Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fashion Round Up - Week 1!!!!

First off, I want to give a shout out to Fox Sports for the locker room shots they were running during "The OT." There were a lot of scantily clad men in those locker rooms. And I say it's the best execution of Fox's homoerotic tendencies since a camera was dedicated to T.O.'s leotard.

It wouldn't be a fashion round up if it did start with Michael Irvin. Michael Irvin reemerged on "Costas Now" last week talking retired players and Tiki Barber. Of course, he was sporting the wide tie knot. And, of course, he looked spectacular. The wide tie knot always looks best when he's otherwise traditional. Fawn over the purple paisley on the gray suit. Fawn, dammit!

But I may have to move on from my number one like I did number 7. There is a new fashion sheriff at ESPN. And his name is Ryan Stewart. He is one half of The 2 Live Stews, a syndicated radio duo. And they regularly appear on "First Take" to give Skip Bayless the smackdown. Ryan isn't afraid of a taking chances and wearing a little color. This week, he's got on pink and white stripes on a gray suit. The suit has very distinctive lapels, almost mimicking a shawl collar. Stew-pendous.

Coaches wore suits. You're next, Belichick. Although you won't be as sexy as Mike Nolan.

Keyshawn Johnson makes his week 1 debut in a pink shirt with a vest with a patterned back. Yeah, Key, I don't know either.

Jillian Barberie returned to the airwaves this week. That sexy beast just had a baby 8 weeks ago and is already back in her stripper shoes.

But why did my girl, Pam Oliver, come back from the half with something on her teeth? I thought Joe had her back. Her new 'do looks cute though, especially after she was roasted across the board for her preseason style.

Jay Glazer made his in studio debut with curious facial hair looking like a loan shark. Peak lapels for real.

Who knew T.O. was so shy? He continues to rock the stunnas during the press conference this season. Otherwise, I like the brown striped tie on brown shirt underneath the light sweater.

America's favorite baby daddy, Tom Brady, starts the season off with a new haircut. It looks pretty fancy, like Gisele talked him into it.

Deion is rocking a coat in the summertime. It's a little hot for a vest and a duster jacket, bruh.

Stuart Scott rocks his lime green and gray check best for Monday Night Football.

Who most resembles the orange roundie? Donovan McNabb?

Or Bonnie Bernstein?

Tony Kornheiser wears Chad Johnson's prop. The jacket is cheap, questionable and terrible executed, just like the celebration itself.

And to close, MOOOOOOOSE! Daryl Johnston has apparently never met a pattern or color he couldn't put together. What is that? A nubby linen? Love it.

P.S. Tennessee Titans Vince Young and Chris Brown were stuntin' this week, but a screen cap eluded me. Does a fabulous outfit actually exist if there are no cameras to record it?


Miranda said...

Come on....Darryl Johnston looks a hot mess.

Gangsta D said...

You know Joe Bear wanted to climb out of the booth and get that out of Pam's teeth. Troy probably had to restrain him.

Nos said...

The 'do does look good

Jarrett Carter said...

I will never fawn over the way Irvin ties his dumb ass tie.

Particularly since Wilbon is championing the buttoned polo, blazer look.

The HCIC said...

Miranda, I've been enamored with Daryl Johnston since last year. He's unafraid, but he's no Craig Sager. As the self appointed fashion critic of the sports world, I try to be positive about the people who make an effort to be daring, even if it's not perfect. Otherwise, I would have nothing to write about except black, navy and gray suits.

Miranda said...

LOL.....yeah, you're right..he IS unafraid! You GOTS to be bold to do that.

Anonymous said...

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CoCo said...

Nolan really was sexy to me!

Anonymous said...

Since Ry Stew got annointed, looks like big brother Doug needs to step his game up.

Let's get a sibling rivalry fashion beef jumpin off!!!

㊣美樂蒂melody咩咩㊣ said...