Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fashion Roundup - Noticing Those Who Dress to be Seen

Pam Oliver is back looking the cutest this week rocking the peach trench coat. Still love the bangs. Too bad Vince Young can't do the same thing for his forehead.

Sage Steele did something different this week and wore her hair sleek and straight. Greenie tried to take credit for the new hairstyle, but Sage said the 'fro would be back later this week. A friend remarked that Sage looks like a stalk of broccoli with the curly fro. That still makes me chuckle to this day.

Is this how Dwyane got his big head? Hanging with Kanye? Now he's running around without his ring, chasing chicks that aren't his wife and wearing clothes with his name on them? Shame. At least it's not a lightning bolt this time.

Jillian Barberie Reynolds has new mommy boobs.

Howie Long's buzzcut makes any pastel color look masculine.

Carson Palmer is a disappointment on the field and at the podium. This whole look is just awkward.

Bill Parcells tries to be stylish matching his pocket square to his tie.

Keyshawn Johnson offers up his digits just in case you need a wide receiver, but looks smooth as hell in his mauve ensemble. The no tie look works for him.

Deion does too much with this gold get up. Shirt collar trim, solid tie knot, horizontal tie stripes, shawl collar and fabric covered buttons. Ugh. Save some for next week.

The Boston Red Sox might want to focus more on closing out the season instead of indulging their furry fetish.

Don't forget Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Mark Cuban will be on Dancing With the Stars next week.

And, let's close this week with a fashion winner. The often dapper Curtis Martin is killin' it. Everything is perfect on him. And I like the contrast stitching in the lapel button hole just for a little bit of sexiness.


Gangsta D said...

"Wade County," "Flash," and the lightning bolt? Seriously, you realize he's becoming self-parody? Even you can see this, right?

Nos said...

On Jillian Barberie's Boobs: Finally, a reason to watch Fox NFL Sunday

Sportsbruh said...

WATCH YOUR MOUTH when it comes to Deion. Damn HCIC, haven't you figured it out by now? If it's not OVER-THE-TOP Deion isn't in it.

TimeForVakation said...

What type of knot do these football commentators wear, that large knot like Howie Long & this weeks fashion winner?

㊣美樂蒂melody咩咩㊣ said...