Thursday, August 02, 2007

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Michael Strahan is pretending like he is retiring. Maybe he just wants more money. Maybe he wants to stick it to his ex wife, who he owes millions and millions and millions of dollars to for spousal and child support.

Matt Leinart also got some bad news. The mother of his child, Brynn Cameron, demanded $30,000/month in child support for their infant. Matt thought the $6,000/month plus automobile he was providing was enough. The law disagreed. Brynn Cameron has been awarded $15,000/month in child support.

See, Junior's got to get his money.

Have you ever wondered why some mothers get huge child support awards? Racking your brain over how many diapers $15,000 can buy? Salty that these women are seemingly getting over?

Rich parents pay all that child support because of the legal theory that the child should enjoy the lifestyle of the parents. The child should not be deprived because his/her parents aren't together and the poorer parent shouldn't be put in the position where the child prefers the richer parent because the rich parent can buy more stuff. The standard applies in some states, not all.

It may seem like a payment like $15K/month is more than any kid needs. But rich kids have greater needs. They "need" fancy clothes, ski trips, etc. Have you ever watched Laguna Beach? Do you realize how much a twelve year old girl can drop on jeans and t-shirts? The custodial parent has to provide them with a similar lifestyle that they would have with the rich parent. So, yes, the child support is intended to allow that parent to buy a nice house, car, etc.

Trying to specifically allot the money to the child is problematic. The mother has to live in the same house with her rich kid. The rich kid can't drive his own Benz. And if the rich kid has siblings? Well, they get a cut too. You don't want a rich kid to hate his own brothers and sisters just because they are poor, do you?

Well, why not just make the custodial parent show the rich parent the actual receipts each month? Because the court is not trying to be in your business all the time. The legal system would be put in the position of constantly monitoring and interfering in the family. There are so many child support awards to enforce. There are no resources to do monthly accounting checks. And that is the case whether the child support award is $100 or $100,000.

But still, there are a few ways to avoid the burden of child support:

1. Stay together
2. Get full custody of your kids; and/or
3. Don't pick a trifling bitch person to be the parent of your children.

Otherwise, if your bar tab and your child support payment could be the same amount, no complaining.


Gangsta D said...

Athletes should draw up a "Baby Pre-nup" detailing what they will pay in child support. Get it out of the way early, so when you break up, you'll know what you're in for. If they're smart they'll be putting money away, during the relationship, to fund it. Because, they will break up. Staying together isn't an option:)

Miguel said...

Like I always say, it's cheaper to keep her.

Jarrett Carter said...

The bigger question is, why are rich ass athletes allergic to rubbers?

Send one of your cronies up the street to 7-11. Damn!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jarrett--there are a few other options than those mentioned. Like birth control, self control and keeping it in your pants.

Anonymous said...

You have got it all wrong. It's not about what the baby NEEDS, it's about the baby having the same environment whether he's with his wealthy father or whether he's with his caregiving mother. The court doesn't want children's heads messed with living in luxury with one parent, and in a trailer park with the other. Whether you get it or not, it's the law. Leinart got off cheap.

Anonymous said...

Another thing men should do is date women who are on their level. In other words...women who have their own sh*t. We notoriously date down and that has to stop. I personally learned this lesson the hard way and now will only talk to a woman if she makes over 160K. If she doesn't have her own Mercedes, house, and benefits - we have nothing to talk about. Women with something to lose will not try to get pregnant to keep you or upgrade their lifestyle.

And spoken from the words of my attorney, "men need to come together to get the laws changed or spy on these chicks, to prove they are not using child support payments properly." Prominent attorney Willie Gary used a private investigator to prove his baby mama went on cruises without his kids, used his money on her other child, and bought extravagant vehicles. He had his support reduced from $25,000 per month to $5000 per month.

Notta Golddigger said...

To Anonymous (6:08am) - That is the most ignorant statement I've heard. "Date down?" What kind of term is that? Aren't relationships about more than material things? And as a woman who has her own shit (to use your words), clearly I would be dating down to go out with someone like you.

To Gangsta D - A parent cannot sign away a child's right to receive child support (or in anyway limit the amount) in a prenup. That's not how it works.

I agree with several other comments, USE CONDOMS!!! It's not that hard folks.