Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ten Days (or So) Until Irvin!

Much of the response to Michael Irvin's Hall of Fame speech has been positive. Some people think it's revived his professional broadcasting prospects. But that thought is ridiculous. Most are just excited to speculate about his prospects. (Content Factory with Dan Patrick?) Michael Irvin has always had a fan base as a television personality. Some TO fans, some Cowboys fans, some who just don't mind a little fun on Sunday morning. The Playmaker that spewed tear snot over the weekend is the same 'ol Playmaker.

Mike surfaced on Dan LeBatard's radio show Monday and Tuesday and promised (PROMISED!) that he would make a decision about his situation in 10 days or so. Since he's left ESPN, Irvin has been very cautious to speak well of the Leader, but also complained that they restricted his schedule and speech too much for his tastes. Irvin has indicated in multiple interviews over the past few months that he wants to participate in a "man talk" format, not just football format. After his speech, it's clear he has motivational/spiritual leanings.

Irvin said when talking with LeBatard that he would make a decision about what he was going to do very soon and that he would definitely be around this season. Good news. Get your popcorn/tissues ready.


Gangsta D said...

If Mike gets a radio gig, will you be disappointed in not being able to critique his wardrobe every week?

The HCIC said...

I will.

Maybe he can get a radio gig with a webcast. Then I can just pray he doesn't wear a golf shirt every day.

Gangsta D said...

I don't personally know Mike. But I'm sure he would NEVER wear a golf shirt to work:)

Jarrett Carter said...

I'm still ecstatic the HOF didn't allow him to knot his tie so that the bottom of it was parallel to his pectorals.

The HCIC said...

Jarrett, I have some bad news for you.

He did wear his tie "little boy" style. There were a few moments that he didn't have the jacket on.

His knot wasn't the Michael Irvin special, but it was wider than the others. That length has to come from somewhere.