Monday, August 06, 2007

Rick Fox Opening a "How To Get Along With Your Ex" Clinic

Perhaps Michael Strahan is paying attention this time.

Unlike some people who allow acrimony with their ex-spouses to interfere with their financial opportunities, Rick Fox and Vanessa Williams are showing that they can work together for their mutual benefit. Fox will join the cast of ABC's Ugly Betty in its second season. Vanessa Williams is one of the stars of the series.

Rick will be playing a bodyguard for Vanessa's chararcter for at least two episodes. A source says, "Things get heated." Ooooh...

If my ex-husband was plastered all over the National Enquirer with a random blonde and seemingly dedicated to being an unkept, greasy haired individual, I would be salty. But Vanessa is a more mature woman than me apparently. And Rick Fox is better with exes than Michael Strahan.

Hat tip to Gangsta D. You can contact him directly to ask him why he reads People Magazine first thing every morning.


Gangsta D said...

Damn skippy I read People. Been reading it since high school. I see no problem with that.

Jarrett Carter said...

Props, but Gangsta D and People... The level of jivability just isn't quite there.