Friday, August 17, 2007

If You're In the Mood For a Comedy This Weekend

I was just trying to find out who Vince McMahon's illegitimate child is, but I found out a little more than I bargained for. Via PWInsider, Evander Holyfield going to wrestle on WWE Saturday Night Main Event.

He is going to pair up with wrestler MVP, the Terrell Owens of the WWE. PW Insider reports that Evander is going to "box" Matt Hardy. They even claim Evander will get his own intro music and video. Hilarity will ensue. I'm sure it will be good for a laugh, even if it doesn't exactly qualify as a legitimate warm-up for his October 13 heavyweight fight in Moscow. It comes on at 11:30 EST on NBC.


My Hero Zero said...

I've heard that after the match Evander will race a horse, make a cameo in "Rocky VII," and, in a nod to Jim Brown, dress up like an Egyptian and greet high-rollers at a Vegas casino. Gay porn is not out of the question, but the ex-champ does have his dignity to consider.

P.S. I swear to God, my verification word is "kaBOX." I believe this is a sign Holyfield will soon fight a kangaroo.

MC said...

An entertaining two rounds it was with Holyfield basically K-Oing two wrestlers who are feuding (One he was substituting in the match for).

Great to see the former boxing champ leave there with his ears in-tact :)

Jarrett Carter said...

10 dollars on King Booker running in the ring to stake his claim as WWE's soul brotha #1.

㊣美樂蒂melody咩咩㊣ said...