Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Fall of Chad Johnson

It was inevitable.

The good tidings weren't going to last. Now, like many Black men before him, Chad's just a statistic now.

Many in the mainstream press regarded Chad Johnson as a consumate entertainer. Soon, he'll be derided as a flashy egomaniac. Now he's just like those other malcontents. Another Terrell Owens. Another "disgruntled" spotlight grabbing, quarterback betraying, diva wide receiver only looking out for himself.

To the mainstream press, at least.

Carson Palmer has given up on Chad. TJ Houshmanzadeh has accepted the inevitable. Marvin Lewis is ready to move on.

The Sporting News' Vinnie Iyer sums up the "new" Chad.

Stop me if you've heard this before: uber-talented wide receiver, unhappy with his organization, coach and quarterback, wants out...

Johnson doesn't understand the team concept, where one player isn't above everyone else. The Bengals need to prove they believe that themselves by looking at the subtraction of the selfish Johnson as an addition in itself -- even if that means letting him languish on the bench while they wait for a good offer to come along.

Yeah, we've been there done that. Another ungrateful Black guy in the NFL. Not content to go where he's led with "dignity," say, like, Drew Bledsoe.

The Bengals are so determined to keep Chad in his place they've already refused inquiries (or offers, depending on where you get your news) from the Redskins, Cowboys and the Eagles.

Still, Johnson bucks. Chad insists he's only being himself. His ability to be a smiling, content caricature has diminished. Time will only tell if he we will accepted by the public as a man and not a solely as a source of amusement and sideline antics.

Maybe they want me to quiet down [and] stop being me. That is not going to happen. I can't function that way. I tried it. It sucked.
Thus far, no one seems amused by the outspoken, self-assured Chad Johnson. When Chad was the court jester, the audience delighted. But now that he wants to repackage himself as a self-interested grown man, no one is clapping. The comedy is fine, but nobody wants the drama.

Chad Johnson is a Black man gone serious. Suddenly, he's not as popular as he once was.

Yeah, it was inevitable.


CoCo said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

"Now, like many Black men before him, Chad's just a statistic now."

Reverend Wright?

Anonymous said...

Was he going serious when he fathered several children with several different women? Was he going serious when he started trying to get out of a contract with three years left on it? Was he going serious when he undercut his African American coach?

He's a baby...not a statistic.

ChrisP said...

Gee anonymous, I wonder why that's your screen name but I digress. As usual, you don't get the point because you choose not to look deeper within what is being said. When Chad was just shucking and jiving trying to make everybody laugh and lover him, the media for the mmost part made excuses and rationalized his antics. Now that he's talking about something serious and sticking to his guns he's become that troublemaker, that rabblerouser, that divisive teammate in the locker room. So just like Rev. Wright, you may not like what is said or how it's said but the reality is there whether you want to see it for what it is or not.

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