Tuesday, November 06, 2007

State of the Falcons - Week 9

Actually, I have little idea what went on with the Falcons this week. The Falcons were blacked out this weekend. They couldn't move a paltry 3000 tickets before the deadline and didn't even bother to request an extension from the NFL. And the current Falcoons media guide "claims" to have a season ticket waiting list of over 90,000 people. The lies.

I heard we won 20-16. Warrick Dunn played like it was 2004 and rushed for 100 yards. DeAngela Hall keeps playing for free agency and caught an interception. Then he had the nerve to toss the intercepted ball to Falcons owner Arthur Blank. Punk.

So that's all I know about what's going on with the Falcons this week. I was mercifully watching the "A" game for once. It's been a long time Joe Buck and I have spent a Sunday afternoon together. I've missed him.

Pitiful 4 point win over the stinky 49ers or not, I still maintain that Michael Vick was the best quarterback in the world. No, I'm not just saying that out of romantic revisionist wistfulness. It's true.

And what's Vick been up to? Just life, man. The big bad Wachovia called in the loan on the restaurant and wine store he just opened up in south Atlanta. If you don't live in Atlanta, let me tell you that it is the bourgeois Black man's dream to be at the Camp Creek Marketplace. The failure of that business has to cut deep. Michael is also trying to sell his $6 million home in Atlanta. And I heard that he recently had a new baby, but his baby mama decided to dump him. The brother can not catch a break. It's been hectic for Mike.

Looking back, I can't remember a single misthrown pass, a single interception, a single bad scramble, a single injury or any bad decisions at all on Michael Vick's part. He was perfect. Now he's gone. Halfway through the season, my memory hasn't faded.


Miranda said...

Poor Mike....well..aint sayin she's a gold digger.....but well....guess I kinda am.

Anyway, on to those dirty birds........well, they topped the team with the 32nd best offense in the whole entire league. Kudos.

JD said...

The silence on the clearing of Babineaux is deafening........

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