Sunday, August 26, 2007

Venus' Shoe Game

Venus Williams joins athletes Stephon Marbury, Ben Wallace, and Bubba Watson in marketing shoes and clothing for Steve and Barry's. Venus will design the line of high performance, lifestyle and active clothing and footwear.

The line will be called EleVen (a nod to her childhood address in Lynwood, CA and, I assume, her name). Venus will start modeling the line tomorrow at the US Open, although the line won't be available for purchase until November. Everything in the line will be priced under $19.98, including the shoes, like everything at Steve & Barry's.

It is not clear how the deal with Steve and Barry's impacts her deal with Reebok. However, Venus has designed a line of clothing before that she has worn on court for Wilson's Leather.

Lately, Venus has been looking pretty good in her various appearances. She and her sister have explored a lot of looks via the trial and error method. Hopefully, beads won't be prominently featured in her line.



CoCo said...

I've had quite a few trial and error moments myself!

Anonymous said...

I suspect her relationship with Reebok is over. She's not wearing the shoes or the clothes and didn't have the logo on. She looked tight in the night game with the cheap stuff on. Weebok did'n't want to give her a Contract. They merely wanted to supply her with clothes and a bonus check here and there. Venus agent was smart. Venus now looks TOTALLY diffrent that anybody else on the tour.

Anonymous said...

Working for Adidas I know exactly what went down. They needed the cash for Marketing product rather than an athlete.
I designed for 4 years for Adidas and when push came to shove they decided they had enough product and decided to lay me off! Im glad Venus went her own way! YOU GO GIRL!

Anonymous said...

My 16 year old daughter has
checked out Venus's new clothing line and says she love's the it and the price
tag!!! I will give her a
charge card with 500 limit
as a xmas present this year!

Anonymous said...

Just a note to Venus. You and little sis. has beat them at there own game. Can't wait to view your line.WAY TO GO! said...

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