Friday, July 18, 2008

Fashion Round Up - 2008 ESPYs

First, a moment of silence for the most recent victims of Grandpa Chic.

Matt Leinart stops at the Espys on the way to read a bedtime story to his grandkids and Brady Quinn stops off before shuffleboard with the seniors on the lido deck. Guys, you're still young! If I see another goddamn sweater in the summertime...

Paul Pierce throws up his gang signs, per his custom. That doesn't mean "peace." It's the sign for the very dangerous and notorious Bowler Hat Gang. The BHG runs the streets, yo. Don't let him catch you slippin' with a derby or fedora on. The commissioner won't be able to save you.

Paul's the very reason why the NFLers are being monitored for gang activity now. If Braylon Edwards can't wear colors or throw signs, he will wear glitter! Braylon can't make up his mind. Is he a bedazzled rat packer? Is he a world champion wrestler? (look at the belt)

And he is feeling himself in this ridiculous get up. Here's a bonus pic so you can keep laughing at/be seduced by this sparkly clown.

Kate Walsh is happy to stand next to Terrell Owens in his white shawl collared jacket over gray shadow striped pants.

Rajon Rondo does his best imitation of T.O.'s white trimmed jacket. However, Rondo is no T.O. The jacket is too big, but he just doesn't have the build and height to pull off a look with so many elements.

Lisa Leslie will dunk on you, then take your order. Would you like a fork or chopsticks with that?

I think Candace is tempted to pat Helio on the top of his head. Not only is this picture hilarious, but Candace Parker looks great, especially for a 18 foot tall woman.

Steve Nash is very nattily dressed in three piece plaid. Samuel L. is part of the Bowler Hat Gang too.

Greg Oden gets his Kanye West/Retarded Ray Charles on.

Shaun Phillips commissioned a satin suit. That suit reflects so much sunlight, I think he could be a potential solution to the energy crisis. Al Gore would give this look two thumbs up.

Venus was the best dressed woman at the event.

The Beckhams make it look easy for the rest of the fashion challenged suckers on the carpet. Love the spread collar on Dave.

**** Bonus points for counting the number of white shoes on grown men in this post. The number is disturbing.


The Maven said...

Hey Chick! I have to say that my girl Leisel Quamie, styled Candace Parker for the awards. Didn't she do an amazing job? Candace looked like a Goddess! As for dude with the satin suit, I think he should enlist q's services for next year. LOL!

Anonymous said...

How bad must the Hawks be to have one of their "stars" leave to play in Greece...
Greece, hmmm, wonder if Harry had anything to do with it.

nikki said...

BWWAAHAAHAHAAHA@this entry. what in da hell was braylon thinking? dang dude, this ain't the catwalk. his look was orchestrated chaos

Eb the Celeb said...

your commentary is hilarious... and braylon is alwaaaayyz feeling himself

㊣美樂蒂melody咩咩㊣ said...