Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Dogs Live and Ookie Learns to Love

The pit bulls seized from Michael Vick's Virginia home have been evaluated and all but one are suitable for placement. That's great news. I hope some of the people who have been buying notes and t-shirts and chew toys have enough resources left over to help find suitable homes for the dogs in question. Especially since they love animals more than the rest of us.

But you know what's funny about the results of the dog evaluation? From an evidentiary standpoint, finding that the dogs are docile enough to be placed would directly contradict the position that the dogs were programmed to fight. Anyhoo, it's neither here nor there. Vick has already plead out. It's funny though.

And, furthermore, Michael Vick has been visiting the PETA headquarters in Norfolk, VA and has been taking classes on how to love animals more. And PETA says he has been doing great! They say Vick was attentive and inquisitive during the 8 hour course.

“He was asking questions, following up on points we were making, taking notes,” [Dan] Shannon said. “He seemed to be putting an honest effort into trying to get something out of the course.”

Shannon said Vick told him “he wished he had gotten to take a course like this five years ago.”

Yeah, that and a herpes slash weed addiction prevention course.

In total, Vick visited the PETA headquarters three times, the final of which included a test on what Vick learned in his course. PETA declined to reveal Michael's score, but revealed that the test included an essay and long answer questions.

Yes, Ookie wrote an essay on his revised love for dogs. I wonder if he will turn it in to the Commissioner for extra credit.