Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fashion Round Up - Noticing Those Who Dress To Be Seen

Awwww, snap! It was the battle of sexy this week. The Unrated Mike and Mike challenged each other to a sunglasses duel this week. I prefer Tomlin. Plus, Nolan is shirking his suit wearing responsibilities by wearing the nylon parka over the tie.

I'm going to be honest with you. I'm trying to start beef between the Stewart brothers. Ryan Stewart of The 2 Live Stews is an instant classic. Doug needs to step it up. Ryan brings the heat with the no tie look. Notice how the collar of the shirt is elongated to hold its own with the suit. Love it!

But Ryan is not an out of pocket little brother. He allows big brother Doug to lime green shine with a little bit of color while Ryan fakes like he's not flashy.

Stuart Scott did a couple of nice things this week. He rocks a gray suit with a true shawl collar. Shoulder pads bring the suit to a perfect proportion.

Stu also rocked a little bit of trendy color for Monday Night Football.

Tony Kornheiser felt krispy in his lilac PTI blazer. Mike and Jaws mocked him, but they don't have the confidence to wear this. Do you, Tony.

Throwbacks were worn. I found the Washington Redskins' reintroduction of the feather on the logo to be very classy. And what about those Iggles throwbacks? Did your TV bleed? Cry?

Donovan liked his throwback so much, he matched his post game press conference suit to the colors.

And Brian Westbrook was feeling his new Fruit of Islam role so much, he brought the style with the stunna shades inside. "We got your back." Nuff said.

Desmond Howard brings a little purple and gray and teefuses to College Gameday.

The Yankees forced their rookies to dress up as characters from The Wizard of Oz. Ian Kennedy was the one with the gonads to dress up as Dorothy.

Dancing With the Stars has started. Floyd can dance, but he is frenetic and lacks chemistry with his partner. Mark Cuban's specialties include the unnatural use of his tongue and patches. Not sure at all what the patches are about. He was in the bottom two this week. His tongue is not all that.

Another week... Another week Deion does too much. The gold and blue was fine, but the blue pocket flaps are too much. Stop smiling, punk.

Vince Young keeps it real with some ghetto lines in the haircut.

Curt Menefee tries a little color this week.

And Jillian Reynolds' new mommy boobs almost see the light of day. Damn you sheer fabric! The menfolk want to enjoy motherhood too.