manager and engineer of the 1996 Superbowl championship, Ron Wolf, says:

"If he pays his debt to society, why shouldn't he get another chance? Maybe I don't understand something in all of this, but you're supposed to get a second chance in this country.

We've had a lot of people in this league do a lot of bad things, and they still got a chance. Leonard Little killed someone (while drunk driving). Jamal Lewis went to prison (in connection to) selling drugs. Are you telling me that killing eight dogs is worse than killing a human being? … Yes, this is bad, but are you really telling me that he doesn't deserve a chance to play again when other people have committed crimes and come back?"

Another general manager says:

"It's going to take an owner who has big ones or a GM who has some (trophies) on his (side) to make that work. Since Vick still is under contract with the Falcons, executives from other teams are not allowed to talk about him from an employment standpoint."

I am on record saying that Arthur Blank lacks big ones.

The same article cites Jerry Jones and Al Davis as owners likely to be willing to take the "risk" of signing Vick.

An unnamed current general manager (claiming the NFL has asked current team officials not to publicly comment on the Vick case) says in the CBS article:

"If he goes to prison, time will pass. Months or years will pass, if he does go to jail. If he went to jail, and then left prison down the road, he'd still be relatively young, and there'd be a line of 15 to 20 teams waiting to sign him. Trust me on that. Teams are going to say, 'F--- PETA. F--- the bad pub. This guy is one of the most talented players of the last 10 years. I'll take my chances.'

Teams may say one thing publicly. But if he gets out of jail, we'll all be looking at Vick hard. We're all whores in football. You know the saying. We'd sign an ax murderer if he has ability. He'll be back. He won't be back in Atlanta probably but he'll be back in professional football. You can count on it."

In case you missed it, "We're all whores in football. You know the saying. We'd sign an ax murderer if he has ability."

He said "ho", but with an r-uh. That means he's serious.

Wouldn't it be funny if all the owners and GM's were running game on newbie owner, Arthur Blank.

"Yeah, Art. Cut that dude. It's going to be a PR nightmare." All the while, they're chomping at the bit to sign Vick in 2009 at a discount.

Yeah, Falcons fans find that prospect hilarious.


Anonymous said...

Great post! Couldn't agree with you more. How this Vick story has produced a gushing volcano of national hysteria and provided a finger-wagging wet dream for the likes of moralizing hack sports columnists like USA Today's Jon "Jonny One-Note" Saraceno - while the NBA referee scandal remains largely underplayed - is a farce.

JJ said...

Black is a DUMB ASS. Who the hell does he think is going to replace Vick in the ticket sales department?

Who's going to buy season tickets in the future to see Harrington play?

52% of season ticket holders in ATL are black...Blank is a JACK-ASS!

Does he honestly think people are mad about Dog fighting in GEORGIA! DUMB ASS!

All Blank had to do was come out in support of Vick in the beginning. THEN when the plea happened come out and say something along the lines of being disppointed but reconize that this is a mistake, Vick has shown his remorse, will pay his debt to societ and we'll se what happens from there.

SIMPLE. Poaaibly leaving the door open for Vick to stay put. Pay back some of that signing bonus and all would be well in ATL by 2009/2010.


Like the GM/owners say - He killed Dogs..not people.

Gangsta D said...

How come nobody's gone apeshit on Ron Wolf yet? The masses had no problem going off on Emmitt, Deion, Irvin, McNabb, Portis, and now Marbury. I wonder in what ways Ron Wolf is different from the other guys I mentioned. Hmmm...

Sportsdiva said...

The post was like Pac's song "The realest sh** I ever wrote"!!!

Great post.

stopmikelupica said...

Great post, HCIC. Diallo has a good point, too...

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