Monday, April 30, 2007

The Week in Vick

Even money that Michael Vick turns up crying on a Sunday Conversation.

Michael Vick has had a busy week. Too much for me to keep up with.

On Monday, Vick was supposed to speak to Congress to discuss funding for urban football facilities. But then he missed his flight on the airline that he endorses from Tampa (where he was playing golf in the Warren Sapp charity event) to Washington. Vick and AirTran got into a war of words about whose fault it was that Vick didn't travel to DC.

A few days later, Vick gets rung up on trespassing charges for fishing in the Western Branch Lake in Suffolk County, VA. He beat that charge, presumably after paying $116 in fines and court costs.

The whole week, a property owned by Vick in Virginia has been under investigation for dog fighting. Vick claims that his family members reside at the property and that he has no knowledge of what goes on there. But when authorities searched the property in connection with Vick's cousin's arrest on drug charges, they found neglected animals and evidence of dog fighting, including veterinary medications, treadmills for training and blood-soaked carpets similar to the ones used in fight pits.

It is disturbing that animal cruelty has become a trend on the Falcons roster. And I am disturbed that, maybe for the first time, I think Michael Vick is flat out lying about his knowledge of what did and did not go on at that property. I believe the "jewelry in my trick water bottle" story before I believe that crap.

Vick is an veteran. You don't just let random relatives, especally relatives allegedly involved in drugs, just do whatever they want to do at property that has your name on the title. I can't believe Vick never noticed these dog pens on his property. He probably paid for them too.

The Falcons are waiting for more information, but NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has already had a sitdown with Vick over his myriad off the field issues. Ironically, Goodell had access to Vick because Michael was at the NFL draft trying to do good on behalf of Virginia Tech.

Vick told ESPN:

"After what happened ... I just wanted to crawl in a hole. I can't take it no more. I walk around with a smile on my face and act like I'm happy, but on the inside it's hurting. And it's killing me. I ain't got no more energy left for it. The more I continue to do things and my name is in the media, I'm not going to get anywhere.

I'm taking it upon myself and giving everybody my word that things are going to get changed around. Things are going to get turned around. I have a game plan for it. ... The company I keep, a lot of things (have) got to change, and I mean that from the heart."

Except that he meant it from the heart the last time and the time before that and the time before that... The trust is gone, Ron Mexico.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Michael Vick Continues to have Airport Issues

Michael Vick was scheduled to speak to Congress on Monday. No, not about tourism to Mexico. Or the nuances of cornrows. Or to request emergency funding for wide receivers.

Instead, Vick was supposed to meet with lawmakers and receive an award from Afterschool Alliance for his foundation's funding and support for alternative programs for youths outside of the classroom.

Instead, Michael Vick was in Tampa attending strip clubs Warren Sapp's charity golf tournament. Apparently, the action on the green was so intense, Vick missed his flight to Washington and was unable to have his day at the Capitol. Damn that Airtran! Not only was Vick too cheap to get a private plane to make the appointment, he drunk dialed his mother in the middle of the night and forced her to go in his place.

"It honestly was not his fault," Vick's publicist, Susan Bass said. "He was trying to do the right thing."


That's our quarterback!

Update: This is has turned into a battle of he-said, AirTran said. Vick claims he arrived too late in Atlanta because of flight delays to make his connection to DC. Further, he says that Airtran refused to accomodate him on 2 later flights into the DC area because AirTran was oversold. Oversold for their spokesmand and beloved endorser?! AirTran claims that Vick was booked on a 10:50 pm flight to DC with 20 empty seats and notified of the accomodation, but that Michael Vick didn't show up. Ahh.. can't u feel the love of sponsorship?

Twenty Questions with the HCIC

I'm a guest posting machine! The guys at The Commission invited me to participate in a little game of 20 questions that they posted up today. It's pretty random. It's pretty funny. They attempt to probe my infatuation with T.O., make me choose between Wal Mart and a sports bar and force me to take shots at Magic Johnson. Check it out to see how this all comes together. And for some reason, they imagine me as a Hispanic Blasian woman with a gun. Not sure what that's about...

Fashion Roundup - NBA Playoffs!

I knew I could count on these young men of the NBA to draw me out my post Michael Irvin funk. Finally, I have gathered the strength to do my first full fledged fashion round up in a while. I will miss those ridiculous windsor knots, Playmaker, but the show must go on. We've got weeks of playoffs on deck, the NFL draft and, the mack daddy of fashion shows, the NBA draft.

The NBA playoffs have started off with promise, but I first need to discuss a couple of side topics.

The Red Sox may have swept the Yankees, but they did it in the most unfashionable way. Allegedly, the Sox wore green to honor Red Auerbach. But I don't care. I don't see how this hideous red and green combo honors anybody but Santa Claus.

Doh, indeed, Curt. Doh, indeed.

I'm not sure how Don Imus feels about her new look, but Venus Williams decided to rock the fro.

It's hotness when you feel comfortable being yourself.

Now, on to the NBA.

Lebron dresses like a winner. Love the loafers.

Pam rocks bangs for the playoffs. Cute.

Yes, you do look magnifique, Kenny.

Unfortunately, Kobe does not. Wow. Shiny.

Andrei Kirilenko was brought to tears on Monday when he remembered this outfit. Patterns are not for everyone. It's too much, son. It's too much.

Jason Richardson looks humiliated to be caught carrying a man purse, as he should be.

Et tu, Dywane!

Alonzo? You too with the murse? How could you do this to me? And with an otherwise flawless outfit?! Sniff...

And just because Jason Whitlock would like it, Dwyane Wade shows some respect to Jesse Jackson.

Finally, a review of how some professional athletes showed tribute to the tragedy at Virginia Tech through style...

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Lure of the Atlanta Braves

Apparently, Dontrelle Willis of the Florida Marlins loves the Atlanta Braves. So much so, he chose to pitch against the Braves Monday night in lieu of being at his wife's bedside as she prepared to deliver their first child. Supposedly, his wife told Dontrelle, "Go have fun. I’ll be fine." She didn't mean that shit, Dontrelle. Did he really think his wife wanted him to pitch a meaningless game in April as she sat waiting to induce labor for his professional convenience? Old enough to make a baby. Not enough sense to deal with a woman...

And in other Braves news of the weird, the Atlanta franchise has chosen to become the first sports team to offer interest free financing for season tickets. As long as you are willing to spend $200, you can toss Braves tickets onto your pile of mounting debt. It's 90 days, same as cash, folks. I'm sure they will be offering bedroom sets and used cars in concessions any day now. Supposedly, the Braves are concerned about declining season ticket sales. Maybe they could try adding just one Black player to the roster that maybe a town full of Black folk might be interested in coming to the park to root for. Just one.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Pacman Has Learned Nothing!

I have reviewed the full page ad that Adam "Pacman" Jones took out in The Tennessean today. Supposedly, Jones has his priorities straight. His first priority is to his daughter and his family. Fair enough. His second priority is meet the expectations of his coaches, teammates and fans. Fine. He also claims that he is going back to school to earn his degree at West Virginia University. He goes on to discuss his planned appeal of his suspension and then closes with some more sappy apologies.

And that's it. Unbelievable.

Sadly, Jones failed to mention the most important lesson of all. You can't make it rain, then ask for a refund!

The unfortunate incident is Las Vegas was his ultimate downfall. And that is the misstep he should be seeking to redress. He should be apologizing to the dancers he deprived of a livelihood. And he should apologize to cool people everywhere for ruining a perfectly good slang term. We had been enjoying the usage of "make it rain" for a while. Now that's in the mainstream lexicon, the term is ruined forever. It was even hot coming out of Fat Joe's mouth. Coming out of Tony Kornheiser's mouth? Not hot at all.

Some doubt the sincerity of Adam's latest publicity blitz. I'm sure the strippers doubt him most of all. Jobs in the NFL come and go, but strip clubs are for a lifetime. Though he didn't mention it in his ad, I hope Jones has been brought up to speed on his strip club etiquette. Otherwise, the ladies of West Virginia better watch out. Pacman is going to have a lot of time on his hands to make it rain once again.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hope Springs Eternal!

I was devastated by the news last week that Georgetown Hoyas Jeff Green and Roy Hibbert had entered their names into the NBA draft. Both have declined to hire agents, so I got on my knees and prayed that both of those guys would choose to stay in school.

Today, my selfish prayers may have been answered. I may still have the opportunity to gloat and talk smack about how great the Hoyas are next year! Jeff Green has hedged. He has declared himself 70% likely to stay in school.

"School is only going to be here four years. The NBA will be there forever. You can't just give up that. That's a big thought in this process."

That's right, Jeff. Only 1 year of eligibility left on the well manicured lawns of Georgetown. You can't just walk away from that kind of landscaping.

Roy Hibbert is also stoking the fires of hope. He has declared himself 50% likely to return to school.

"Do I want to go eight-through-14, or do I want to go top three next year? That does play a factor in my decision."
Roy's Georgetown education has clearly paid off with solid reasoning skills.

"I wouldn't want to be at the end of a bench on an NBA team, not being able to develop and show what I can do, so another year here would be great, obviously. But I'm just going to see if Coach thinks I'm ready. I would love to come back and get a national championship banner in here. We were close this year, but next year could be great."
Yes, Roy. Next year could be great. Please stay.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm Not Sure if Jackie Would've Wanted This

I think it's official now. Hank Aaron is a hater.

It pains me to come to this conclusion, but it's impossible to think otherwise at this point.

Last week, Hank Aaron said he wasn't going to get on a plane for anybody. But there he was, all the way across the country in Los Angeles for Jackie Robinson day.

I must confess. I know Hank doesn't owe Barry anything. Still, I wish Hank Aaron would be more supportive of Barry. I was raised to stick together with my folk. And given that Hank Aaron lives just a few miles down the road from my childhood home, I know he's been exposed to the same community values. Aaron's shunning of Bonds is all the more tragic in this moment when Black players in the MLB are supposedly an endangered species. Division will not help remedy that. Excommunication of Black baseball icons will not remedy that.

To put it mildly, Barry has his flaws. Still, he is one of the most talented major leaguers ever. And it's sad to contemplate, but whose to say he won't be the last Black baseball icon? If it's so, he should be celebrated while he's still in the game. And Hank Aaron should be at the party. I guess grumpy old men are the new Black, but my gut tells me that it's not that Barry is surly or that Barry juiced. It's just that someone's breaking the record that identifies Hank Aaron. And Hank doesn't like it one bit, as human as that inclination may be.

I am cognizant that some see Barry Bonds as a pariah. But he is not the devil. He is a gifted player. He's given a lot to the game. It is unspeakable that MLB is still considering whether they will acknowledge Bonds' breaking of the greatest record in sports. I guess Barry brought it on himself though. He talks back. He is not the quiet, "heroic" Black person that White people prefer. Ironically, "classy" has become just as loaded as "thug" when it comes to describing Black athletes. I guess it was just me that assumed Jackie Robinson opened the door for all Blacks, not just the friendly, sanitized ones.

I don't think the intent of the Jackie Robsinson cermeony was to upset me. But I couldn't help but become increasingly angry as the festivities went on. Will Selig even be in the time zone when Barry breaks the home run record? It's disappointing to me as a baseball fan and a Black person that Barry will be break the home run record in a matter of weeks without a sliver of the hero appreciation MLB showed on Sunday. It's no wonder that Willie Mays skipped MLB's showcase of hypocrisy. He must have been thinking the same thing I was. Can't a brother get a gospel choir?

It's a Fine Line

Here's Shelden Williams of the 30 game winning Atlanta Hawks looking like a dope in his off the shoulder top.

In stark contrast, here's Dwyane Wade personifying hotness in a similar ensemble. Similar, except in the fact that he wears the uniform of the playoff bound, title defending Miami Heat.

There's a fine line between style and tackiness. There's a fine line between winners and losers. The Atlanta Hawks always end up on the wrong side of that line. Sigh. See you next year. 32 wins here we come!

Fun Times with the Mock Draft

Awful Announcing was gracious enough to invite me to participate in his blogger NFL mock draft, which is right in the midst of the first round. Lots of great blogs participated like The Big Lead, Dan Shanoff, Deadspin, KSK, Ladies..., Signal to Noise, WBRS, etc., etc. I had the #4 pick for the Tampa Bay Bucaneers. I picked a handsome, but overrated QB. Can you guess? For some reason my pick inspired a long exchange about back tatoos and Jeff Garcia. You make the connection. Check it out. It's a lot funnier than anything Mel Kiper is going to offer. It's even funnier than his hair.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hence the Title

Sometimes, when you want something done, a girl's just got to do it herself.

It's not surprising that Deidre Imus had to finish up the mess that her husband Don left after he was fired from his show at CBS Radio.

It's not shocking that Vivian Stringer and ladies that she coaches at Rutgers emerged from the "nappy ho" controversy smelling like roses. Ironically, New Jersey and the nation have rallied around the Rutgers women, showering them with increased attention, donations, applications and appreciation.

The men involved in the sordid tale have not exactly been knights on white horses. Don Imus tried to apologize, but couldn't manage to do so without further inserting his foot into his mouth. Al and Jesse have baggage. Stuart Scott thinks "ho" is a term of affection. Snoop Dogg, with his simple ass, knows the difference between an ordinary ho and a student athlete ho, but is not exactly operating with a clean slate.

And Jason Whitlock is chiming in, he who is best known for slurring other Black people. I definitely don't want him defending me or those of my ilk, no matter how much he gets paraded on Fox News or Oprah. Whitlock is the same writer who most recently referred to Black women as "baby's mamas on income tax refund vacations" and has a whole resume of articles about the fun times he's had at strip clubs. Jesse and Al have done more for America than Jason's "real talk" has done for anybody. And that's real talk.

There's no point in trying to distract from what Don Imus did. Namely, there is no point in trying to blame hip hop music. Frankly, anyone who wants to reduce hip hop music to an endless loop of "bitches" and "hos" doesn't know anything about rap music. And it's minimally valuable to try to change the topic to rap or porn or any of the other many ways in which American culture demeans Blacks or women. Those methodologies definitely deserve their own separate discussion.

In the end, Don Imus wasn't punished by Al or Jesse, or the high hand of the law, or even morality. It was simply dollars. And if Mr. Imus can't glance at his list of commercial sponsors every now and then and tailor his content accordingly, I can't feel that sorry for him when he missteps.

So let me just stand up for myself on this issue. I'm not for censorship, but we regulate our speech all the time. There is simpy a time and place for everything. We talk differently with our friends, our parents, our co-workers. And now Don Imus has learned that he needs to regulate his speech on his radio show. And if Imus is still inclined to call somebody a "nappy headed ho", I hope he picks a more appropriate time and place. Obviously, it's not on the broadcast airwaves.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Fashion Round Up - Imus vs Rutgers Edition

The latest is that Don Imus has been dropped from his MSNBC simulcast and is hemorrhaging high profile advertisers. This story petered for a few days and then exploded over the past few hours. Although I wasn't calling for his firing, I'm not going to lose any sleep tonight over it. Whether he was being shocking and/or funny, Imus is big boy enough to know you have to pay the consequences for such risky behavior.

Still, I wanted to use the powers of my tried and true fashion round up for good and briefly remind why Imus' statement was racist and wrong.

First, let's dispense with the obvious.

Imus was not talking about Ms. Zurich and Ms. Adams when he called the Rutgers basketball team "nappy headed hos".

No nappiness there.

On to the likely suspects.

Ok, freshly relaxed bob, freshly relaxed bob, fresh relaxer pulled back, neat cornrows, neat cornrows. Check, check, check, check and check. Nobody nappy headed there.

Here's team captain, Essence Carson.

Fresh relaxer in a neat bob w/ studious glasses as a bonus. Again, not a nappy headed ho.

Here's team center Matee Ajavon.

Again, not a hair out of place. She's not nappy headed either!

So, in fact, there is no one nappy headed on the Rutgers team. So what in the hell was Imus talking about? Imus said that the phrases he used “originated in the black community. ... I may be a white man, but I know that these young women and young black women all through that society are demeaned and degraded by their own black men and that they are called that name.” It could be useful for Imus to displace blame if he even knew what he was talking about. Too bad he doesn't.

The phrase "nappy headed" literally refers to coarse hair texture, but is never used in a positive connotation. It has been and is used in a variety of circumstances, but actually is not commonly used in the Black community anymore. Hair styles have changed. Mentalities have changed. As many Black Americans are mixed, we all flaunt different types of hair texture. Some have Dr. J Afros. Some have Mariah Carey waves. The differences has led to preference for Mariah Carey waves (or Candace Parker weave), for some. But, today, except for a few specific circumstances where the use would merely amount to being slightly dismissive, not offensive, using the term "nappy headed" would truly be diggin' in the crates.

But all Black people know what "nappy headed" really means. And, given that there is no factual support for any lady on the Rutgers team being nappy headed, Imus knows what it means too. Even if he doesn't understand the nuances. The core insult in the term, "nappy headed", is that you are not beautiful solely because you are not White or White-like. Whether that means your coarse hair texture or your dark skin color or your "tatted up" demeanor or just that you're not as cute as Candace, it's all the same. And "nappy headed" covers it all. It's an ugly word that. It's a fighting word.

Imus' statement was pure venom. He could have just called those girls "ugly" if that's how he felt. He could have even used the loaded term, "thug." But to take it to "nappy headed"... That was a low blow. And if he wants to just talk about appearances, he needs to get his terminology right. He's no fashionista.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Matt Schaub Returns, Only Prettier

Today, Joey Harrington began his new job as the Atlanta Falcons No. 2 quarterback, behind Michael Vick.

As a football decision, I am pleased with the signing of Harrington. He is experienced. He will surely be a competent back up QB. Quietly, I've always liked Harrington. I think he got a raw deal in Detroit and he was making strides in Miami. Ever since his college days, he's always played with an enthusiasm that resonates with me.

But, as a Michael Vick supporter, this is one of the dark days in Falcon history. And after I proclaimed that Vick had the full support of the Falcons organization. The Man has tricked me again! If Vick haters made a savior of Matt Schaub, I can only brace myself for the coronation that is coming Joey's way. Joey has actually won games. He can throw the ball. And he's handsome and media savvy. Frankly, the Vick haters would have settled for anybody not wearing cornrows, but they hit the jackpot with Joey.

To be sure the Vick haters are enthusiastic about the signing. From the AJC blog:

Harrington will be the starter by week 5 next season and will lead the birds to 4 victories and a 5-11 season. I don’t hate Mike Vick, I don’t know Mike Vick, and as far as his off-field problems who did not do something stupied when he was in his early 20’s? ON the field, he is a bottom tier QB at this point in my opinion. I wish we could trade for David Garrard from Jacksonville or Daunte Culpepper from Miami or just get an also ran for a year or two like Trent Green. As far as big Grady, I say goodbye and draft a big guy who can move.

See, some of them think they are actually intelligent about football. Trade Trent Green for Michael Vick? Yes, some people here can say that with a straight face.

The rest of them are just idiots.

Oh No! Not another WHITE QB breathing down Vick’s back. DJ will be gone and as soon as the Falcons can afford to get rid of Vick, we will have all WHITE QBs again. What will all you Thugs do then? I guess you will always be able to see the Hawks.

The Hawks? That's just a low blow. Vick doesn't deserve that.

Part of me is happy that Harrington is a Falcon. The other part of me is praying that Vick can shake the haters off one mo 'gin. He should be used to it by now anyway.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Cue Anger

Oh snap. I'm supposed to be upset about this. Syndicated radio host Don Imus made some, ummm, disparaging remarks about the Rutgers ladies basketball team. The exchange went like this:

"That's some rough girls from Rutgers," Imus said. "Man, they got tattoos ..."

"Some hardcore hos," said McGuirk. Imus responded: "That's some nappy headed hoes there, I'm going to tell you that."

McGuirk compared the team to the NBA's Toronto Raptors. A voice in the background added: “The [Memphis] Grizzlies would be more appropriate.”

“The girls from Tennessee, they all look cute,” said Imus. “Kinda like a Spike Lee thing – the jigaboos vs. the wannabes.” McGuirk then said erroneously, “From ‘Do The Right Thing.’”

Here's the video:

To be certain, Imus' statement was incredibly sexist and racist. "Nappy headed hos" is not a slip of the tongue. It was as if Imus couldn't wait to say it. It is beyond dismissive to refer to college students - Black, White or otherwise - as hos. And "nappy headed"? Black people barely use that one anymore. Imus goes on to show off his "knowledge" of Spike Lee films. His reference to wannabees and jigaboos was a sorry attempt to reference the Spike Lee film, "School Daze."

Spike Lee is not flattered.

"This is not the first time Imus has said stuff like this. Then to hide behind free speech, taking jigaboos and wannabes out of context, is ridiculous. The sad thing is, I bet a lot of their audience was laughing at it. I came up with jigaboos and wannabes . . . for something very specific about how African Americans view themselves based on hair color, complexion, etc. I was trying to show how crazy it was to do that, that black folks come in all different shapes, tones and sizes, etc., that one is not to be ridiculed over the other because we're all beautiful.

[Imus] don't know what I was talking about with School Daze, and it's evident with unfortunate comments like that. They'll probably have bigger ratings next week because of it, too."

Rutgers coach C. Vivian Stringer said she was “deeply saddened and angered” by Imus’ comments about her team. "To serve as a joke of Mr. Imus in such an insensitive manner creates a wedge and makes light of these classy individuals, both as women and as women of color," she said.

But it's not like, prior to Imus' comments, I felt valued in America. I can't even get R. Kelly banned from my radio station, lol. I am admittedly numb to this sort of treatment.

And, yes, it was a racist, sexist statement. But worse, it was mean without purpose, not even humor. The young ladies from Rutgers didn't deserve to hear that after they valiantly competed in the NCAA tourney. Women, in general, didn't deserve to hear that. Black people, in general, didn't deserve to hear that.

Many are calling for Imus' firing. So called representatives of Black people are demanding that he perform some sort of outreach to back up his apology. I guess it became fashionable in 2006, but that has to be the most ludicrous solution for racism and/or sexism and/or anti-semtism and/or homophobia that I have ever heard. Outreach? It is what it is. Imus is an old guy. Maybe a racist. Maybe a sexist. Definitely ignorant and thoughtless. Counseling is not going to change him. Let him be.

I can not join the PC police in calling for his firing because Imus made those comments. What would that accomplish? Will Imus have sudden deep felt respect for women? For Black people? Doubtful. Fired or not, he'll still be an asshole. If Imus is fired, will the airwaves be free of hateful people? No. Society will not turn on whether Imus keeps his job.

I suspect Imus might even be sincerely contrite in his apologies. Last week, Imus said:

"I want to take a moment to apologize for an insensitive and ill-conceived remark we made the other morning regarding the Rutgers women's basketball team. It was completely inappropriate, and we can understand why people were offended. Our characterization was thoughtless and stupid, and we are sorry."

And on Monday, Imus continued to apologize, calling himself "a good person" who made a bad mistake.

"Here's what I've learned: that you can't make fun of everybody, because some people don't deserve it. And because the climate on this program has been what it's been for 30 years doesn't mean that it has to be that way for the next five years or whatever because that has to change, and I understand that."

I don't know if this would be a case where the punishment exceeds the crime, but Imus spent two hours on the Al Sharpton radio show. Al berated him (deservedly) and Imus took calls. It was probably good for him. Call it a hunch, but I suspect Don doesn't have many Black friends. Thus, it was probably valuable for him to hear from some regular Black folk with no agenda. The discourse was perfectly civilized. Some even supported Imus' right to say what he did. Imus promised to personally apologize to the Rutgers basketball team. I suppose that's pretty much all you can do.

I appreciate Reverend Al, Reverend Jesse and the like standing up for ladies like me. Even though they have their own agenda, that is. I am more than disturbed that defending against racism has become a commercial enterprise in and of itself. But Al needs ratings. Jesse needs contributions to his foundation. There's never been much love for hos in this country, but I guess this little sliver of support is better than nothing. And nothing is pretty much what I'm used to.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Schrutebag Can Eat a D*ck

Sorry for the vulgar language. Ya'll know I'm a lady. But I don't take too kindly to people hating on my homies at The Big Lead (like that link will even work, sigh). Even if it is ESPN or their employee, one Colin Cowherd (aka Schrutebag). So sign the petition to get Colin Cowherd fired. Seriously, you know you couldn't stand his whiny schtick anyway. Check out the 411 here, here and here.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


It has come to my attention that many of you are enamored with this female.

One Candace Parker, star of the champion Tennessee Volunteers ladies basketball team.

Well, Candace is allegedly spoken for. Word is that that she's racking up FF miles between Nashville and The A to see her boo, Shelden Williams. So, for all you out there seething with jealousy over Shelden, I offer you a picture of Shelden Williams looking utterly ridiculous.

So, there you go. Not only was Shelden banished to the dreadful Atlanta Hawks. Not only is he another disappointing Dukie gone pro (Shocking!). But he dresses like a female. He plays a man's game while wearing one shoulder tops. What a catch for Candace. Enjoy this sip of haterade, Candace lovers.

Fox Screws Pam Again

Joe Buck, this. Joe Buck, that. Those in the know see fit to let us know about Joe Buck's every waking move. For your information, Joe Buck will not be hosting the NFL on Fox pre-game show next season. You will have to get your long sip of Buck juice from play by play only.

And who is taking Joe's place with Terry, Howie and Jimmy? Everybody's Black friend, Curt Menefee, of course.

But what about Pam Oliver? She's been left out in the cold again! What does it take to get a chick off the sidelines?

Curt is cool, but it wasn't like he was killing the game last season. He is merely an adequate host. He's no JB. Brown or Buck. And JB Version 1.0 is doing quite well over on CBS. I'm surprised Fox is satisfied to let CBS continue to erode their ratings. Once again, Fox passes on the opportunity to shake the show up by putting Pam on the desk. ESPN has put a Black woman on the desk. It's all the rage, now! Fox continues to wear throwbacks when graphic hoodies are what's poppin' now.

I thought Joe loved Pam. Wait a minute... This situation has Buck's glossy pout all over it. By returning full time to his position as #1 announcer, he guarantees that he and Pam will always be together, as she is the #1 sideline reporter. Especially since the NFL on Fox show will not be travelling from game to game next season. That Joe Buck is a sneaky sonofabitch. Fine. I guess Pam and Joe will continue to share lip gloss for the forseeable future. But I'd rather see Pam at the desk.

Monday, April 02, 2007

No Sad Hoyas Here

Well, the Hoyas lost to Ohio State, but I'm not shedding any tears.

Even though we beat ourselves with turnovers. Or we might have been defeated by OSU's size and quickness. Could've even been a little bit outcoached. We did go a little conservative at the end, just being satisfied to run our plays instead of getting aggressive. Surely, Jeff Green shrunk under the spotlight.

I went to the Hoya practice on Friday and they looked relaxed and focused. I was surprised to see them play the way they did on Saturday. But there are two quality strip clubs within walking distance of Final Four central. Not that I want to cast aspersions on my Hoyas, but the team clearly lost a little bit of edge.

But it's all good. We get our Final 4 banner. Haven't had one of those in a while... And it's not like I was exactly praying for Green or Hibbert to have a Carmelo Anthony-like breakout moment. More like I'm praying for both of them to stay for their senior years. And, in the big picture, the program is officially back. There's a next year for us. And a year after that. And some years after that.

Without a doubt, my brackets are officially up in flames. But I'm not mad. I picked with my heart. And I'll pick with my heart again next year. I'm glad I finally have the luxury.

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