Wednesday, November 07, 2007

No Love For the Pacman

It didn't really come as a surprise, but NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell declined to reinstate Adam "Pacman" Jones before the season ended. And it's certainly no surprise that Roger Goodell has issued another nonsensical edict. Jared Allen gets to come back from his suspension early. Andy Reid gets to live in a drug emporium. Pacman is forced to sit out a whole year for reasons that were murky in the first place. Goodell is starting to become so inconsistent that he's consistent. So, strangely enough, we all probably expected this outcome for Pacman.

And dare Pacman try to earn a living in his free time. Many pundits mocked Jones' stint in pro wrestling that openly explored his "Pacman" persona. It's been said that Jones' greatest community service during his suspension was giving away free tickets to kids for his wrestling matches. But what level of community service would ever satisfy people that expect a person who has been stripped of his livelihood to not work? Could Pacman have ever done enough to satisfy some people? I never had any problem with Pacman wrestling. Wrestling is a job. And for many reasons, including many of his own doing, Pacman had nothing better to do.

So the Pacman will continue to wait for his chance. The commish said he come back to the facility after the season ends. And the NFL public will wait to see how his story turns out. Perhaps, Pacman will heed the words of his once disgraced Tennessee Titans teammate Albert Hanynesworth.

"It can go either way, that's the way I look at it. It is kind of like the ordeal I had to go through last year (with a five-game suspension) — you can either let it define your career or step up from it and rewrite your own history book."

See you next year, Adam. Hopefully.


MIA Shawn said...

All these crazy cases with these athletes reminds me of an A&E special on lottery winners called The Lottery Curse. Basically whatever problems the people were having before they won the money, they continued to have afterwards. The money actually made some of them worse off, like adding gasoline to a small fire.

These athletes or someone close to them,need to check hemselves.They need preserve themselves and stop being involved in dumb ish that could ruin their livelihood.

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