Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Warrick Dunn Complains

"I don't think anybody on this team right now is hoping that Mike comes back. If he comes back, that's great, but I just think right now we're at a point where the guys that are here are trying to get better and move on down the road. Mike is going to be missed and has been missed, but at the same time you have to go on."

Atlanta Falcons running back Warrick Dunn takes offense that this quote was used in both ESPN and AJC/AP stories to suggest that he is indifferent to Michael Vick.

Consequently, Dunn appeared on the 2 Live Stews today to clarify his statements. He said, among other things:

"By no means would I say that I wouldn't want to play with Mike Vick... We want you back."

Warrick said that he spoke to Mike Vick to clarify the "misquote" and that Mike understood. Vick and Dunn have historically been roommates at training camp.

Warrick is battling to regain form from herniated disc surgery in the offseason. The Falcons are going to be SOOOOO awesome this season.


Jarrett Carter said...

Dunn doesn't want that dude around.

He has houses to build.

Anonymous said...

Dunn likes Vick as a teamate and Vick should come back to play. Everyone has made mistakes and Vick was the one in this situation. He deserves a second chance. Just because he made this simple mistake that doesn't mean that his fans should turn their backs on him. We should consider trying to put this behind us and start fresh.

Esther said...

I may not know alot about football but I am and always will be a fan of Vick whether the world or other fans like it or not. I bieleve Vick deserves a second chance. Everyone makes mistakes and should get a second chance. As to all the fans that turned there backs on Vick I got one thing to say. Put your self in his shoes YEAH you'd want a second chance. Last but not least, for all the people who think Vick should be band from the NFL i think your wrong. YEP I SAID IT, YOUR WRONG.Vick is one of the best players and he should be allowed back in the NFL. I'll be a Michael Vick fan whether the world likes it or not. I'm not going to turn my back on vick and either should the rest of his fellow fans and teamates.

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