Monday, October 01, 2007

State of the Falcons

Well, the day came. I was invited to the Falcons game and I responded with an enthusiastic, "Ehhhhh..." Oh, well. Just my luck. I missed the first win of the season. I saw it on TV though. And in standard definition, no less. Don't ever say I'm not a true fan. CBS didn't care enough to send the fancy cameras to the Dome. But I watched anyway. I may have permanent optical damage from the indignity of viewing a game in non high definition.

I'm sure Matt Schaub didn't sign up for the indignity of losing to Joey Harrington. But that's what he got. And I'm sure he barely recognized his former teammate Michael Jenkins who caught two touchdown passes. And the Roddy White who can suddenly catch diagonal passes thrown in cross routes when he dropped so many passes thrown straight to the numbers in seasons past. Now the Falcons have receivers? Great. And Joey Harrington continues to pretend like he can play quarterback. This was predictable. Soon as Byron got to town, Joey plays well enough to stall Leftwich's inevitable start.

But who has time to focus on wins or positive progress when the nation is tuned into The Passion of DeAngela. DeAngela Hall does not get along with the offensive genius, Coach Bobby Petrino. Hall feels their relationship soured when he refused to play special teams or offense. Or maybe when Petrino refused a ride in his Lamborghini. The AJC claims former head coach Mora used to partake.

When asked if he thought he could play for Petrino long term, Hall said:

“Some things would have to change, obviously. Like you said, some guys are made for college. Some guys are made for the NFL. If he wants respect given to him, he must give respect back.”

Yahoo! reported that DeAngela wants to be traded, but the AJC dismissed that as an "internet rumor." Whatever. DeAngela is a decent corner. Just not as good as he thinks.

The Falcons got the day off on Monday. Just for going 1 and 3.

One win or not, Michael Vick, was the best quarterback in the world. No, I'm not just saying that out of romantic revisionist wistfulness. It's true.

Michael Vick is laying low this week. He is filled with shame that you people found out he lit a doobie to cope with things. And he's decorating his electronic monitoring bracelet. Hearts and butterflies mostly. Just takes a little nail polish. Don't hate. Bracelets are hot right now. Lindsey Lohan. Tracy Morgan. Eve. Everybody's sporting a bracelet this season. Vick is just being trendy.

Looking back, I can't remember a single misthrown pass, a single interception, a single bad scramble, a single injury or any bad decisions at all on Michael Vick's part. He was perfect. Now he's gone. You won't last, Joey.


Anonymous said...

You may not remember a single interception or fumble, but the ladies of Atlanta no doubt remember awaiting the results of those tests ...

For whom does the bell toll?

It tolls for thee, Ron Mexico.

Gabby's World said...

Aahh...the trolls, the trolls....the Vick haters really are special people. Anyway, nope, Harrington will be bought back to life this week...its just inevitable...he's still who we KNOW he is.

Jarrett Carter said...

Lil John is not impressed with Harrington, and hopes a brotherman gets a shot at QB.

Grandnubian said...

I think that this is D-Hall's last season in Atlanta. I remember seeing an interview with him before the start of last season where he stated that he wants his son growing up in Texas b/c the state produces great football players. This leads me to think that D-Hall will end up in either Houston or Dallas, so he can be closer to his wife and child.

WCBG said...


Is D. Hall referred to as DeAngela because he acts like a pu**y, or because he does not like pu**y?

Don't answer that.


Miranda said...

Damn HCIC,
can't wait to see what your thoughts are on this week's Falcons game........Damn I miss #7.

㊣美樂蒂melody咩咩㊣ said...