Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Okay, okay, we've had our fun...

Boy, "making it rain" has swept the nation! Everybody's saying it. Haven't checked again to see if everybody's doing it. But as funny as it is to hear Tony Kornheiser say, "make it rain", we shouldn't forget the tragedies that the storm has left behind.

Tommy Urbanski is paying the ultimate price for what happened in the Minxx Gentlemen's Club. He remains paralyzed and fighting for his life in a Vegas hospital. Three people were shot in the Minxx incident. Urbanski is the only one that was seriously injured. Urbanski is a former WWF wrestler that took the morning manager job a mere two weeks before the shooting so that his wife could quit the job that she hated. Trying to be a good husband, but he'll be paralyzed for life if he survives.

The family is wondering why no one from the Titans or the NFL or the NBA has contacted them. I wouldn't advise them to hold their breath. None of those organizations want to touch this with a 10 foot pole. Furthermore, what happened to Mr. Urbanski was the fault of the individual that did it to him. The family will have a tough time convincing a body with the power to remediate their losses that it was the Titans', the NFL's, the NBA's or even Pacman Jones' fault. Sorry. I know that it's no consolation to the Urbanski family. But Urbanski's injuries might not be countered by a payday. Still, I wish them well. What happened to Tommy Urbanski was a tragedy.

And speaking of tragedies, it seems Pacman Jones' life might be descending into one. The Titans are openly discussing releasing him. I don't hold any illusions that he won't be able to work in the NFL (see: Jamal Lewis, fresh out of the pokey). However, he is compromising his livelihood and his life by continuing to engage in such reckless behavior.

Everyone from drug dealers to his family is concerned about him. The drug dealer says:

We gotta slow down, man. We gotta get him focused on football, man. He's focused on too much other s****.

You know, I was talkin' to him the other day about smokin', and he was like ‘man, if I didn't smoke I couldn't take all the stress that I'm dealing with right now.

He gotta concentrate on season...that ******* drug test coming up. We telling him he needed 33 days before he took his ******* test; dry-out, and he didn't...that's let me know right there that he ain't taking his ****** job serious.

His uncle, Robert Jones, says:

Everybody tries to talk to him. I do. His mother talks to him, his grandparents talk to him. … I don't know, I just think he is out of control. I've told him I think he is out of damn control, but he doesn't want to hear it.

I hate to say things on the negative because I want to see him do good. But it is hard to see him keep getting involved in stuff like this.

And a lot of people around him don't have his best interest at heart. I tell him, just like I'm telling you, but he'll leave me or go on out the room when I am talking to him. He knows right and wrong, I guarantee you that. But he just thinks the dollar bill can get you out of everything. Well, the dollar bill isn't always going to get you out of this (expletive).

His family goes on to express concern that Jones may be headed to fulfill some sort of death wish since his father also died young. It's too bad. Pacman Jones is a father and a talented player that could potentially accomplish a lot in life. Pacman's gambling, drug use and reckless behavior have him headed toward self-destruction. And, though he does those things, I don't feel any less sad for him. Like Mr. Urbanski, I hope Mr. Jones gets better too.

Black Hole Slam!

I enjoy love wrestling (so, umm, don't expect any posts complaining about steroids on this blog anytime soon). But I'll confess, I'm somewhat of a wrestling snob. Only WWE/WWF for me. I spit on WCW. And all those other wrestling offshoots? Puh-lease. But still, I stumbled upon this TNA clip featuring former NFL wide receiver Andre Rison. It highlights many of the reasons why I don't mess with the amateur leagues. They bite the WWE from start to finish with the characters, sets, pyrotechnics, etc. and do it with talent wishing they could hold John Cena's jock. But it ends with a pretty cool body slam. And it's a pretty cool body slam of Andre Rison, who probably deserved it (Don't quit your day job, Dre. If you can't act in the wrestling ring, you have no future in front of the camera). So I'll put my wrestling elitist sentiments on hold to share this with you.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Hope Whitlock is Happy

Not only have Jason Whitlock's lies about Las Vegas' All Star Weekend emboldened White journalists to proclaim that Las Vegas turned to bedlam because a Black man said it, he has helped to fuel a dialogue about whether New Orleans should host the 2008 NBA All Star Weekend.

Whitlock and some others have been perpetuating the myth that Las Vegas was some sort of warzone during All Star Weekend. That is simply not true. If you want to make sure New Orleans is safe for All Star Weekend 2008, just make sure Pacman Jones stays home. Don't try to creat a correlation because NBA All Star Weekend and rampant crime. Because there is none.

Here are the statistics.

403 people were arrested and booked into the Clark County Detention Center.

Of those arrested, 172 were LOCALS.

Only 231 were visitors.

And most of the arrests, 239 were vice related crimes, mostly for prostitution. (The second largest group was for trespassing, 63)

The rest, 164, were for disorderly conduct, battery, burglary, robbery, petty larceny and outstanding warrants.

People were fuckin', not thuggin'. And for the record, more people get arrested during New Year's on a per day basis. Of course, they should cancel that holiday immediately. But 5 people were shot in Las Vegas isolated incidents caused by a few people. However, those unfortunate crimes do not correlate to a general trend of lawlessness. Even 400 arrests is not a lot considering that there were tens of thousands of people in town for various events. But 200 is a pretty pitiful number to justify claims of mayhem.

News flash. Some of the people complaining might just need to come to grips that they're afraid to be in a large group of Black people, whether they are Crips or college students.

Even concerns about New Orlean's logistical ability to handle a full scale event are barely valid. Las Vegas' All Star Weekend was estimated to have attracted about 85,000 people. Not even enough to fill some college stadiums. A scaled back Mardi Gras attracted 800,000 people this year. Furthermore, New Orleans is not going to draw the same crowd that Vegas draws. Everybody knew going in that Vegas would be special because of the gambling and prostitution. Vegas and New Orleans have some elements in common, but The French Quarter is a smaller area and should be easier to control. And the hotels will help preserve order because all non guests will surely be locked out.

And of course, it would be immoral to deprive New Orleans of the economic opportunity of All Star Weekend without serious thought. All Star Weekend was estimated to have brought $90.6 million to Las Vegas. The NBA should think long and hard before depriving the Katrina-ravaged area of that kind of support.

Don't be confused by NBA Player's Union head, Billy Hunter's, statements expressing concern about the city's ability to handle the NBA weekend. "I'm wondering, how will New Orleans accommodate all these people if they elect to come to New Orleans? They'll shut the city down." Billy Hunter is just looking for an excuse to get into it with David Stern. He'll threaten to sue the league over anything. Just sour grapes because Hunter's excellent lawyering foolishly bound the players to a salary cap.

All the hand wringing is likely for naught. It's likely too late to cancel the New Orleans weekend anyway. You can't play with the dates too much because it can't conflict with the Superbowl and it has to fall midway through the season. Concerned about the NBA's "thug" image or not, Stern wants the All Star Weekend to be large and glamorous. He doesn't sit all those stars courtside for nothing. The party atmosphere and the celebrities go hand in hand. Unfortunately, he can't have it both ways.

If mistakes were made in planning the Vegas weekend, the NBA should simply learn from them. You know the crowd is coming. Make sure they have somewhere to go and something to do and a way to get there. That would be much more effective than the fear mongering Jason Whitlock is receiving so much attention for. It would truly be a tragedy if the people of New Orleans had to suffer for Whitlock's thug fantasies.

(Although Whitlock is becoming a hack, ironically, his articles have prompted good writing by others. Check out why Whitlock is going to White heaven and Dave Zirin's open letter to Jason.)

(Update: Although Not That It Matters posted this, I totally have to jack it. It's so appropriate. See Uncle Ruckus come to life.)

Random Gossip

When it rains it pours. Tim Hardaway is facing financial difficulties. Timmy is being sued for being $750,000 behind on his mortgage on his Miami home and $45,000 behind on back rent on his Miami car wash.

And Scottie Pippen also has some financial difficulties. Pippen owes $5 million over a private jet and is alleging his former agent caused him to lose $27 million.

Washington Wizards player Deshawn Stevenson is dating R&B singer Letoya Luckett, formerly of Destiny's Child. Even though Gilbert took his money, DeShawn gets the prize.

2 degrees of separation. Terrell Owens' former publicist Kim Etheredge's sister, Alisha, is kissing on Bobby Brown. I guess class runs in the Etheredge family.

Speaking of T.O., that mofo has been hitting every party in LA the past couple of weeks. I guess he's out there visiting his son before his second hand surgery.

Reggie Bush is in a video with R&B princess, Ciara. One can only speculate whether he's getting the goodies. Reggie mostly sits while Ciara rubs up against him.

Toomer vs. Toomer

Another day, another athlete involved in a sordid divorce for the pleasure of the New York tabloids.

Today's episode stars New York Giants wide receiver Amani Toomer and his wife, Yola Dabrowski. They tried, oh they tried, but they were unable to reach an amicable settlement privately, so they are heading to divorce court to air out their grievances in public.

Among the shocking allegations, Toomer alleges that his wife refused to have the big family they talked about and had an incredible four abortions during their 4 years and change marriage, all against his consent (not that she needed it). She also refused to take Amani's name, Toomer.

Amani alleges that Yola refused to have sex with him, wouldn't take her depression medication and makes fun of him when he trips on the turf without being tackled. Yola alleges that Amani forced her to decorate and entertain and go on vacations with him. Oh, and he also supposedly peed on her clothes when she refused sex. You can't make this stuff up.

One thing Michael Strahan, Jason Kidd and Amani Toomer all have in common is that they are high profile, wealthy, attractive athletes. They could have any woman they want. They can pick the most beautiful, the smartest, the most devoted women in the world. But they don't. They pick chickenheads and act surprised when they start clucking. You reap what you sow. And I don't feel one lick of sympathy for them. And neither will the judge, when those alimony checks start flying out of the bank account. Next time, use your powers for good.


Talking the Talk

So far, new Atlanta Falcons head coach Bobby Petrino is telling me what I want to hear concerning Michael Vick:

"We've spent a lot of time evaluating all of his throws and made a lot of videotape. So we've looked at all of his three-step throws, his five-step, his deep play action. We really feel like he can make all of the throws you need to make."

Add one more person to the list that has watched ALL of the Falcons' games from last season. Anybody with such viewing experience can see that Vick is a fine passer. And everyone in the organization, coaches, receivers, linemen, etc. need to commit themselves to supporting the improvements Michael Vick has made in his skill set.

If Petrino's offensive strategy is successful, Vick won't be breaking anymore quarterback rushing records. However, Petrino is impressed with Vick's running ability - to the extent it extends the play.

"It's amazing. But the thing that I liked when you watched Michael on his runs was that he protected himself. He'd get out of bounds. He did get down at times. He didn't take the hits running."

But Petrino still sees room for improvement with Vick. Petrino is committed to improving Vick's footwork and set point in the pocket.

Keep talking, Petrino. So far, your voice is music to my ears.


Monday, February 26, 2007

Contributing to the Sports News Landscape, Whether You Like It or Not is one of my favorite sports sites. So imagine my surprise when I was watching PTI on Friday and saw Wilbon and Kornheiser discussing a personal ad placed on Craig's List by a baseball player looking for a little bit of morning delight. Hmmmmmm? I wonder where they got that story from. The Big Lead, that's who! Here's the fruit of their uncredited labor.

The Big Lead is crying a river about this, but I also have a bone to pick with PTI. On the very next segment, Mike and Tony reveal their thorough understanding of "making it rain" and Pacman Jones' failure to understand strip club etiquette. Now how do you think Mike and Tony became so learned about the rain. Me, of course! Well, maybe. My post was linked on Friday in TBL's Roundup. It seems to me that if the PTI producers could lift from one post, they would happily plunder the whole site. There were no developments in the Pacman Jones story on Friday, and certainly no guides to "making it rain" coming off the ESPN wire. What do you think?

They better be glad PTI is my favorite ESPN show. Plus, it's funny to hear Tony say "make it rain over and over again. If I'm responsible for that, I'll gladly take the credit.

How Would You Like To Be Served?

The Georgetown Hoyas can beat you any way you prefer. Play from behind and beat you anyway? Ask Villanova how that worked out for them. Cincinnati took a gentle, but dominant double digit win. Pittsburgh preferred to be served with a tough back and forth game snatched from them in the final minutes with sound offensive execution and timely defensive stops, toppeded with a little bit of revenge on top for our loss to the Panthers earlier in the season

Georgetown has clawed its way to #1 in the Big East. The Hoyas have won an incredible 11 games in a row, amassing compelling wins against Pittsburgh, Marquette and Louisville in conference play. The streak includes 6 road wins. The Hoyas close out the season with games against Syracuse and Connecticut. Then we head to the Big East tourney with first round byes.

Georgetown could be on its way to playing itself into a #1 seed in the tourney. But we should be a #2 seed no matter what. In fact, we might be better off as a #2 in the Eastern bracket, as opposed to a #1 in the West. Regardless of what happens on Selection Sunday, look for Georgetown to do damage in the tourney. Even during our lean years, we usually overacheived in the tournament. I'm just saying, it's not too late to hop on the bandwagon.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Make It Rain, But No Refunds

By now, you've heard about Pacman Jones' adventures in a Las Vegas strip club this past weekend.

I read this article over and over trying to sort out this bizarre story because it just made absolutely no sense.

One sentence jumped out at me:

"a scuffle broke out when the Houston promoter who hired the strippers told them to pick the money up."

Why were strippers fighting over money in the club? A strip club is not a lawless place. There are rules. There is code. Dancers do their work and collect their payment in orderly fashion. Something else must have jumped off for the environment in that club to get to that point. There was more to the wire story than met the eye. Pacman Jones is lying.

So I convened a small panel of strip club "experts" and sources that were actually in Clubb Minxx at the time of the incident. There is an important back story that was not conveyed in the news stories. Let me break it down for you. Hopefully, this is less confusing than the wire stories.

Minxx Gentleman's Club was being "rented" out for All Star Weekend by Chris Mitchell. He owns Harlem Knights, a strip club in Houston. In the stripper world, it is common for strippers to travel all over the country in search of the biggest payday. For example, many girls from Detroit fly down here to Atlanta every weekend to work in the clubs. Not to mention, girls often travel for special events. The idea is to cover your expenses from the trip and make good money for a couple of days work.

So, Mr. Mitchell induced dozens of the dancers from his club in Houston to go to Vegas for the weekend. A no-brainer right? All the big spenders would be in Vegas. And Mr. Mitchell's plan to position a "Black" strip club (i.e., appropriate music, body types, performing styles, etc.) near the Las Vegas Strip would be a slam dunk.

Well, things didn't go as planned. For the girls dancing, Minxx was a dud. They weren't making any money. The girls traveled to Vegas at their own expense and many of them were in a financial hole for the weekend. By the time Sunday night came around, many of the girls had gone back to Texas and the ones that were left were angry and pissed about how the weekend had gone for them financially.

So, enter Pacman Jones and his crew. Pacman comes into the club with $81,000 in cash planning to "make it rain" on the strippers. A note about "making it rain." "Making it rain" is when you hold a stack of bills in one hand and use the fingers of the other hand to peel off bills one at a time in rapid fashion and/or throw out small increments of bills out on strippers. The bills float in the air, creating the effect of raining money. This is usually done with stacks of single dollar bills for effect. It's just a very elaborate way of paying the dancer. You show off to the other guys in the club, you objectify the dancer, etc. It's a pretty common practice. It's not new at all, although the act as been recently popularized by the Fat Joe song, "Make it Rain."

Back to Pacman with his $81,000. $81,000 is A LOT of money to make it rain with. If he was using $1 bills, that means he had 810 stacks with him. 810 stacks of dollar bills! Way too much just to accomplish a little rain.

Although the wire story says that Jones was raining on 40 dancers, a source from inside the club says the stage was empty. The DJ announced for the dancers to come out to the front of the club. The girls, in the red for the weekend, saw dollar bills covering the stage. And they went for theirs. According to an inside source, a stripper riot broke out. Pacman was sitting right by the stage and the girls fighting over the money fell off the stage into Jones' entourage. That's when the scuffle began. Pacman and his crew started fighting GIRLS.

The girls were fighting over money they "thought" was theirs. In fact, this is confirmed in the wire story. Mitchell says he told the girls to pick the money up off the stage, thinking it was their compensation. Mitchell, according to the warrant, "admits that he took the money in the bag belonging to Jones because he thought it was for the dancers."

And it was for the dancers.

Pacman Jones said that the money recovered from Chris Mitchell belongs to him and that the showering of bills was "intended only for visual effect."

And let me just say that is a motherfucking lie.

Making it rain is for visual effect, but it unequivocally constitutes payment. And the rain does not issue credits! You can't make it rain in the club and then pick your money off the floor and be like, "Whew, that was fun!" That money was payment for the dancers. Jones is a scumbag for pretending like he got robbed. He wasn't robbed. He just thinks he's entitled to some sort of refund. (Don't be confused by the seizure of the Breitling watches. They likely just belong to the manager.)

There are only two explanations for Jones' behavior:

1. He is a complete bama (i.e., a hick that doesn't know how to carry himself.) This is unlikely. Jones is from Atlanta. If there is anyone who is expected to know strip club etiquette, it is a person from the ATL, the all-nude stripping capital of the country. (How do you think I know so much?)

2. That motherfucker was tweaked out of his mind. That's the only explanation for such an altered sense of reality. Let me reiterate. No one "makes it rain" and then expects his money back. It doesn't work like that. He could be a complete imbecile, but he was probably high and/or drunk to "rain" $81,000 and think that the money still belonged to him.

I hope the police did a drug test on that motherfucker.

Pacman has hired the same law firm that defended Ray Lewis (who pleaded out for no reason) and Jamal Lewis (who did jail time). Not that he has anything to hide or anything.

(Thanks to reader, David P., for the inside track. Sorry, I had to reject your title "Make It Rain, and Let the Hoes Do the Work.")

Thursday, February 22, 2007

"It's My Job To Make It Right"

Scoop Jackson wrote his best article ever! Well, mainly because he didn't write. (Sorry, Scoop) It was just a Q&A. Well, a Q&A with the infamous Tim Hardaway.

It's a long article. However, it's a coherent attempt by Tim to explain himself. He apologizes. He accepts responsibility. He differentiates between "sticks and stones." He addresses whether something "happened" to him to make him hate gays. (No.) He says he might be able to deal with a gay teammate if it was disclosed, reitarating Lebron's concerns about trust and betrayal. He says its no fair that he will be judged by 30 seconds, but he understands it. He compares himself to Charles Barkley. He still doesn't agree with the gay lifestyle.

Also, interestingly, he says this with regard to his comfort level on the Dan Le Batard show:

Did I forget I was on the radio? To tell you the truth, at the time I was talking, yes. I've known Dan for a long time and we're real cool and we were just having fun on the radio.

Dan denied for DAYS on his radio show that he baited Tim into making his comments. Le Batard said that he and Tim were not friends. It doesn't seem that Tim is blaming Dan at all, but was lured into a comfort that Dan denied. But Dan deals with his controversial intereviews in similar fashion/ He will host Terrell Owens on the air every week, deny that he has T.O.'s cell phone number and then call T.O. "narcissistic" once Terrell gets off the air. Dan is funny like that.

This Dude is Beyond Reason

I won't even waste my breath.

Whitlock can talk a lot of smack about the hoodlums at All Star Weekend, but I want him to get back to me when he goes to a NASCAR race by himself and has a wonderful time.

Here's the link to Jason Whitlock's latest asinine "writing."

I guess Jason was pleased as punch that he made the top of the Drudge Report, so he steps up the rhetoric to launch an attack on "The Black KKK", whatever that is. And to do so, he provides some inane story about a exchange at an airline counter! It's not even rationally related to the "point" he's trying to make. Jason Whitlock is not even logical. He's just the self-appointed leader of the movement against the "The Black KKK", I suppose. Like I said, that doesn't even make sense.

Don't take him seriously! As evidence that he is merely on a media grab, here is his new tagline:

If you'd like to schedule a radio or television interview with Jason, please email him at Do not call.

See you on Bill O'Reilly, Jason. Go ahead and put this picture in your press kit:

Technical News

I have updated my site to be called, so you can update your links, favorites, RSS, etc. It's cumbersome, but the old will work fine too.

When You Cry, I Cry

When, I saw this image of Dwyane on my TV last night while watching the game, my eyes started watering. Why? Because I'm a girl. You shouldn't expect much. Get well soon, Dwyane. I mean, seriously, please get well. I can just smell a Spurs-Pistons finals on the horizon.

(Thanks to Awful Announcing for doing the screen cap work I was too lazy to do. Sucka!)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

If You Say Real Talk, I Probably Won't Trust Ya

Well, well, well... It seems that Jason Whitlock is bit of a laptop gangsta.

From the relative distance of of his national platform on AOL, Whitlock wrote a scathing article about NBA All Star Weekend condemning it as an "unmitigated failure" ruined by "young hip-hop hoodlums" that have "transformed the league's midseason exhibition into the new millennium Freaknik, an out-of-control street party that features gunplay, violence, non-stop weed smoke and general mayhem."

But, in his article on the same event for the Kansas City Star, Whitlock painted a much different picture. Perhaps he knows better than to walk the streets of Kansas City after writing checks his ass can't cash. Not so much "real talk" when you're not tucked safely behind your laptop, eh Jason? In stark to contrast the AOL article, Whitlock romantically describes the very same All Star weekend as "a calling you felt deep in the pit of your stomach" for young Black men and women and went on and on about the fun times he had with his buddies. He only meekly criticized the event "as a mixed bag of good and bad."

There is quite a difference from big, bad "real talk" AOL Jason and midwest, guy next door Jason. Which one should we listen to? Neither.

Why would Whitlock want to write two different things? Looking for attention? Looking to start controversy? Pandering to the audience?

First of all, I want to stand up and identify myself as one of the "hoodlums" Jason Whitlock identifies in his AOL article. Yes, I am one of the hoodlums that has turned NBA All Star Weekend into bedlam over the past 5 or 6 years. I love going to NBA All Star Weekend. Some years I go to the games and other "official" events. Some years I don't. I mostly enjoy the whole atmosphere of it and the opportunity to put on a nice dress and have a good time with people like me. I decided not to go to Vegas this year because I knew it would ultimately be a crap shoot on whether it would be worth the trouble. Sure, Vegas would be fun on some level no matter what. However, I knew Vegas would have tremendous problems with traffic, huge crowds and just a general inclination to mill about. All these things do not, personally, make for a fun All Star. It turns out my assumptions were true and I do not regret skipping Vegas. Only certain cities are ideal for All Star from my perspective. Cities like Philly, Atlanta and Vegas were not. However, I have no reason to believe that Vegas was any less or more dangerous than any small area with thousands of partygoers whether it's All Star Weekend, Spring Break, the National Cocktail Party or Mardi Gras.

But I may rejoin my fellow "hoodlums" in New Orleans. I have no concerns about my prospective safety in New Orleans. If any event should be described as bedlam, it would be Mardi Gras. But if New Orleans can handle the alcohol fueled titty baring, I'm sure they can handle All Star just fine.

And I doubt there is some media/David Stern conspiracy to suppress all of the "mayhem" that went down in Vegas. It's not that deep. Serious mayhem doesn't go down in casinos - period. And Whitlock went out of his way in his AOL article to cobble together anecdotes of fear and terror from the locals and rumors from cab drivers and gossip sites. But, there were A LOT of people in town, not just Bloods and Crips. There was a huge apparel convention, the NBA All Star weekend revelers and, the biggest draw of all, Chinese New Year. (If you want to pin blame for any violence, don't sleep on the Chinese. The Triad doesn't play.) Any disturbances and everyone assumes it was the NBA, the hip-hoppers, and/or the thugs.

Some have been wondering where the coverage of the lawless chaos in Vegas has been. It's here now. It was even brought up on PTI today (Wilbon didn't agree with Whitlock's characterization) (Update: Whitlock made The Drudge Repot. I'm sure he's proud). All because Jason Whitlock decided to speak up and be that guy. Now that some Negro has said it, it's okay to agree, I suppose.

Frankly, ever since Whitlock was, ahem, dismissed by ESPN, he has become a bitter, disingenuous writer. He used to be insightful. Now he's just a curmudgeon at thirty something. I suppose it's his idea of revenge against the "bojanglers" to be a tour guide for certain Americans who like to be told what they want to hear. Just because Whitlock can say certain things because he's Black doesn't mean they are true. If Whitlock wants to be "that Negro", he's free to do so. But I hope he peeps the irony that telling certain people what they want to hear he is just pandering - or as he would put it, "bojangling."

For further Whitlock-related frustration, check out Sports Media Watch, an excellent blog.

(Thanks to Sports Media Watch for the picture. Thanks to reader, Diallo, for the heads up on the hypocrisy. And thanks to Andre 3000 for the title, a lyric in the "Walk It Out" Rmx.)

But Will He Walk It Out?

Clyde Drexler (6'7", BTW) will participate in ABC's Dancing With the Stars this season. This is a very athlete heavy season. Besides Clyde, Laila Ali and Apollo Anton Ohno will also appear. Laila has an edge, as she is partnered with the very popular Maxsim. But watch Eye-an Ziering, as he is paired with two-time defending champion Cheryl Burke. And, yawn, Heather Mills, her prosthetic leg and her gold digging heart will appear on this season as well.

And I thought the fashion round up would be on life support with the NFL offseason and Michael Irvin's whereabouts in limbo. No such luck. There will be lame and fringe to spare! Woo-hoo!!

Clyde, the bar has been set high by your NBA brethren. Don't let us down.

Dirty Birds Off the Chain

Apparently, Michael Vick's water bottle incident was the first in a chain of shiteous incidents concerning the Atlanta Falcons in the offseason.

By now you've heard Justin Babineaux is in deep shit for allegedly killing his girlfriend's dog. (Alleged) heartless son of a bitch. Justin and his girlfriend had a verbal argument. She goes to the movies to cool off. Babineaux calls his girlfriend during the movie and tells her she needs to come home and check on her puppy. When the girl arrived, the dog was in "severe physical distress" and vomited blood on the way to the emergency room. The puppy was pronounced dead at the hospital. The (alleged) heartless son of a bitch, Babineaux, is facing 1 to 5 years on felony cruelty to animals. The authorities believe Babineaux's account of what happened to be inconsistent with what happened to the dog.


Former Atlanta Falcon, Ashley Ambrose, was arrested for attacking his wife and preventing her from calling 911.

Ambrose was confronted on Feb. 9 by his wife, Monica E. Ambrose, 33, about marital problems when Ambrose became enraged, according to the report. Monica Ambrose told police that her husband said he was going to kill her and pushed her in the face, according to the report. Ashley Ambrose then threw a glass vase at her after she struck him back in self-defense, according to the report.

When she went for a cell phone to call 911, Ashley's brother, Naim Shakir, 24, tackled her and held her down while Ashley Ambrose kicked her in the side and hit her in the face, according to the report.

Nice. It takes more than an Ashley to do the job. You gotta get help from another punk. Fortunately, his two children were reportedly asleep during the incident.


New offensive coordinator, Hue Jackson, apparently needs to lose 20 pounds to get in a fabulous sequined dress and has consequently gotten on the Beyonce diet (officially known as the master cleanse diet) as part of "a holistic approach that conveys from body to mind and has allowed the Los Angeles native to forsake prejudgment on anything he has viewed, seen or heard about the players he's about to inherit, teach and counsel — particularly quarterback Michael Vick." This isn't Dreamgirls! This is football! Eat, bitch!!!! We can't afford to have the offensive coordinator altered because of starvation drunk hunger calling the quarterback talking about "life." Still, the Color Jackson claims that Vick has responded very well and that he's a very dynamic man.

Black History (Bikini 101)

Tyra Banks has offered up her version of Black history - a reshoot of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover than made her a household name - 10 years later. I don't know if all the Photoshop action on her body was necessary. I wish Tyra wouldn't lie about her weight or the army of graphic designers it takes to get her cover ready. She still looks fine.

When this cover came out, I remember being a little bit offended. The thumbs mimicking the pulling down of the bikini bottom made it one of the more sexualized SI covers. SI had previously gone clean-cut, all-American. For some reason, they felt justified in being more overtly sexual with a Black woman on the cover. Now time has passed... Maybe it's different in hindsight. Maybe not.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fashion Round Up - NBA All Star Weekend

Well, these mofos dressed like their lives depended on it during NBA All-Star Weekend. This is going to be a long ass post.

Did Stuart Scott attend All Star with pink eye? Nasty.

The New Balance of a champion. The bloody knee of Dick Bavetta

Craig Sager dresses like a clown and pays handsomely for the privilege. He "bragged" that he was wearing Brioni jackets and Pucci ties.

Cheryl Miller looks slightly less of a hot mess than usual

Wait... I spoke too soon.

At least, Reggie Miller recovers in this smart camel blazer with a curved seam chest pocket with an inverted pleat.

Stuart Scott continues to take his old man in the club act around the country, this time featuring Three 6 Mafia.

I loved the All Star warmups. The textured collars, the name embroidered on right chest in script. They looked so well made and luxurious. I was partial to the red and gold West versions.

Alonzo Mourning is perfection in velvet.

Lebron had fancy shoes for the festivities.

And a battery powered hat...

But Shaq had slot machine shoes. Vince tries to make some extra money. Shout out to Shaunie rocking the blond hair!

Murse alert! I do not approve of man purses. Especially when you're already carrying a bag. That's just ridiculous. Dwyane, Rip and Lebron are victimes. (And with the same bag!)

NBA First Lady in Waiting Eva Longoria sported shorts as a wardrobe theme.

Don't leave your girl roun' Prince, Tony. He's tiny, but powerful.

Michael Jordan's leather. You saw it during the slam dunk contest, but he sported the same jacket all weekend in different colors. It's an interesting look. Tailored leather with shoulder pads and fabric covered buttons. Easily costing around $2,000. I guess Mike wanted to stand out with his casual, rich boy look.

Barry Bonds goes out on a date with his wife, Liz, and not Arsenio Hall.

Tracy McGrady looks a hot ass mess.

Terrell Owens and Amare Stoudemire. Amare in a too small t-shirt with a suggestive message that maybe John Amaechi would appreciate. T.O. dressed like he's at the beach.

Here's your dignity back, T.O. This is actually a cool picture.

Toni Braxton wants you to see her stuff. Go ahead and look.

Pleats were not Mary J. Blige's friend.

J.R. Smith of the Denver Nuggets preparing for an evening of adultery with Beyonce's married sister, Solange.

Carmelo Anthony is not afraid of prints.

Shaq had a secret agent briefcase. And he was proud. (And he has a shoe valet who looks less than excited to be doing his job.)

Kobe walks with his wife, who dresses like a life size barbie.

Vanessa still dresses like a 16 year old girl. Too bad she has no friends. If she did, they wouldn't let her dress like she was going to the mall with her boyfriend.

Lebron gets his vintage Michael Jackson on with his girl, Savannah

Kevin Garnett steps casual up a notch with a pocket square to match his shirt

Vince Carter almost slam dunked it with the crewneck and camel two button suit. These are lines a tall man can get away with it. But the gucci shoes are too casual.

Damon Jones promised 4 special oufits this weekend. This was the only one I saw. I'm disappointed.

And, just because... Odd trio of the year. Ludacris, Dave Chappelle and Prince