Monday, August 06, 2007

Keeping Hope Alive

To quote the great philosopher, Harrison of Atlanta:

"Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I'm a fan of Vick on the football field. He's kind of an idiot off the field, but I'm a fan."

Apparently, plenty of Falcons fans still share this sentiment. Many fans wore Vick jerseys to the intown practice/fan festival that the Falcons host in the city. It's becoming clear that some of us are having trouble accepting reality. Vick isn't running through that tunnel come September.

Still, Joey Harrington had to suffer the indignity of signing autographs for people wearing "Let Vick Play" t-shirts. People were even wearing #3 jerseys for his back-up, DJ Shockley. Very few, if any, fans had plunked down the eighty or so dollars for a #13 Harrington jersey.

I suspect many people will stick with the throwbacks for this season rather than invest in a 13 jersey. If a 7 Falcons jersey officially becomes a throwback, so be it. Vick may be gone, but his ghost will likely haunt the GA Dome all season long.

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Jarrett Carter said...

I could understand Shockley for his home-growness, but I'm not surprised folks are still behind Vick despite the looming allegations.

Guess some folks believe being a true fan is supporting the team's players in most circumstances.