Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Is Michael Vick Going to Jail?

When Billy Martin gave his statement on Monday, he referred to December 10 as the date of Michael Vick's "probation hearing". I thought it was another "spring training" slip of the tongue by Mr. Martin, but maybe not.

Circumstances suggest that Michael Vick's defense team is trying to get probation for Michael Vick. Seriously.

They have scheduled a half day of testimony on the day that the mainstream media is referring to as his sentencing date. Vick's lawyers cancelled his appearance on the Tom Joyner morning show yesterday, as if there was still the possibility that Vick could incriminate himself.

Don't take for granted everything the mainstream media is saying. Remember, back in the day, when they said Michael Vick wasn't going to be indicted? That wasn't true. Remember when they loudly proclaimed he was going to get the worst deal because he didn't plea first? That wasn't true. Even the other day, certain people were saying the acceptance of the plea was in jeopardy because the statement of facts. Apparently, the judge doesn't pay much attention to Lester Munson.

The media is downplaying the possibility that Michael Vick will be sentenced to probation or time in a halfway house. That is a reasonable stance, because the possibility of that outcome is definitely a long shot. However the defense is apparently gearing up for the uphill battle. Otherwise, they would have thrown themselves on the mercy of the court and tried to accelerate the sentencing date, so that Vick could enter and leave prison as soon as possible. Instead, the defense has suggested that they're going to take the three months or so to rehabilitate Michael Vick in the eyes of the court. Maybe that will include a media blitz. More than likely it will include some secret grand jury testimony.

The possibility of Michael Vick serving little to no jail time is a potential development to keep your eye on. The prosecution has already demonstrated that they're not in the business of insisting on maximum sentences just for the sake of doing so. The tone of the prosecution suggests that the prosecution may have bigger fish to fry and that, consequently, Vick may have a chance in seeking a light sentence. You never know how things will turn out.


Miranda said...

How dare you take away their final hope...the judge...don't you know there are some that are holding against hope for a 5 yr sentence so this fast N-word will be out of his prime by the time he gets out?? damn sho got nerve..

The HCIC said...

LOL, Miranda. I had to say it. I got my fingers crossed for probation, just to watch everybody go crazy.

Miranda said...

HCIC, Do you know how angy and completely unhinged they got over that "collective efforts" and no admission of personal gambling? I thought sharp shooters would be picking us off one by one from spaghetti junction.....You know they're googling up every blog, meesage board, etc. with anything to do on Mike Vick and attacking any dissent from their nutiness with more ferocity than anything Bad Newz Kennels ever produced. If you put THIS thought in their heads, no telling WHAT they gone do.

ladarius said...

Miranda, How could you say something so ignorant when He was one the few besides FEMA that helped Katrina victoms. And what about Lindsey Lohan I believe that she has ran into the Law three times.

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