Monday, September 24, 2007

Donovan Feels Pretty

It doesn't matter what you thought about those blue and gold throwbacks, Donovan loved them. Right down to the powder blue knee socks.

Okay, maybe it wasn't the knee socks that allowed McNabb to throw for 380 yards at an over 80% completion rate for four touchdowns. The removal of Donovan's knee brace probably had something to do with it. The brace affected McNabb's hip movement, which directly impacted his ability to throw accurately. Brace removed. Problem solved. If Donovan is really injury prone, no piece of plastic is going to save him. The removal of the brace signifies Donovan's willingness to embrace the risks of being excellent. Donovan could not keep that brace and simultaneous perform as the premier quarterback that he is. So Donovan bid adieu to the plastic.

Or maybe it was Donovan's new fight the power outlook on life. Donovan damn sure showed a little "extra" on Sunday. Hey. It's his plight in life. Football is a team sport. And maybe the team saw fit to rally around a once "company man" who sought redemption. Brian Westbrook told the media that amidst the so-called distraction of last week, "We've got his back no matter what." That kind of pronouncement of loyalty on Donovan's behalf is not oft heard. Perhaps it wasn't a knee brace, but some heartfelt support from his teammates that Donovan needed.