Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tiki Barber Claims His Hometown Had No Black Women

Tiki Barber is from Roanoke, Virginia. He recently went on the Wendy Williams show and claimed that there were no Black women in Roanoke when he was growing up. Which is why he won't tolerate any parts of them in his bed today. Well, Wendy said that last part. Wendy teased him incessantly about not liking Black women. He didn't really deny it. Tiki informed Wendy that he is married to an Asian woman and even tried to prove his street credit by telling Wendy his Swahili name and that he drove a Cadillac. Wendy wasn't buying it.

Tiki also said that he wouldn't give up his current life for a Superbowl ring.

It's really quite an amusing interview. And according to the 2000 census, Roanoke is over 25% Black.


Meeky P. said...

I had the misfortune of witnessing this interview. I found it strange since just driving THROUGH Virginia I saw all kinds of Black women. Tell the truth, Tiki, and shame the devil!

classic1908 said...

Yeah, and he went to UVA, a place that I think would have his share of BAP women to choose from. Although I do give him credit, at least Ginny's educated and had something of a career (publicist for Ermenegildo Zegna). It's not like he was picking up on nail-salon chick.

Ted said...

Damn...and here I thought Wendy O came back from the dead

Wendy O. Williams' Death

Jarrett Carter said...

Well, I guess that's more sisters for JJ Redick to scoop.

㊣美樂蒂melody咩咩㊣ said...