Monday, September 10, 2007

Joe Horn Copes The Best Way He Knows How


I guess Joe Horn is seeing his career flash before his eyes. Thus, he's resorted to clicking the heels of Michael Vick's cleats three times so that he can go home to the team he thought he signed with in the offseason.

In the above video clip, Falcons wide receiver Joe Horn confesses to wearing Michael Vick's cleats during the game in remembrance of his dog fighting buddy.

As much as I appreciate Horn's loyalty to his friend, I have to wonder what kind of operation Joey Harrington is running. What kind of leader inspires his teammates to hold on to the memory of the last guy that had the job? Is there a bounty on Mike's game worn laundry? Are Alge Crumpler and Warrick Dunn concealing number 7 jerseys and old sweatbands under their uniforms in hopes of conjuring up some magic to get them back to the Pro Bowl?

Joe Horn even went so far as to confront Joey and let him kow upfront that he was wearing Vick's cleats telling him, "If you had some Joey Harrington shoes, I would wear yours too." And that would be Exhibit A in the art of giving a backhanded compliment.

Hold on to the past, Joe. Right now, it's all the Falcons have.