Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fashion Round Up - NBA Draft 2008

The NBA draft is exhibit A in why these young men need to stay in school. We all know the ESPYs are the new NBA Draft. The teenagers obviously have no time to develop a sense of style between freshman orientation and October (when they sign with their agent) of same year. Soon the draft will be business casual. They will show up to Madison Square Garden in polo shirts and dockers. Just no effort.

Still, there were a few people that tried. And there was even a theme. I call it Grandpa Chic.

The NBA is not just for the youth. It's for the pepaws too!

For the record, I'm not necessarily praising Grandpa Chic. I'm just saying.

At first I thought this was just a tight ass vest.

But this is an actual SWEATER vest sported by Eric Gordon in the NBA draft portraits. But his idea wasn't original.

Michael Beasley also decided to fall prey to the Grandpa Chic phenomenon. Two sweater vests in one draft? Really?!

OJ Mayo is my best dressed of the night, but he was a little Grandpa-ey too.

What are those like $500 frames? With no prescription? You can see, OJ! Son, we haven't done that since high school when the folks were rocking Cazals. Still, the spectacles and the three piece suit gets him lumped in with the teenage pepaws. But the suit is fantastic. Well fitted and coordinated. I love the touch of sateen in the fabric. The camera loves the shine. Plus he has confidence. And OJ's draft portrait solidified him as the best dressed.

I love the color combination and boldness. And the extra large pocket square. You can never go wrong with a pocket square. At the end of the day, OJ Mayo has swagger. His style will be wasted on Minnesota. He had South Beach written all over him.

Like I said, a few others made an effort.

It took long as hell for Darrell Arthur to get drafted, but he looked great while waiting. This suit looks nicely neutral in the photo, but it was slightly garish on TV.

One of the Lopez twins (Robin) had trouble finding a hat that fit.

His brother, Brook, showed up to the draft looking like a extra tall cone of sherbert (choose your flavor!).

No wonder he fell in the draft.

And a few other notables.

Eric Gordon took a risk with the white on black. The jacket was paired with a black shirt with white pinstripes. It was interesting.

DJ Augustin looked great. Gray paired with a bold shirt/tie combo. Not bad.

Jerryd Bayless rocked the cream on cream. Not spectacular, but classic.

In any case, it's sad when an NBA Draft fashion review needs to be supplemented.

The tennis people always love to show out.

Sharapova's white tuxedo outfit was cute. Not scandalous. But clean, classic, and a lot of detail in the construction. I love it.

Serena Williams didn't need the trench coat on the court, but maybe the extra layers have kept her in the running at Wimbledon, unlike some people.

Venus Williams looks elegant in couture for her star turn in Koto Bolufo's book, "Venus."

And to close, Dwyane "Beat it. Beat it. No one wants to be defeated." Wade. Keep that new draft pick off of Ocean Drive and you might be able to win more than 3 games next season, shawty.

And, while totally un fashion related, shout out to Roy Hibbert. He got drafted in the first round. He probably would have gone earlier in the draft if he left last year, but he wanted to stay at Georgetown. The Hoya faithful appreciates you.