Monday, August 27, 2007

Obligatory Fantasy Football Appearance

I am a fantasy football rookie. I blog, but I am not a complete nerd. Deal with it.

But someone invited me to participate in a league and I accepted. The whole thing was quite embarrassing actually. I had technical difficulties, so auto pick ended up doing the first two rounds. (I had done some preliminary draft ordering.) I picked, not with piles of research by my side, but according to the flow of the draft and my general football knowledge. This is why I ended up with 4 starters with a week 6 bye. Not only was I too busy "concentrating" to talk smack to the other league members, but I asked a stupid girl question too. "Can I pick any position now that I've filled my starting roster?" Several people answered "Yup", but I'm sure they were laughing hysterically.

Still, I did okay. Here are my picks by round. This is team, "Jerry Jones' Botox".

  1. Peyton Manning, QB, Indy
  2. Travis Henry, RB, Denver
  3. Marion Barber, RB, Dallas
  4. TJ Who's Your Mama, WR, Cincy
  5. Calvin "Big Hands" Johnson, WR, The D
  6. Jason Witten, TE, The Other D
  7. Donte Stallworth, WR, Home of the Rooney Rule
  8. DST, Pittsburgh's Not so Bad
  9. Robbie Gould, K, Cuz Rex Grossman Isn't Going to Throw For Any Touchdowns

On Reserves:

  1. Jason Campbell, QB, The City that Craves a Black Quarterback More than Atlanta
  2. Patrick Crayton, WR, Where TO Loves the Kids
  3. Antwaan Randle El, WR, Washington
  4. Najeh Davenport, RB, Pittsburgh Isn't That Bad. Really!
  5. Martin Gramatica, K, Dallas

So, what do you think? Not too shabby for a rookie.


Gangsta D said...

Your starters are good, although Henry is a little nicked up. Your bench though? Not so good. Randle El and Najeh? Yuck. Crayton is a decent choice. He's gonna catch some balls. I wouldn't have taken a backup kicker though. You could've used another skill player. But still, not a bad job for a rook.

Windy City's Babygirl said...


I am going into my seventh year of Fantasy Football. I agree with Gangsta, the extra kicker was a wasted pick. Peyton Manning is a winner, and your RB's are okay. I'm curious to know what pick you had, and how many teams there are in your league. As for the stupid girl question, don't worry, in our leagues inaugural year, I had the very first pick, and I chose a defense. I still have not lived that one down. By the way, I have am the only girl in my league, so I catch hell every year.

Best Wishes!


The HCIC said...

I had the 5th pick of 12. I freely admit that I didn't know what I was doing. I kept looking at the list of available RBs and WRs for my last pick and all I saw were injury prone dogs or permanent bench warmers.

Windy City's Babygirl said...

You'll be fine. Don't give up on your team too soon during the season should they underperform, keep your eye on waivers, and don't be afraid to TRADE your players if a good offer is put on deck! Also, get your Sh$t talkin' game up. If you could read my leagues mesaage board, you would be amused! Have fun!


The Rover said...

Pittsburgh is great, HC. Great. Come visit sometime.

You desperately need some RB/WR depth - time to start looking for sleepers on the waiver wire.

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