Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fashion Round Up - US Open

The US Open has begun and the Williams sisters have been especially krispy.

Awww... Plaid for Arthur Ashe Kids Day.

Venus rocks her new Steve & Barry line. Frankly, that's better than anything Reebok outfitted her in. I love the pleated skirt. Pleats are naughty.

I can't even see the bottom of this outfit, but Serena looks cute to def.

This may be the cutest outfit Serena has ever worn on court. I love the ghetto fabulous earrings that say "Serena". (Of course, I picked up my pair from the beauty supply months ago). I love the short curly hair. And I love, LOVE that bow. Well, speaking of the bow. The bow met a tragic end toward the end of Serena's opening match. It was ugly. I don't want to speak of it.

It wouldn't be a Williams sister round up if somebody wasn't putting the "error" in "trial and error." Generally, Serena looks cute in this dress. But I believe the words she was searching for are, "Secret Prescription Strength."

And I guess the Williams sisters get it from they momma. Oracene, child, that's too much blonde.

Still, Janet Jackson and her bangles applaud the overall effort.

And so does Christie Brinkley.

Maria Sharapova also did her fashion plate thing. She rocked a beret. Which is funny because she's Russian, not French. Hilarious!

Some sparkles.

And some shapeless couture.

Ehhhh.... She's no Serena, but she's trying.