Monday, November 12, 2007

Better Late Than Never

Some people have decided to help themselves.

Michael Vick has fired one of the attorneys who has been representing him concerning federal dogfighting charges. Recently filed court records reveal that Daniel Meachum is no longer representing Vick. Mr. Meachum is an attorney from Atlanta. Vick's attorneys from Washington, DC and Virginia remain on the payroll. There has been no additional comment from the Vick camp, so one can only imagine why Meachum was sacked. Maybe he was the weakest link. Maybe Vick is just cutting costs. Still, it can only be heralded as a positive step that Vick is tweaking his team of advisers. Vick has to date compounded the disaster of dogfighting with the mismanagement of his public image, finances and career. Not only are there less cooks in the kitchen as far as Michael's legal team goes, here's hoping the remaining advisers demonstrate an improved ability to counsel Vick through his mess.

And some people are getting help from others.

Gene Upshaw has finally decided to do some work. The NFLPA has decided to appeal the NFL's decision to not grant early reinstatement to Adam "Pacman" Jones. The NFLPA should have protested when the NFL suspended Jones for nebulous reasons 9 games ago. Now they're stuck in the difficult position of backtracking after they've allowed precedent to be set. The NFLPA has not given any specific reason for the sudden interest in Jones. Perhaps Upshaw has recently become familiar with the definition of a union. Maybe he has figured out that the defense of a union member should not be selective or slow. Union members should be defended vigorously and unconditionally by their representatives - whether or not they make it rain. Apparently the union now thinks Jones' punishment is excessive. Pity they didn't foresee this months ago.

Both the scourges of the NFL are getting help with their situations. The holidays must be near.