Thursday, November 01, 2007

Father of the Year

I don't want to hear it.

I don't want to hear Andy Reid's name interchanged with sentiments like "tragedy" or "unfortunate circumstance" or "parent's nightmare" when it comes time to discuss the sentencing of his sons for drug. weapons and vehicular offenses. I want to hear the outrage, not the concern. Not because I don't feel concern for a family who has to endure the indignity of watching two sons be sent off to jail. I just expect the NFL standard. Andy Reid should be judged just as harshly as anyone in the NFL dealing with an embarrassing courtroom appearance or a messy entanglement with illegal drugs.

And the NFL standard is the "face of the franchise" standard. Players are routinely demonized and even run out of the league for the sins of their posses or groupies or hangers on. It's simply a double standard if the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles is treated with any less stringency. Indeed, Andy Reid wasn't doing his job today preparing for the Dallas Cowboys while he was sitting in court tending to his family troubles. And, frankly, illegal drugs were found in Coach Reid's home. In fact, the judge labeled his home a "drug emporium" and questioned whether his grown sons should be living there. Britt and Garrett Reid are facing jail time in the culmination of several years effort in abusing and selling narcotics. Presumably, the Philadelphia customers that the Reid sons were dealing to are Iggles fans and deserve some consideration by the NFL. The NFL and the media should extend similar disdain to Andy Reid as the they would to any other member of the shield.

Sal Paolantonio of ESPN characterized the reaction of Philadelphia fans as "shocked" that the judge drew a straight line of responsibility to the parents. According to the proceedings, the Reid children had been abusing and selling drugs for several years. The judge noted that the Reids clearly loved and supported their children and had tried many times over the years to get them help. I believe that. But it's also apparent that the Reids didn't do the best by their children. Andy Reid should be held to the "face of the franchise" standard.

That is, if that's the standard that's going to apply to everybody.


Anonymous said...

I am in total agreement. The NFL has been extremely high and mighty about their "standards" for employees, prior to this. If they really think they were doing it right (and I DON'T) then here's a great chance to show some resolve. Sock it to Reid for harboring a couple of, apparently, nearly out-of-control lawbreakers.

Miranda said...

Clearly Roger Goddell will hold Andy Reid accountable for what goes on in his primary place of residence...surely he will. Of course he will! He's already made it clear that this is his expectation......I bet he thinks we forgot he said it...tee hee hee.

Sportsbruh said...

Can't wait to see what the boys at NBC are gonna say about this.

Andy and his wife are BAD parents. Clearly they took Andy's money to the hood and sold drugs and hung out with poor people and felt like Big Shots.

If this keeps up - this will not end well. Hell, they already got national exposure and continued their bad behavior. These lil mofo's are shooting HARD drugs - HERION.

When they end up like Dungy's son - then the Media denial will cease.

Sportsdiva said...

If Mr. Make it Rain, Pacman Jones, had to go sit down and get his life right surely Reid should have to.
If Vick had to have a 'fireside chat' with Goodell about his issues, surely Reid should have to.
If 'protecting the shield' and 'face of the franchise' standards are Goodell's calling card as the Commish, then now it's time to show us what ya got Roger!!

CoCo said...

Goodell told Bob Costas that the reason he suspended Wade Wilson for 1 more game than players get suspended for is because coaches are held to a higher standard. We'll see how true that is.

B.J.S.301 said...

Leave the Man ALONE! HAHA

Naw seriously though, as much as I despise commissioner Roger Goodell, I feel like this situation doesn't quite warrant his intervention. He is having a family crisis and instead of having somebody come in and take everything he has away, there should be some support for dude in rough times.

At the same time though, I feel like it is very wrong for Andy Reid to not at least take a leave of absence from the game for a little bit. His family is in despair and it almost seems like the man isn't concerned enough to take care of home. Your job is never more important than your family. But who knows, maybe his sons are truly a lost cause now.

Also, Andy Reid's boys ain't getting roasted enough by the media for being "Thugs". They are just "misguided boys". Garrett basically said he enjoyed being the rich kid selling drugs in the hood. What type of person says that? Pacman Jones was never afforded the same type of treatment for basically the same type of behavior. Media perceptions are very very biased, especially when it comes to people of color.

Anonymous said...

Jase Whitlock, who I am no longer a fan of, did a decent column on this matter today. I was more fascinated by his yt fans bashing him.

Anonymous said... we have two adult males living in the home of a NFL coach, running a drug ring out of the house, and doing it cuz they LIKE DOING IT.

1)That's reprehensible...wealthy people selling drugs cuz it's "fun" is just foul beyond imagining

2)Could you imagine the outcry if this was TO's friends? Or any "thug" player?

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