Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An Emerging Epidemic

In my last post, I cited a fashion "trend" that emerged at the NBA draft that I dubbed "Grandpa Chic." Sweater vests are an important part of the Grandpa Chic trend. So is anything that might sell well in Boca Raton or appear in the Best Values section of the JC Penney catalog. I hoped the trend was just a temporary misstep of the yunguns. I was in denial like Al Reynolds.

Two of the most typically dependable sports fashionistas - Dwyane Wade and Alonzo Mourning - get their Grandpa on at Zo's Summer Groove this past weekend.

But being the fashion forward types that they are, they up the ante on Grandpa Chic. Alonzo rocks the cheesy Hawaiian shirt. And both Zo and Dwyane rock the old man belt at their respective natural waists.

And, as Reggie Bush reveals, getting all booed up ages you.

Where is his swagger? Kim K looks her age, but Reggie threw on the first clean sweater vest he found on the floor of his closet. Something tells me Reggie left this party early so he could get to bed. That's what a Grandpa would do.