Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fashion Round Up - Noticing Those Who Dress To Be Seen

Yes, Choo Choo. Hold your head down in shame. You are a clown, Clinton Portis. Although I applaud your mission to encourage the Redskins to celebrate in the endzone, there was no need to bring the ruffles into this. Or the hair. And you have offended too many cultures to name.

Serena Williams has exponentially improved her styling lately. Her new hair style is fantastic. She even looks sexy in her super short bubble dress.

Yet, sister Venus struggles with the proper execution of her new short hair do. And I hope going out in public without make-up doesn't negatively affect sales of her new Dave & Barry's clothing line.

Jillian Reynolds has finally abandoned her inexplicable obsession with dresses with pockets...

To begin a new obsession with empire waist dresses that are better suited for summer. Everybody sing along. Purple rain, purple rain...

The men on the Fox set have yet to meet a pattern or texture they wouldn't pair together.

Deion's getting old. He shows off his gray chinny chin chin.

Shannon Sharpe is a little bit bold with paisley and stripe pairings.

Daryl Johnston is coordinated in brown from suit to overcoat.

Michael Strahan looks so lonely walking through London alone. At least he has his scarf.

Michael Wilbon randomly steps it up on PTI. The next day he was back to mock turtlenecks. I enjoyed the pocket square while it lasted.

And, finally, it looks like a certain King of Pop wants to take A-Rod's place. You never know... He had hops back in the day. If you can't have championship rings, you might as well have flair... and glittered fielder's gloves.