Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Touch of the Thug?

Somehow, I think the Cincinnati Bengals preferred when they lead the NFL in criminals. Their win loss record was so much better. They try to clean house.. expunge Chris Henry and the like. Where does it get them? 1 and 3, that's where.

There must be some sort of winning aura that the so-called thugs of the NFL bring to a team.

Tank Johnson must have brought a certain swagger to the Chicago Bears that they sure miss now. Rex, baby, it's not you.

The Atlanta Falcons are a miserable 1 and 3 without convicted felon, but electrifying quarterback Michael Vick.

The Kansas City Chiefs were without drunk driver Jared Allen for two games. Soon as he comes back. 2-0! Hallelujah.

The Tennessee Titans are doing okay without Pacman Jones, but maybe head bussa Albert Haynesworth is the difference. And who knows? When Jones gets back, maybe we'll see some improvement in Vince Young's forehead. That thing is getting bigger by the day.

So far, the proof is in the numbers when it comes to putting an all character team out there on the field. It may be too early in the season to draw definite conclusions from coincidences, but not too late for some teams to fill out the roster with a thug or too.


CoCo said...

Whatchu got against big foreheads Head Chic? As a person who happily displays one, I take offense to your lashing out at Vince! We can't help it!

Miranda said...

Hmmmm.....you might be on to something here.......look at that malcontent weed-smoking Moss.....me thinks McNabb needs to get a little thuggy wit it.

Sportsdiva said...

This theory makes perfect sense to me!! The old school Miami Hurricanes set the template back in the day. Now everybody wants to 'lose with character'. That's like when you say 'but he has a great personality'. What-the-fu**-ever!!

And I'm thinkin' Belichick filled the thug void pre-Moss and jacked him some rangs!! LOL

㊣美樂蒂melody咩咩㊣ said...