Friday, June 29, 2007

SAS or The Next Best Thing

I'm sure this video will be everywhere, but you'll never get sick of it.

Scott Van Pelt, you're dead to me now. The Sock is running shit now. You can revisit some of The Sock's "competitors" in the impersonation game here.

Fashion Round Up - NBA Draft

My detailed thoughts are permanently entrenched at Dan Shanoff's site, but I'd thought I'd review the highlights at home base.

Nobody really looked bad except for...

Joakim Noah was a hot ass mess. Actually, this outfit didn't start off as bad. But by the end of the night, his hair was more poufy than afro. His suit was wrinkled. Joakim is an embarrassment to seersucker. I wish you could see the shoes. They make the clown look complete. With that goofy smile, all he needs is a red nose. And I liked this outfit for about 10 minutes!

Here are the obligatory top two picks. Durant nods to his alma mater colors. Oden does not.

This Italian dude, Marco something or other, smacked his girl on the ass before he went on stage. Is he setting the new standard for NBA cockiness? And he's wearing a vest, which I did not notice during the live blog. 3 piece suits are a good thing.

Acie Law sports paisley and pinstripes. And so did a lot of other draftees.

Pour a little liquor out for him. He's a Hawk now.

Jeff Green won the pre-game handicap and he looks good in the Burberry tie with the black suit. He didn't live up to his hype although he's still a fashion all star.

Michael Conley had a lot going on with his outfit. A lot of patterns. The tie is too big. But at least the pastels mute the effect. There was a nice attempt here, but it didn't work the way it was supposed to.

Brandan Wright was one of my favorites. I'm a sucker for vests, I guess.

Al Horford was the George Clooney of the draft. The white satin tie on black is tremendous.

Oh, God. The sight of a hottie like Al near a Hawks jersey makes me want to cry... (Oh and btw, I'm not a fan of the redesign. The red and gold jerseys were all we had going for us. Wearing navy has no correlation to making the playoffs.)

It takes more than hottie appeal to be the best dressed. I'm crowning his ass, "Mr. Wipe Me Down 2007" - Nick Young. The white on black was an original choice. The suit fit like a glove. And he had the confidence to rock a sportcoat. Gilbert is gonna love this guy.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fashion Round Up - Handicapping the NBA Draftees

So I've stumbled upon the gallery of the NBA draftees before the live blog on Dan Shanoff tonight, and I think there are some real hints as to what to expect tonight - from a fashion perspective - at the draft.

I fully expect Al Horford to be a strong contender for best dressed. He has the body for a suit. And, so far, I'm not disappointed.

Greg Oden goes for color, a surprising choice for a big man. But it looks good. And Mike Conley is doing resort chic with the argyle and linen. The pastel colors look great on him. Mike Conley may also emerge has a contender for best dressed.

We're probably not going to have to worry about Spencer Hawes for best dressed.

Or Joakim Noah. Poor baby. He's promised to get a "crispy" shape-up for tonight. He will either make me cry or make me laugh tonight. That's for sure.

Kevin Durant is surprising in the flap pocket jacket and the summery fabric. And look at the detail on that left lapel! I see you, stunna.

I was worried when I saw him in a purple button down shirt at the press conferences, but I can confidently declare a "pre-game" winner. He just happens to be a Georgetown Hoya (Me? Biased?). Jeff Green is ballin'. I like the cargo influence. He's not afraid to mix colors. He didn't lose focus all the way down to his shoes.

Gotta take risks, young men. Sweater vests will only get you so far.

All pics from via Getty Images

Justice Continues to Elude Genarlow

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketA Georgia Superior Court Judge ruled that Genarlow Wilson is ineligible for bond because he was convicted of one of Georgia's "deadly sin" laws, namely child molestation. This comes after New York businessmen committed $1 million to Wilson's potential bond.

Consequently, Genarlow Wilson will likely remain in jail for months, maybe even another year, while his appeal snakes through the court system.

I feel so sorry for this kid, but fighting for justice is no easy matter. And it is distinctly different from the law. I warned about the difference.

I just hope his lawyer is being candid with him about the law and the uphill battle he faces. She certainly isn't being candid with the media. I don't think the layperson understands why Genarlow is in jail and why he keeps suffering these set backs in his case.

We all keep getting the wind knocked out of us in this watch for justice. I imagine Genarlow can barely breathe at this point.

And to think, if he had accepted a plea deal, most of his sentence would be behind him. I hope Wilson's calculated risk pays off.


Update: The prosecutor has offered Wilson a new plea. 5 years, with credit for time served, and he could plead to a crime that reflects his actions but wouldn't force him to register as a sex offender. Furthermore, the prosecutor would try to get Wilson released on parole as a first offender.

Prosecutor McDade says about Genarlow's attorney, "She is interested in publicizing the case for her own personal gain. She has lost sight about what is best for her client."

And he would be right if she doesn't seriously consider this deal.

I Know You've Been Wondering...

What's going on with the Michael Vick dog investigation?

Nothing! Good news for a Falcon fan.

The AJC says:

Authorities in Surry County, Va., investigating animal cruelty and dogfighting allegations at a home owned by Falcons quarterback Michael Vick, have not held a second evidence review according to the office of the prosecutor.

Surry County sheriff Harold Brown, Commonwealth attorney Gerald Poindexter and other investigators said earlier this month they planned to review new and existing evidence. However, there has been no evidence review since federal authorities launched their investigation June 8.

Local investigators have not gathered any additional evidence from the property after federal investigators, including the U.S. Department of Agriculture, searched the property based on their own search warrant.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fashion Round Up - BET Awards

Beyonce has returned to her stripper roots. Jennifer Hudson's clothes are too small. Otherwise, all went well at the family BBQ known as the BET Music Awards. These types of events always pose an excellent opportunity to see which athletes are focused on training or partying.

I slighted Reggie Bush the other day, but he was perfection at the awards.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Dwyane Wade, on the other hand was not. All looks okay from the front.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Wait for it. Taking the flash thing a little too literally, friend?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

My beloved Dwyane was really clownin' for the photogs. Did he spend all his Converse money on that ice?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I guess whatever he's doing is working for him though? Where's Siovaughn, homey?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Guess what washed up boxer destined for UFC greatness showed up? Iron Mike Tyson. I think he succeeded matching the pocket square to the face tattoo.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Larry Johnson got criticized by Jay-Z for kissing Fantasia in a video, but he's healed enough from the scolding to show his face on the red carpet, matching his girlfriend, BET personality Julissa.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The Christies showed up. Jackie's rocking the caftan look cutely, but the handbag and plugging your book? No, not tacky at all.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Eddie Robinson showed up a hot ass mess. No, I mean the off the rack suit, not the girlfriend. Okay, I meant both.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Carl Lewis was there. Old and stripey.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And so was Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Mmmm.... More Reggie.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Bonus: Serena bikini pics.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Okay, for real this time, see you next time for the NBA draft. I'll be live blogging at and I'm sure there will be next day coverage right here. Toodles.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

R.I.P. Benoit

I am a big fan of the WWE. I know it's not a sport - technically. But there are some things they get right.

Renowned WWE wrestler, Chris Benoit, was found dead in his Atlanta home along with his wife and seven year old son. The deaths are being investigated as a murder suicide.

I'll admit I cancelled my errands Monday evening to see how WWE would respond to the passing of Benoit. Monday Night Raw was supposed to be a "tribute" to Vince McMahon, who supposedly perished in a auto explosion. The WWE had already announced on Monday evening that the show would be dedicated to Benoit instead. Still, it was unclear what would happen to the McMahon death storyline.

Well, the WWE totally scrapped the McMahon storyline. In fact, WWE totally cancelled the arena show that was to be held in Corpus Christi, TX. Vince McMahon stood in the middle of an empty ring with red eyes and talked to the TV audience about reality.

The WWE may be full of extraordinary athletes, but it does not tread in "reality." They are notoriously loyal to the story, even about mundane things like injuries. But they are notoriously loyal to the audience. There are no holidays, no reruns in the WWE. The WWE superstars travel all over the world every week to bring the fans an A-list show. They are dedicated professionals. My favorite wrestlers don't take games off. My favorite personalities don't disappear for weeks out of the year to play golf.

For the WWE to cancel a show, much less scrap a whole storyline, it was like cancelling the Super Bowl.

You may not be a wrestling fan, but I hope you can be empathetic to the grief that the wrestling community will be expressing in the coming days. What happened to Chris Benoit was tragic, but the feeling is bigger than Chris. WWE is a community of a few dozen wrestlers and a few million fans that depend on each other. As a contrast to so-called legitimate sports, Tank Johnson was cut today from the Chicago Bears for a vehicular infraction. The Bears didn't show much regard to Tank. Far less regard to the fans that wanted to see the Bears succeed. The WWE has shown itself to be far more loyal through far worse or at least reconcile somewhere down the line. Disagreements can eventually be resolved. A place is found for "old" wrestlers. Talent is generally accomodated. Professional wrestling long pionerred the "gray" area of human capabilities. It's WWE, not NFL, NBA or MLB that's made me comfortable with dealing with the anti-hero.

So, Benoit, even if he was part of an organization that was rife with "storylines", he was part of an organization with a certain integrity. He was essential to that integrity. And that is the reason he will be missed most of all. He is the last of a dying breed.

And, so what, if I fell for an another storyline? I need something to believe in too.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Pacman Catches a Lawsuit. Shocking!

If I'm going to post about boring matters such as the law, I'm going to keep track of such mundane matters as my "wins and losses."

I called it! Adam "Pacman" Jones is being sued in civil court as a result of the criminal charges that were levied against him last week.

A bouncer who was shot and said his left ankle was bitten by Adam “Pacman” Jones in a strip club melee sued the suspended NFL player and other members of his entourage for damages Monday.

The suit for an unspecified amount was filed with the Clark County District Court on behalf of Aaron Cudworth three days after the Tennessee Titans cornerback surrendered in Las Vegas on two felony charges of coercion and posted $20,000 in bail.

Facts about the Feb. 19 melee and shooting, which paralyzed another strip club bouncer and wounded one other person, were confirmed in charges that the district attorney filed against Jones on Wednesday, said Cudworth’s lawyer, Richard Schonfeld.

Soccer Fashionistas

David Beckham likes to play dress up. I don't mind at all.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I think Reggie Bush was at the filming of the Nike commercial where he and Beckham switch sports AND he was wearing eye black (the DEFINITIVE post on eye black), but I was distracted by Beckham's ice blonde hair and steely glare.

I'm going through a soccer phase now. Lozo might label me a mere GSF for this, but fuck him and the PATH train he rode in on.

Pretend that Bobby Boswell is not wearing that shirt, but DC United puts YouTube to good use to analyze hats. I'm not mad.

ESPN Thug Love

Adam "Pacman" Jones is a thug transcended. Apparently, no longer a football player, a gifted athlete or an ordinary young man. Just a thug. Easily identified by his mug shot.

That must have been why the producers of SportsCenter thought it was appropriate to use Pacman's photo from his recent booking in Las Vegas as his official chyron photo.

Here is Pacman's booking photo.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The following screen grab shows that ESPN immediately "updated" Jones' official photo.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Here is his official Tennessee Titans team photo for additional reference.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It is beyond reprehensible for ESPN to use Jones' booking photo to identify him generally. Using the booking photo coupled with the Tennessee Titans logo, as if it was Jones' "official" photo, visually insinuates and reinforces that Pacman is a criminal, when in fact his "record" has no convictions. Even the urgency to show Pacman's new hairstyle should not take precedent over ESPN's imperative to deliver responsibly produced news and images to its viewers. ESPN could've easily digitally manipulated a more appropriate photo (like they regularly do to jerseys, helmets and hats when players change teams) if the network wanted to show Jones' current hairstyle.

Impartiality aside, ESPN has nothing but incentive to promote the image of the notorious Pacman Jones. Adam Jones is hardly that interesting as a personality. He doesn't talk much and he is not generally captivating. Still, ESPN does not hesitate to make sure their viewers get to see Jones entering a Las Vegas police station via some extremely uninteresting and poorly shot video of what could be any guy walking into a building. Adam Jones clearly has more encounters with the law than the average guy, but it's hardly as if ESPN is on the trail of a serial killer. There is no reasonable purpose for ESPN's excessive coverage of Adam Jones. He is just the thug of the moment and ESPN is happy to traffic in destructive imagery as it suits them.

But it's not surprising that ESPN is drunk with power. They have made Jones a star. He used to be just another talented and up and coming NFLer. Adam was known before, but Pacman is a household name. ESPN seemingly has no qualms about perpetuating Jones' thug image. No matter whether its coverage generally disservices its viewership or shows a lack of sensitivity toward Jones' safety and livelihood by glamorizing him as a potential target. No qualms at all. 'Pac always claimed there was love for a thug. Pacman is not feeling it.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Fun Pt. 2

If I haven't stated it before, I'm all for the shameless objectification of male athletes. I support the Hot Blogger Bracket (Congratulations to Holy Dog Water. I was pulling for Orson and Sven is a great jump off name, but it's all good). And I support DC United player Bobby Boswell's efforts to objectify himself via calf muscle. Hey, size matters. Appropriately, Bobby is very concerned about his, uh, muscle.

This week, I suffered a minor injury to my calf, causing it to be a little deformed and ugly. I was worried my calves would no longer be beautiful, which got me thinking – do I have the nicest calves on the team?

I think he's halfway serious too. How could such vanity not have an effect on me? Bobby is actually running a contest for tickets to see DC United play David Beckham and his personal assistants that comprise the LA Galaxy. After the top three calves are voted upon, fans can match the calves to the players on DC United. (Yes, the whole team took pictures of their calves. I think they wax.)

Bobby does have nice calves.

I think this is the first post I've ever done about soccer and I really should have tried harder. Bobby's calves hardly constitute substantive soccer analysis. Wait... Nah, not that substantive. But I think he might be the Gilbert Arenas of soccer. Is there something in the water in DC?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Friday Fun

Now, WHATEVA you may think of Stephen A. Smith, he's certainly spawned no shortage of wannabe impressionists. Stuart Scott is the latest. Scott Van Pelt is the OG. And Stephon Marbury just wanted revenge. You be the judge.

Stuart Scott is the latest entrant in the SAS impersonation sweepstakes.

Scott Van Pelt still rings true.

Stephon Marbury? Ehhhh......

Or do you just prefer the original? Of course you do.

Lawyers Make It Rain

Watering restrictions are in effect for Adam "Pacman" Jones.

He is going to have to divert the rain to lawyers' fees that are surely about to mount. Las Vegas authorities charged Jones with two felony counts of coercion. Jones already employs a squadron of lawyers around the country to duck all of the accusations, investigations and requests for questioning. Now that he's actually been charged with something, costs are going to mount, especially if the Las Vegas case makes it to trial.

For what it's worth, the coercion charges seem pretty flimsy. The coercion charges are based on Jones allegedly attacking club employees. Yet I wonder why the district attorney didn't file assault charges, which is the far more obvious charge based on the allegations. Is the coercion charge an attempt to link Jones to an incident without much substantiation? Is the district attorney merely being conservative in the charges? Are witnesses making allegations against Jones in hopes of a civil pay day later?

Because you know lawyers gotta do what they gotta do.

The Las Vegas district attorney has to consider the legal issues, i.e., whether Jones actually broke the law. He's gotta consider the practical issues, i.e., whether the expense of the investigation and trial best serves the public interest. And that attorney's got to contend with the political issues. The most notable victim of the Las Vegas incident, Tommy Urbanski, is paralyzed and he certainly deserves justice. Charging an NFL star will send a message to the community that the district attorney is taking the case very seriously and will not stop until Urbanski, other victims and the community generally are avenged. Whether or not the district attorney will accomplish that with a conviction of Adam Jones remains to be seen. In the interim, he's gotta be keeping his fingers crossed that Jones will at least agree to a plea so the district attorney can score some sort of conviction.

Nevertheless, Pacman's going to end up broke no matter what as his legal bills continue to mount and he's not collecting any paychecks next season. No more rain. Just drought. Maybe Jones is realizing the severity of his financial situation. The AJC reports that he is Tennessee working out. He better be. He's got to get back to work as soon as possible. And he better be praying that the Titans don't void his contract, potentially forcing him to play for the less than the million plus he's scheduled to receive under his current contract. Otherwise, Jones' lawyers will take a lien out on his ass. And he won't get a table dance for his trouble.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cultural Differences

I am still shocked that Gary Sheffield was able to say that Latin players were "easy to control" and that MLB Latinos were seemingly unoffended by the characterization. Whether or not it was a justifiable statement, to Black people, that's just talking "greasy."

I remain a little confused about the communication differences. Especially when I read Ozzie Guillen blame Miguel Cabrera's culture for his expanded waistline.

"When your mom is Venezuelan and your wife is Venezuelan, you're going to get fat because they like to cook. When you sit there for lunch and you see all the food, you're going to eat it. The good thing is he knows about it."
To me, that is a sweeping generalization and stereotype. Like when Fuzzy Zoeller expected Tiger Woods to order fried chicken at the Masters dinner. And he blames the women. Booo!

And just for good measure, Guillen joked:

"If Cabrera doesn't make a change soon, however, 'He's going to play in the Mexican League.'"

Uh, okay. But I suspect Guillen will not be criticized for these statements. Whether speech is offensive depends largely on the audience, so I'm not even sure Guillen should be called out.

And by the way, US Open champion Angel Cabrera is "affectionately" called, "El Pato." "El Pato" means duck. It is also a homosexual slur in certain Spanish speaking cultures. Which one is Angel? (Maybe there's a reason Angel insists on doing his best Marlboro Man impression.)

I'm just trying to keep an open mind.

Sympathy For LeBron

NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry is "astounded" that no one is coaching LeBron James up.

And when asked on Mike and Mike this morning whether he was taking shots at Cleveland Cavaliers coach Mike Brown, Barry did not waver. Barry said he absolutely blamed the Cavs coaching staff and that he didn't care if they got mad at him. He stopped short of calling out Brown to the school yard after the bell.

"I feel sorry for LeBron", Barry said.

Rick Barry has identified several flaws in James' game that he feels the coaching staff is neglecting to correct. James' jumper is flawed - a mere "streak" shooter according to Barry. His free throw technique is poor. Barry says LeBron doesn't focus on the rim when he shoots free throws. LeBron runs pick and roll with the wrong guy - Varajao instead of Ilgauskas. And, oh yeah, LeBron doesn't even understand how to use a screen.

That's a pretty long list of fundamental deficiencies for such a naturally talented player. But Rick Barry insisted that if you show players things, they will learn. What athlete doesn't want to get better?

"He has an opportunity to become one of the best players of all time. It's kind of sad to see a young man of this amazing ability and talent, who has been in the league almost four years, and he doesn't know how to do so many basic things in the game.

"Think about what this young man could do if he understood the game. I hope that he gets the proper teaching to be able to maximize the full potential he has because this guy is unbelievable."

But Barry is naive. First, he assumes NBA coaches are put in place to coach. Some are. But some are there to assuage the star players and/or not butt heads with management and ownership. Maybe Mike Brown is the latter, but he did "coach" LeBron and his team to the NBA Finals. He deserves some credit for that.

And Rick Barry is only seeing what every two bit blogger and sports bar drunk can see. LeBron's jump shot is terrible. He needs to work on his free throws. And he could be more fundamentally sound. Surely, LeBron has noticed these things if he's watched a game tape or two. He obviously doesn't care.

At the end of the day, no matter how crappy a coach Mike Brown may or may not be, LeBron James is a grown ass man. He's got a job and a family. He's responsible for his own damn game. Lebron James is 100% responsible for improving his own jump shot, free throws and whatever else he needs to work on. That is, if he wants to.

You gotta want to be coached up to be coached up. Rick Barry may be right that Mike Brown is to blame for Lebron's failure to reach his potential. Or maybe he's just another LeBron apologist, making excuses for another baller coasting on his natural talent - all the way to the bank.

Monday, June 18, 2007

It's A-Rod's Fault

I knew nothing but trouble would result when the world found out that Alex Rodriguez takes women on dates to strip clubs. Taking a woman on a date to strip club is one of the corniest things a man could do and I feared A-Rod's embrace of the dating "strategy" would re-popularize this plague on womankind. You just have to generally question a man who thinks that is okay. Surely a man that would do something so ridiculous might generally lack judgment.

Predictably, this leads us to the latest in the adventures of Adam "Pacman" Jones. Jones is wanted for questioning after a shooting incident at Club Blaze, a strip club in a less than desirable Atlanta neighborhood (near the federal penitentiary!).

Apparently, the shooting stemmed from a dispute over a woman. A woman was with Jones' group when another man approached the woman and asked her for a lap dance. The man did not know that the woman wasn't a dancer and Jones' and his friends didn't take kindly to the insinuation.

It is typically a no brainer to distinguish a female patron from an exotic dancer. So, I have to wonder what was really going on. First of all, how could a woman be insulted to be assumed to be a stripper inside a strip club?! Actually, isn't that some sort of backhanded compliment, lol? And one of the unspoken rules of being a female patron in a strip club is that you don't go in another woman's place of business and carry yourself like the competition. Was the woman dressed and/or behaving like a stripper inside the club? It wouldn't surprise me at all if she turned out to be a stripper herself that maybe someone in the group had picked up from another club earlier in the night.

So, because Pacman Jones or someone in his group took a woman on a date to the strip club, mess got started. And Jones is involved in yet another violent altercation. Thus, Jones sabotages any possibility of being reinstated early from his NFL suspension for good behavior. Nothing good comes from taking dates to the booty club.

I think Jones' only hope is to apply for some sort of disability exemption from the NFL. Obviously, the call to the strip club is strong for him. One too many drinks or one too many lap dances, Jones has an addiction. Is it his fault he was raised in Atlanta? Even A-Rod didn't grow up with the temptation of so many high quality, all-nude strip clubs. According to this news report, Pacman can't help himself when it comes to getting "drunk and belligerent" at strip clubs that he's already been arrested at before.

It can't be repeated enough. Pacman's situation just goes to show, once again, that nothing good comes from taking dates to strip clubs. I hope others will heed the lesson before this pandemic gets out of hand. The suffering has already begun.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Did You Witness the Truth?

Do you still believe that LeBron James is a superstar?

Is he really like Michael Jordan? Kobe Bryant? Or even Dwyane Wade?

Or is he more like Dirk Nowitzki? Tracy McGrady? Chris Webber? Or Vince Carter?

I've learned my lesson. I'm not going to keep saying "next year." You either have "it" or you don't. Whatever "it" is. Killer instinct. Leadership. The almost pathological drive to win.

And LeBron doesn't have "it." I'm not stupid. He's a great player. But his default mood is nonchalant. I've seen nothing to disprove that his highest priority is to do just enough to keep Nike happy.

And let's all say it together. "He's only 22!" Well, what is the age when you develop the craving? Face the truth. He was already behind his draft peers. Carmelo Anthony made the playoffs before LeBron did. And Dwyane Wade has a championship ring. And don't you dare say, "LeBron has no help." That's a lie. If LeBron is a Kobe wannabe, consider Kobe's current team. Now, the Lakers are absolute trash. Would you trade for a single player on that team? I mean, before your 4th shot of Patron? Cleveland, on the other hand, is full of tradeable parts. Well.. except for Damon Jones. Still, Kobe makes it to the playoffs and generally avoids sweeps.

The numbers don't lie. LeBron is a very nice all around player. But he doesn't have the box score of a superstar. He leads the league in nothing except hype. And what will make LeBron change? Sure, he'll give you a nice press conference. He'll say all the right things. After all, he was raised on ESPN and the art of soundbites. But he didn't start playing ball until he was in middle school and, soon thereafter, he was an instant prodigy. What has he ever had to work for? Resigning with Cleveland was cute, but was that the move of a player serious about winning and attracting quality free agents or a player serious about ingratiating himself with fans and being an expert marketer?

For the purposes of winning championships, is LeBron really a #1? Is he a co-#1? Or even a #2? Do you build your team around LeBron or with LeBron? Or do you just remain delusional like Mark Cuban as it relates to Dirk Nowitzki (or Michael Finley, lol)?

Even the fact that LeBron's girlfriend seemingly didn't even consider inducing labor of their new child, Brice Maximus, for the convenience of her baby daddy and his championship legacy seems significant. The fiancee of the Finals MVP was front and center for every game and ran across the court to jump in the arms of her husband to be and teared up at the magnitude of her man's championship accomplishments.

Does LeBron deserve that sort of devotion?

Does he still deserve yours?

(Nice outfit, btw. No ring. But otherwise stylish.)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dogs Are Like Roaches Sometimes

The Michael Vick dog fighting story will not die or at least cease until there is an actual resolution.

Michael Vick's cousin, Davon Boddie, tried to step up and claim responsibility for the whole dog fighting debacle.

"I want him (Goodell) to know that everything going on is really my fault. I want to apologize to Atlanta Falcons fans for what's going on. It's a lot of drama."

Nobody cares what Boddie has to say. But if he was a dog catcher or an agricultural department official, we would be all ears. Clearly, this story has a life of its own. Much more attention was paid to the fact that a federal search warrant was carried at the Virginia property and even that a forensic veterinarian has joined the investigation. Also, Arthur Blank issued a letter addressing the Michael Vick situation to season ticket holders. That tidbit also made several dot com front pages.

And there seems no limit to the reach of the dog fighting tentacles. First, Clinton Portis came under fire. Now, New York Jets linebacker Jonathan Vilma is having to defend himself. When asked about the Vick controversy, Vilma compared dog fighting to horse racing, a comparison some animal activist types might agree with.

"Dogfighting is much more extreme, but you can equate it to horse racing. ... Everyone has heard about dogfighting. Whether you choose to participate or not, that's your decision. I'm not here to condone or accept it. It's been there for a while..."

When forced to clarify his statements, Vilma said:

"I was definitely not comparing the two, dogfighting to horse racing. You'll have activists who are against both. They say in horse racing, you put a lot of stress on the animals. I'm indifferent and it's a matter of wanting to stay away from the whole Michael Vick situation, whether he is involved or not. I'm not saying anything about dogfighting or anyone who might be involved in it."

But like it or not, plenty has been said about the dog fighting debacle. And Michael Vick continues to get an earful.

Too Bad Genarlow is Not Elijah

Elijah Dukes is all kinds of scuzzy.

Cheats on wife.

Has a baby with woman other than wife.

Has sex with a teenager.

Fathers child with teenager.

Has borderline incestuous relationship.

Commits borderline statutory rape.

Still, Genarlow Wilson, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for having oral sex with a 14 year old when he was 17, would trade places with Elijah Dukes any day. Simply because Elijah Dukes lives in Florida.

It just goes to show the vast difference in statutory rape laws from state to state.

Although Elijah Dukes is 22 years old, he will not be prosecuted for fathering the child of the 17 year old foster child of his step grandmother - no matter how deplorable you may consider Dukes. Florida's statutory rape laws consider consent and difference in age.

In contrast, Georgia's laws are much more straightforward. There is no consideration of consent or age disparity. Indeed, the law that was changed that Genarlow Wilson was convicted under was only revised to address the different types of sexual acts. Genarlow Wilson was convicted for performing oral sex, but wouldn't have been convicted as harshly for having intercourse. The law was not revised to account for age disparity or consent. And note that sex between a 17 year old and a 14 year old is still illegal in Georgia. It's just been revised to a misdemeanor offense rather than a felony.

The Georgia Attorney General, Thurbert Baker, insisted today that he had to appeal Genarlow's release because his release could potentially affect 1300 offenders convicted under the same law that Genarlow was convicted under. Theoretically, all those prisoners would have the right to appeal their sentences.

Indeed, Judge Thomas Wilson was not exhaustive in the justification of his release of Genarlow Wilson. The judge agreed with Wilson that his punishment was "grossly out of proportion to the severity of the crime." However, Judge Wilson was not precise in stating exactly say why. Is the sentence disproportionate because age disparity? Consent? Because someone else convicted of the same crime got a different sentence? Just because the statute was later revised? As a result of Wilson's vague order, the state of Georgia potentially faces a great deal of uncertainty when dealing with the other thousand plus prisoners who might challenge their sentences under the statute.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fashion Round Up - More Exciting Than the NBA Finals

I want to give a big shout out to Kenny Smith. Kenny has stepped up his fashion game tremendously this season and I have been remiss in not giving him more attention. Kenny used to be a "don't" when it came to dressing above the waist. He wore huge shoulder pads in his suit and dressed way too big for his frame. In real life, standing up, this look probably was okay because Kenny is tall. But... When you're at the desk, you have to dress for the desk. Kenny was always swimming in his suit. But this season, Kenny tightened up. He lost the shoulder pads, adopting a slimmer cut for his suits that is more appropriate for his above the waist frame. And.. he adopted a fashion gimmick. And fashion gimmicks are what separates the amateurs from the pros. Kenny's fashion gimmick is edgestitching. Frequently, the lapels on Kenny's suits feature stitching on the edge in a contrasting color. It's a very nice and unique detail and it allows Kenny to stand out while still remaining somewhat conservative in his dress. Wipe the man down. Head, chest, pants, shoes. Kenny's definitely on.

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But speaking of Kenny, it seems he has a fashion foil. And his name is Jon Barry.

(It is faint in the pic, but this is the offending suit where Jon sports Kenny's edgestitching. And, yeah, so is Kenny's edgestiching above. It's not my fault that broadcasting and desktop technology don't converge so I can procure a proper HD screen cap.) Jon has just out and out stolen Kenny's fashion gimmick. Right after TNT concludes its season, Jon shows up on ABC sporting Kenny's edgestitching gimmick. You can not steal another man's fashion gimmick!!! That's like a woman knowingly showing up wearing another woman's dress. Now that Michael Irvin is gone, will Jon sport the jumbo tie knot? Deion's collar trim? Boooooo, orange-skinned bald man! (Stop getting mystic tan tips from Eva.)

Drew Gooden has been sporting an odd patch of hair on the back of his shaven head. He claims it is a "duck patch." I've also heard it called a "hyphy patch", something that's popular in the Bay Area. Guess what, Bay Area folk? Leave country styles to country folk. I vehemently deny that Drew's patch is an authentic duck patch. An authentic duck patch protrudes like a duck bill. Hence the name. I don't know if Drew's hair is too straight to protrude or if he is just confused. He does not have a duck patch. I don't know what that stray hair is. Below is Drew's hair and an authentic "duck", sported by one Ralph Tresvant (yeah, it's fuzzy, but it's from 1983, dammit. Watch "Cool It Now" for reference.)

On to the rest...

LeBron continues his fascination with the eighties. Was he saving this polo sweater from back in the day, waiting for this to come back in style?

Damon Jones actually looks quite nice here.

This is a very luxe camp shirt with some very progressive lines. The sleeves are short, but long. The length of the shirt is also extra long and designed to be worn untucked. And it's also wrinkle free. It reminds me of the female long tunic trend, but I don't mean it in a bad way. Since Damon isn't playing much, I'm glad he's putting his free time to positive use.

Rasheed Wallace represents for the leisure suit, the seemingly exclusive domain of the basketball player. And the Geico cavemen, judging by that unkept facial hair.

Chris Paul goes traditional, yet modern in a daring plaid as he sits courtside.

Carlos Boozer does spring nicely.

Charles Barkley wore a Mavs jersey in shame. Shame!

Mehmet Okur uses his tongue as an accessory. Why not cufflinks?

And just for kicks, let's just pick on Craig Sager. Even if he is wearing Brioni or Versace or something other sick brand.


Denver Broncos colors!

Bonus coverage: Is there anything that's more firmly entrenched in the "always uncomfortable" category than a Black man compared in any way with an animal? Ick. Still, Chad Johnson sported a bold and flashy ensemble for his "race" with a horse. Should I be happy that Chad won?

Extra bonus coverage: Well, actually, Serena's not wearing much, so I think this is where my commentary ends.

See you soon for the sports fashion holy grail, the NBA Draft.