Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lawyers (and ESPN) Good For Something

The tenacity of a lawyer resulted in good when Genarlow Wilson was released from jail last Friday. Genarlow and his attorney BJ Bernstein gambled when Genarlow refused to accept numerous plea offers to reduce his ten year sentence for having consensual sex with another teenager, but the risk paid off. To be sure, Genarlow's strategy was risky. It was only a 4-3 margin of the Georgia Supreme Court that decided that Wilson's punishment was cruel and unusual.

In addition to the dogged pursuit of Genarlow's lawyer, the media should rightfully take credit for Genarlow's release. Media outlets like ESPN brought well deserved national attention to Genarlow's plight.

Georgia was shamed into releasing Genarlow Wilson. Despite the rationalizations of local prosecutors. Despite the politics of the legislature. Despite the narrow margin of the Supreme Court.

Some have complained that the Supreme Court has legislated from the bench in freeing Wilson despite the legislature's express refusal to do so. To some lawyers,"legislating from the bench" is the most cardinal sin of a judge. To others, it's the appropriate effectuation of a checks and balances system that counters nonsensical laws.

Finally, after over two years in prison, legal wrangling and media attention, Genarlow Wilson is free to anticlimatically get on with his life. The media outlets that devoted the feature stories that were instrumental in securing his freedom have blurbed about his release and moved on. Genarlow says he leaves prison a man and that he hopes to go to college to study sociology.

And, ironically, Genarlow has appropriate gratitude for the legal system that prosecuted and vindicated him.

Well, for the most part my incarceration made me a stronger person and a more ambitious person. So I definitely plan on succeeding. Especially with having so many people supporting me and coming to my defense; I don’t want to disappoint them. I feel like failure’s not an option. I also have higher expectations for myself, and I feel like I’ve matured.

For the most part I’m not angry or bitter. I can’t let my frustrations get the best of me. It’s not going to make matters any easier for me. Either way it goes, it’s still going to be hard for me. But now I get to start over. It’s a new beginning, and I’m looking forward to it. I’ve turned all the negative energy into something positive.

Genarlow was a popular high school football player in his former life. He seems not to crave anything but simple interaction now. Raiding the refrigerator whenever he wants. Spending time with his mother and sister. Hopefully, going to class and earning and degree. After all he's been though, here's hoping he can accomplish so much.

Feeling Better

Nip/Tuck is back on and Kobe got booed at home. All is right with the world. Why not come back?

Thanks everybody for your well wishes during my hiatus.

(Ha ha! Kobe got booed!)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sick Day(s)

I apologize for not updating the blog, but I am a little under the weather. I think the Falcons are trying to actually kill me. And when I don't have anything to say about Terrell Owens, there's definitely something wrong. I'm okay, but I'm just going to update the blog even more lazily than I normally do. I'll back in a few.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Critic?

A nice young man, Eric Angevine, wrote an article concerning me and the efforts of this blog for the Chicago Sports Weekly. The article is about the different types of sports blogs written by ladies. In it, Mr. Angevine labels me "the critic" and makes me sound kind of cocky and arrogant and mocks my admiration of Michael Irvin. I loved it! It's a interesting and well written article about the female sports blogging landscape. Check it out here. Page 28.

Will You Accept a Post Dated Check, Sir?

$20 mil, Mr. Blank? Sure thing. Just let Mike unscrew the bottom of his Aquafina bottle and he'll pull it out for you right away

I seriously doubt Michael Vick has $20 million to spare, but if he is forced to repay that kind of money to the Atlanta Falcons, he will hover like a curse over the NFL for a long time. Anyway, the Falcons shouldn't be trusted with that kind of money. They might spend it on free agents. Expensive, worthless free agents like Peerless Price or Ed Hartwell.

If NFL teams are granted the ability to demand repayment of bonuses to such an extent, expect a chill on the inducement power of the signing bonus. Jamarcus Russell length holdouts will become more normal. He got his money, but the Raiders lost the ability to choose whether or not their coveted #1 pick would start this season. Teams will lose the salary cap flexibility when dealing with coveted players who prefer to eschew the risk of potentially having to give their money back. Steve Wyche of the AJC elaborates:

The ramifications of this case could be profound, which is why the players' union immediately drew up papers to file an appeal of Burbank's decision. Should the Falcons ultimately win this case, teams throughout the league could make use the same argument to recoup bonus money paid to players found to have violated terms of their contract.

Still, Vick's professional team is getting the sideways glance. Things continue to go so badly for Michael Vick on a seemingly daily basis, one has to wonder whether he would have been better off facing a jury of his peers. What more would he have lost, even if he was found guilty? The downside of the guilty plea was that various third parties now have a negative factual basis to rely on. It increasingly seems apparent that there was no coordination amongst Vick's professional team. No one has stepped up to simultaneously manage Vick's freedom, image, finances and professional prospects. They have a copy of the contract. If a $20 million judgment was a foreseeable risk, they should have worked out a private settlement with the Falcons. If the guilty plea was going to collapse the rest of Vick's life like a house of cards, maybe Michael should have gone to trial.

Michael Vick has lost so much. Too much for the crime he committed. Someone needs to show him some mercy. Maybe that person could be the commissioner who could expedite Vick's return to the league so that Vick can get started on that payment plan.

Monday, October 08, 2007

State of the Falcons - Week 5

Guess we know who spent their bye week at the strip club (cough, Vince!). The Titans looked lethargic and lackadaisical like they wanted the Falcons to win. Still, the Falcons lost! There are not enough Titans turnovers in the day apparently.

The Falcons tried their crazy best. They faked a punt. DeAngela Hall played like he was a free agent. He intercepted for a TD and almost intercepted another pass.

But the Falcons got in their own way, of course. Offensive lineman Wayne Gandy was hurt and is likely out for the season.

And then there was the inexplicable introduction of Byron Leftwich.

Joey looked so sad on the sidelines when he was suddenly replaced at the start of the fourth quarter. "Any time you get pulled it's frustrating," he said. "It's not something you enjoy."

"I want to be this team's starter, but if Coach makes the decision the other way, I'm going to support this team," said Harrington. "I've been through worse before."

Today, Coach Petrino confirmed that Harrington will remain the starting quarterback for now.

Joey may have been replaced during the game because he threw an interception to Vincent Fuller that was returned for a touchdown. Why the panic? Like this was the first time Joey had ever thrown for a touchdown... I thought we were treated for this. If Joey Harrington interceptions are herpes, game strategery should be the Valtrex that doesn't cure, but prevents flare ups.

Still, Byron Leftwich looked ecstatic beyond belief when he got into the game.. I think he was dancing when he came up to the line of scrimmage. Do you know what was funny about Leftwich getting the call? He hasn't taken a single practice snap with the first team offense. I find that to be HILARIOUS! Leftwich said:

"That was the first time I was in there with the first-team offense with the Atlanta Falcons, ever, and it was great to be out there. You would love to hopefully have that week to prepare to go out and play, but we'll see. Hopefully, I can get out there and play some football. I'd be lying to you if I said I didn't want to play some football."

So now the Falcons have a full blown quarterback controversy.

And now the veteran players hate the offensive genius Bobby Petrino. DeAngela Hall is the head chick in charge. Apparently his coach hating cooties have infected the room. Alge Crumpler suggested an “agenda” that is minimizing the roles of veterans in the offense, while increasing the roles of younger players to prepare them for the future.

Eh... Save your complaints. They'll be plenty more to be unhappy about as the season continues.

There would be no quarterback controversy if Michael Vick wasn't headed to the pokey. He was the best quarterback in the world. No, I'm not just saying that out of romantic revisionist wistfulness. It's true.

Michael Vick is chaperoning the local high school homecoming dance this week. Everything went fine, although he's not sure why so many kids asked him where to score weed. How the fuck is he supposed.. Oh... Damn bracelet. It's a dead giveaway. Some of the kids weren't so nice. Some knuckleheads had a lot of woof woof dead dog jokes. A couple of them had to be popped upside the head. "I'm still fast, little muthafucka. Don't write checks your ass can't cash", Vick was forced to yell more than once as he rapped an alternative school punk across the back of the head more than once. No biggie, though. The kids soulja boyed to their hearts content and Vick was able to serve some community service before his curfew.

Looking back, I can't remember a single misthrown pass, a single interception, a single bad scramble, a single injury or any bad decisions at all on Michael Vick's part. He was perfect. Now he's gone. See you on Monday night.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Fashion Round Up - Noticing Those Who Dress To Be Seen

Week 4. (Better late than never...)

I liked Lebron in the three piece black velvet suit on Saturday Night Live. I have a weakness for velvet on athletically built men.

But Lebron stood out most in his gold lame and jheri curl. Oooh, baby. Chocolate in gold foil.... Are they going to sell you on Valentine's Day, Bron Bron?

Even sexual harassers gotta look good. Note that pocket square on Isiah Thomas. It's like origami or something. Plus he spiced up the conservative blue and gray look with clever blending of textures. Dirty sexual harasser.

Even Joe Buck had the gall to clown Howie Long for his excessive use of stripes. I think "garanimals" is what came to Joe's mind first. Zebra, anybody?

Michael Strahan was also feeling stripey.

Marshall Faulk looked great in classic black and gray. Rod Woodson is seething with jealousy.

Desmond Howard and Emmitt Smith had the same idea in pairing gray and purple.

Mark Cuban went sleeveless on Dancing With the Stars.

Kenny Mayne wore purple to meet with the caveman.

Jilian Reynolds wore a dress with pockets with a peek of mom boobs.

And Matt Hasselback wore argyle. Oh, Matt. You're no Tom Brady.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tiki Barber Claims His Hometown Had No Black Women

Tiki Barber is from Roanoke, Virginia. He recently went on the Wendy Williams show and claimed that there were no Black women in Roanoke when he was growing up. Which is why he won't tolerate any parts of them in his bed today. Well, Wendy said that last part. Wendy teased him incessantly about not liking Black women. He didn't really deny it. Tiki informed Wendy that he is married to an Asian woman and even tried to prove his street credit by telling Wendy his Swahili name and that he drove a Cadillac. Wendy wasn't buying it.

Tiki also said that he wouldn't give up his current life for a Superbowl ring.

It's really quite an amusing interview. And according to the 2000 census, Roanoke is over 25% Black.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Dogs Live and Ookie Learns to Love

The pit bulls seized from Michael Vick's Virginia home have been evaluated and all but one are suitable for placement. That's great news. I hope some of the people who have been buying notes and t-shirts and chew toys have enough resources left over to help find suitable homes for the dogs in question. Especially since they love animals more than the rest of us.

But you know what's funny about the results of the dog evaluation? From an evidentiary standpoint, finding that the dogs are docile enough to be placed would directly contradict the position that the dogs were programmed to fight. Anyhoo, it's neither here nor there. Vick has already plead out. It's funny though.

And, furthermore, Michael Vick has been visiting the PETA headquarters in Norfolk, VA and has been taking classes on how to love animals more. And PETA says he has been doing great! They say Vick was attentive and inquisitive during the 8 hour course.

“He was asking questions, following up on points we were making, taking notes,” [Dan] Shannon said. “He seemed to be putting an honest effort into trying to get something out of the course.”

Shannon said Vick told him “he wished he had gotten to take a course like this five years ago.”

Yeah, that and a herpes slash weed addiction prevention course.

In total, Vick visited the PETA headquarters three times, the final of which included a test on what Vick learned in his course. PETA declined to reveal Michael's score, but revealed that the test included an essay and long answer questions.

Yes, Ookie wrote an essay on his revised love for dogs. I wonder if he will turn it in to the Commissioner for extra credit.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Touch of the Thug?

Somehow, I think the Cincinnati Bengals preferred when they lead the NFL in criminals. Their win loss record was so much better. They try to clean house.. expunge Chris Henry and the like. Where does it get them? 1 and 3, that's where.

There must be some sort of winning aura that the so-called thugs of the NFL bring to a team.

Tank Johnson must have brought a certain swagger to the Chicago Bears that they sure miss now. Rex, baby, it's not you.

The Atlanta Falcons are a miserable 1 and 3 without convicted felon, but electrifying quarterback Michael Vick.

The Kansas City Chiefs were without drunk driver Jared Allen for two games. Soon as he comes back. 2-0! Hallelujah.

The Tennessee Titans are doing okay without Pacman Jones, but maybe head bussa Albert Haynesworth is the difference. And who knows? When Jones gets back, maybe we'll see some improvement in Vince Young's forehead. That thing is getting bigger by the day.

So far, the proof is in the numbers when it comes to putting an all character team out there on the field. It may be too early in the season to draw definite conclusions from coincidences, but not too late for some teams to fill out the roster with a thug or too.

Monday, October 01, 2007

State of the Falcons

Well, the day came. I was invited to the Falcons game and I responded with an enthusiastic, "Ehhhhh..." Oh, well. Just my luck. I missed the first win of the season. I saw it on TV though. And in standard definition, no less. Don't ever say I'm not a true fan. CBS didn't care enough to send the fancy cameras to the Dome. But I watched anyway. I may have permanent optical damage from the indignity of viewing a game in non high definition.

I'm sure Matt Schaub didn't sign up for the indignity of losing to Joey Harrington. But that's what he got. And I'm sure he barely recognized his former teammate Michael Jenkins who caught two touchdown passes. And the Roddy White who can suddenly catch diagonal passes thrown in cross routes when he dropped so many passes thrown straight to the numbers in seasons past. Now the Falcons have receivers? Great. And Joey Harrington continues to pretend like he can play quarterback. This was predictable. Soon as Byron got to town, Joey plays well enough to stall Leftwich's inevitable start.

But who has time to focus on wins or positive progress when the nation is tuned into The Passion of DeAngela. DeAngela Hall does not get along with the offensive genius, Coach Bobby Petrino. Hall feels their relationship soured when he refused to play special teams or offense. Or maybe when Petrino refused a ride in his Lamborghini. The AJC claims former head coach Mora used to partake.

When asked if he thought he could play for Petrino long term, Hall said:

“Some things would have to change, obviously. Like you said, some guys are made for college. Some guys are made for the NFL. If he wants respect given to him, he must give respect back.”

Yahoo! reported that DeAngela wants to be traded, but the AJC dismissed that as an "internet rumor." Whatever. DeAngela is a decent corner. Just not as good as he thinks.

The Falcons got the day off on Monday. Just for going 1 and 3.

One win or not, Michael Vick, was the best quarterback in the world. No, I'm not just saying that out of romantic revisionist wistfulness. It's true.

Michael Vick is laying low this week. He is filled with shame that you people found out he lit a doobie to cope with things. And he's decorating his electronic monitoring bracelet. Hearts and butterflies mostly. Just takes a little nail polish. Don't hate. Bracelets are hot right now. Lindsey Lohan. Tracy Morgan. Eve. Everybody's sporting a bracelet this season. Vick is just being trendy.

Looking back, I can't remember a single misthrown pass, a single interception, a single bad scramble, a single injury or any bad decisions at all on Michael Vick's part. He was perfect. Now he's gone. You won't last, Joey.