Thursday, August 02, 2007

Well, Wilbon Was Wrong

The picture is even more intimidating than the Vick indictment. Are you a fan of another Eastern Conference team? Well, you should be shook.

Michael Wilbon boldly predicted in early July that Kevin Garnett would not play in Boston, in part, because of Boston's divisive racial atmosphere. Wilbon was wrong. Obviously, Garnett has found motivation to overcome the situation.

And what's the explanation? Blood lust.

Humans have historically united for the purposes of warmongering and destruction. Wilbon was only wrong in that he failed to consider that thirsty, depraved blood lust would come into play. How was he to know that the evil triumvirate of Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce was possible? None of us knew. This could be the most destructive development for humankind (or NBA fans) since the defrosting of Megatron.

The Celtics are an instant playoff team. A playoff lock even. Gilbert is going to be unconscious next season in a contract year. So the Wizards are locks. Miami has Flash and old ass Shaq. That was good enough for a ring before, so they're locks too. The Bulls are solid and improving with experience. They'll be there. Detroit lacked intensity in the playoffs, but I respect the ring. So I'll count them as locks. That's five playoff locks. That leaves Cleveland (yeah, I said it), New Jersey, Orlando, New York and whoever else is in the Eastern Conference fighting for scraps.

The carnage will be fun to watch. Maybe we can all sing "We Shall Overcome" or something to appease Wilbon.


Jarrett Carter said...

I do think the Celtics are a playoff team, but not as instant as everybody thinks.

They lost a lot in the trade, including their best post presence in Al Jefferson. Neither of the big three is known for being a close situations, and Doc Rivers is still the coach.

I think they go between the fourth and fifth seed this year of getting to know each other, and fare better one Rivers is fired next year.

The Rover said...

I still hate Boston. Wilbon makes some really intelligent comments to the Sports Guy on his podcast...

JD said...

This is the best Gus Macker team on the planet. However NBA fans, we do still play 5 on 5 and Boston has to go through Detroit, Chicago, and to a lesser degree Miami.