Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Just like ol' times... Once again, Sundays are for going to church and drinking the beer you stockpiled on Saturday*.

For the foreseeable future, professional football is on an indefinite hiatus in Atlanta. Michael Vick is going to jail. DJ Shockley (3rd string, but product of UGA) is injured and out for the season. Our other stars, Warrick Dunn and Alge Crumpler, are old and struggling to overcome injuries. DeAngelo Hall is healthy, but he will probably still get burned by the first receiver he covers.

It's not an overstatement to say that the Falcons depended on Michael Vick for just about everything - on and off the field. Vick confounded the defenses. Vick sold the season tickets. And now he's gone.

My most memorable Vick moment on the field was a recent one and, ironically, a loss. It was last season's home game against the Saints. I was there in person and the clock was whittled down to the fourth quarter. We were down and time was running out. Yet, Vick remained determined. He scrambled incessantly. He ran the ball crazy. He threw the ball hopefully (there's only so much you can do with White and Jenkins). He put the team on his back. He never gave up. It was clear from section 100 to section 300 in the Dome. The crowd booed the Falcons. But there were nothing but cheers for Michael Vick.

And then.... after the game, Vick flipped off a Saints fan. And, yeah, Vick is the same guy who was pulled over in a vehicle the other day with extra dark tint, but too stupid to put his seat belt on before the cop reached his car. (Mike, he couldn't see you.) And, yeah, he was too whatever to duck the charges that are going to put him behind bars. Yep, that was my quarterback.

Still, the highs were always greater than the lows with number seven. It is what it is, but I won't forget all the happiness Mr. Vick brought me and other Falcons fans on Sundays.

Now who's going to help me haul all this Icehouse out to the trunk of my car?

*Alcohol sales in retail stores are not allowed in Georgia on Sundays.


Jarrett Carter said...

Sad day for hawks fans and fans of football.

I wonder if BET will do a reality show with Vick like they did with Lil Kim?

Nos said...

Who knows

JJ said...

Yeah I feel ya. Hell my taste for the NFL in general was already waining (is that a word?) but now...what's a girl to do?

Meeky P. said...

I feel for ya, HCIC. I'm not really a Michael Vick fan but I am a Seminole fan so I know about pain!

Gangsta D said...

Apparently, you underestimate the drawing power of Joey Harrington and Cris Redman.

Ted said...

What, miss a game at the dome?

With everyone gone maybe now I'll get one of those beanie babies they fire into the stands with those rocket launchers.

Miranda said...

So....the Falcons are who we thought they were.

㊣美樂蒂melody咩咩㊣ said...