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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fashion Round Up - Holiday Finery

Your favorite sports heroes were feeling particularly swaggerific for the holidays. And as 2008 closes, it's important to feel thankful for all the fashion blessings of the year passed. And let me offer tremendous gratitude to the man that inspired the reappearance of the world renowned Fashion Round-Up... the one and only Gilbert Arenas. And he's wearing an ascot! And he's serious!

I think Gilbert actually pulls this ascot off. It's so outrageous, it's fantastic! The key to pulling off any ridiculous element like an ascot is to keep the rest of the ensemble understated. And Gilbert does just that, pairing his unique snowflake patterned neck wear with a well tailored blue pinstriped suit. Honestly, Gilbert makes me swoon. I was so enthralled by Gil's ascot, I almost didn't notice Craig Sager's snowman tie. Almost. Sager rises every morning to defile the fashion gods of Brioni, Versace or whoever else he's wearing. You wouldn't believe it, but he spends a lot of money on his clothes.

It wouldn't be Christmas without a tacky sweater and let me present our model - Jared Allen.

Jared got his mullet all lined up and put on his finest holiday knitwear for an interview on the NFL Network. Yep, that's one of the toughest men in the NFL

Jillian Reynolds sports fuchsia ruffles and tights for the holidays.

And her shoes are only slightly stripperish. Tights and semi-dignified shoes? Jillian is not known for such restraint. Her priest must have been in the studio.

Pam Oliver chases the dragon.

Was it a good idea, Pam? I think you can do better.

Deion is a shell of his former fashion self since his nemesis, Michael Irvin, went off the air. But he makes an acceptable attempt to flaunt his holiday best with red pinstripes.

Tony Romo wears black in mourning of his promise as a strong leader and winning quarterback. That dream is dead now.

He should just save his sporty hat money and wear paper bags so he can cover his face in shame.

Is it just me, or does Stuart Scott have the testicular fortitude to sneak a fauxhawk past his employer?

He's supposed to be a professional!

Lebron got new shoes for Christmas (and a backscratcher).

Ugly. There's no denying it.

And Bryant Gumbel went green for the holiday sporting a Chia Pet haute couture original. His jacket is growing? Or sprouting maybe??? Or screaming, "Ch-ch-ch-chia?"

Just another instance of "When Designer Goes Wrong." Obviously, he and Sager have been drunk shopping together. Bryant had the nerve to call that jacket "festive" on the year end wrap up of Real Sports. I guess...

Happy New Year, everybody!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fashion Round Up - Week 1!!!!

First off, I want to give a shout out to Fox Sports for the locker room shots they were running during "The OT." There were a lot of scantily clad men in those locker rooms. And I say it's the best execution of Fox's homoerotic tendencies since a camera was dedicated to T.O.'s leotard.

It wouldn't be a fashion round up if it did start with Michael Irvin. Michael Irvin reemerged on "Costas Now" last week talking retired players and Tiki Barber. Of course, he was sporting the wide tie knot. And, of course, he looked spectacular. The wide tie knot always looks best when he's otherwise traditional. Fawn over the purple paisley on the gray suit. Fawn, dammit!

But I may have to move on from my number one like I did number 7. There is a new fashion sheriff at ESPN. And his name is Ryan Stewart. He is one half of The 2 Live Stews, a syndicated radio duo. And they regularly appear on "First Take" to give Skip Bayless the smackdown. Ryan isn't afraid of a taking chances and wearing a little color. This week, he's got on pink and white stripes on a gray suit. The suit has very distinctive lapels, almost mimicking a shawl collar. Stew-pendous.

Coaches wore suits. You're next, Belichick. Although you won't be as sexy as Mike Nolan.

Keyshawn Johnson makes his week 1 debut in a pink shirt with a vest with a patterned back. Yeah, Key, I don't know either.

Jillian Barberie returned to the airwaves this week. That sexy beast just had a baby 8 weeks ago and is already back in her stripper shoes.

But why did my girl, Pam Oliver, come back from the half with something on her teeth? I thought Joe had her back. Her new 'do looks cute though, especially after she was roasted across the board for her preseason style.

Jay Glazer made his in studio debut with curious facial hair looking like a loan shark. Peak lapels for real.

Who knew T.O. was so shy? He continues to rock the stunnas during the press conference this season. Otherwise, I like the brown striped tie on brown shirt underneath the light sweater.

America's favorite baby daddy, Tom Brady, starts the season off with a new haircut. It looks pretty fancy, like Gisele talked him into it.

Deion is rocking a coat in the summertime. It's a little hot for a vest and a duster jacket, bruh.

Stuart Scott rocks his lime green and gray check best for Monday Night Football.

Who most resembles the orange roundie? Donovan McNabb?

Or Bonnie Bernstein?

Tony Kornheiser wears Chad Johnson's prop. The jacket is cheap, questionable and terrible executed, just like the celebration itself.

And to close, MOOOOOOOSE! Daryl Johnston has apparently never met a pattern or color he couldn't put together. What is that? A nubby linen? Love it.

P.S. Tennessee Titans Vince Young and Chris Brown were stuntin' this week, but a screen cap eluded me. Does a fabulous outfit actually exist if there are no cameras to record it?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Fox Screws Pam Again

Joe Buck, this. Joe Buck, that. Those in the know see fit to let us know about Joe Buck's every waking move. For your information, Joe Buck will not be hosting the NFL on Fox pre-game show next season. You will have to get your long sip of Buck juice from play by play only.

And who is taking Joe's place with Terry, Howie and Jimmy? Everybody's Black friend, Curt Menefee, of course.

But what about Pam Oliver? She's been left out in the cold again! What does it take to get a chick off the sidelines?

Curt is cool, but it wasn't like he was killing the game last season. He is merely an adequate host. He's no JB. Brown or Buck. And JB Version 1.0 is doing quite well over on CBS. I'm surprised Fox is satisfied to let CBS continue to erode their ratings. Once again, Fox passes on the opportunity to shake the show up by putting Pam on the desk. ESPN has put a Black woman on the desk. It's all the rage, now! Fox continues to wear throwbacks when graphic hoodies are what's poppin' now.

I thought Joe loved Pam. Wait a minute... This situation has Buck's glossy pout all over it. By returning full time to his position as #1 announcer, he guarantees that he and Pam will always be together, as she is the #1 sideline reporter. Especially since the NFL on Fox show will not be travelling from game to game next season. That Joe Buck is a sneaky sonofabitch. Fine. I guess Pam and Joe will continue to share lip gloss for the forseeable future. But I'd rather see Pam at the desk.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Vote Pam! Again!

Whew! Pam Oliver made it out the first round on The Big Picture's "Would You Do?" tournament. Now she's pitted against Stacey Dales. Vote Pam! You know you hate women's basketball.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Vote Pam!

This blog supports Pam Oliver in all her endeavors. So I encourage you to vote for Pam Oliver in the "Would You Do..." tournament (yes, tournament) over at The Big Picture. This is just the first round. She's in a heated battle with Heather Cox. Hopefully, Heather will be defeated easily, but let's not take any chances. Pam loves Joe Buck, but I'm sure she would appreciate your support too.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Contributing to the Sports News Landscape, Whether You Like It or Not is one of my favorite sports sites. So imagine my surprise when I was watching PTI on Friday and saw Wilbon and Kornheiser discussing a personal ad placed on Craig's List by a baseball player looking for a little bit of morning delight. Hmmmmmm? I wonder where they got that story from. The Big Lead, that's who! Here's the fruit of their uncredited labor.

The Big Lead is crying a river about this, but I also have a bone to pick with PTI. On the very next segment, Mike and Tony reveal their thorough understanding of "making it rain" and Pacman Jones' failure to understand strip club etiquette. Now how do you think Mike and Tony became so learned about the rain. Me, of course! Well, maybe. My post was linked on Friday in TBL's Roundup. It seems to me that if the PTI producers could lift from one post, they would happily plunder the whole site. There were no developments in the Pacman Jones story on Friday, and certainly no guides to "making it rain" coming off the ESPN wire. What do you think?

They better be glad PTI is my favorite ESPN show. Plus, it's funny to hear Tony say "make it rain over and over again. If I'm responsible for that, I'll gladly take the credit.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Fashion Roundup - Noticing Those Who Dress to be Seen

Sadly, the NFL season is winding down. Admit it. You are going to miss Michael Irvin's crazy suits. Consequently, the fashion round up will appear as frequently as possible, but probably more sporadically. But where there is fashion, I will find it.

What is Bruce Pearl? Like, muscular fat? I realize he's making an effort. (I see the guns, BP!) But was the headband really necessary?

Still, I think the body paint look is better than any sort of outfit involving an orange sportcoat.

I've disagreed with Daryl Johnston's effort to the bring the tie clip back, but he keeps trying... It works better with this look. When you're going to do something bold, everything else has to be basic. By pairing his avant garde tie clip with an conservative look (for him), I can accept the tie clip thing a little bit better.

Pam has worn this scarf before. But I understand... It reminds you of your secret lover, Joe Buck...

(And kudos for rocking the straight hair in the weather.)

Serena has never dressed for her body type, but I appreciate the use of accessories. I like the earrings, the diamond around the neck and, of course, the trophy.

She wore the same outfit the whole tourney (Boooooooo!), but she looks busted out a cute outfit for the winner's photo op.

Go, Gilbert! It's ya birthday! Although, he was clearly saving this outfit for a special occasion, it's a little bit much for my taste. It might have been dope without the scarf. The scarf is just over the top. However, I appreciate the use of the black card as an accessory.

Does Rachel Nichols taunt you or is it just me? She's always flaunting her red-brown hair. I feel like she should be on the cover of a romance novel.

And Scott Pollard's hair taunts me too - just not in a good way.

Jeremy Shockey sacrifices the ultimate accessory - a helmet - to make a play.

Dwight Freeney models the classic huge sloped shoulders with herringbone chain look.

Howie Long continues with his "I'm trying, but I'm not trying too hard" look with a dash of "I'm hella cold". Nice lines on the coat, but the sleeves are a little long.

Joe Buck rocks the turtleneck! And he gives us the scarf and scarf-less look for variety.

Troy Smith has on some sort of weird shoe t-shirt thing at the Senior Bowl.

Lebron nurses his severe big toe injury in velvet. I'm not a fan of blue-black combinations, but whatever...

I never thought a mohawk could make anyone, much less Ron Artest, look more babyfaced.

And, finally, welcome to the USA, Becks! Run a fashion clinic for these fools.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Joe Heart Pam?

Are Joe Buck and Pam Oliver secret lovers? There are long hours on the road away from the family. ...

The evidence has been right in front of my face all along.

Even The Mighty MJD noticed that Joe and Pam looked extra comfortable snuggling riding on the back of the injury cart as they left the Fox set this Sunday to go call the game in the stadium.

I have even previously posted incriminating pics on this very blog, but I was blind.

Although The Big Picture openly debates wheter Pam is fuckable, could Joe resist Pam in Baby Phat jeans? An tantalizing video is here.

Did you forget that Keyshawn Johnson felt the urge to spank her?

How could Joe resist? (Baby, you know you should have gotten promoted over that fattie, Curt. Pam, just a little kiss? It would make me feel so cool and different to be with a Black girl... Please, Pam. I have red, pouty lips that long to kiss you. Please, just a little kiss... Can I touch your hair?)

So, I am looking for tips. If you have noticed an unnatural amount of friendliness between Joe and Pam, let me know... We can get to the bottom of this.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Fashion Round Up - The Neck Beard Edition

Once again, I am pleased to open up the Round Up to a guest commentator. This week the blog most willing to put their man card on the line is Jay-Z lyric lovers, 55 Problems. You may think I'm offering you Deadspin scraps, but, between me and you, 55 Problems admitted off the record that an appearance on the Round Up would be a more coveted "get" than a full post on Deadspin. I mean I am bringing you Wendi Nix. What is Deadspin doing for Wendi?

55 problems wouldn't admit that they were really scanning the crowd for a glimpse of Kobe's hoochie wife, but they had a good fashion take on Jack Nicholson. Jack Nicholson is not an athlete or a sports personality. But he's a season ticket holder. And season ticket holders are part of the chain. In fact, they are higher in the pecking order than bloggers. So, season ticket holders are always eligible to be featured on the Round Up.

Naturally, 55 problems was horrified at the sight of this:

Now, I know Jack is getting up there in age - he'll be 70 in April - but this guy is a superstar, a legend. I'm thinking he should have a guy that tells him "Hey Jack, I think you missed a spot." How does he end up on TV with a something that looks like a ferret hiding between chins three and four?

This is why I'm terrified of getting old. When you're in your 20s and 30s, you're keeping up on this stuff, trimming your nostril hair, plucking hairs out of your ears etc. But then one day, I don't know, you stop caring, or you lose track of time, and next thing you know you look like you've got cotton balls stuffed in your ears. Or you leave a massive portion of beard on your neck and go to a Lakers game. Who knows though . . . it's Jack Nicholson, maybe this will start a trend.

For more information on the origins of the neck beard click here.

Now on to the rest.

The aforementioned Wendi Nix...

She looks great in a nice suede jacket with a lace-up type trim.

Pam Oliver looks fantastic in a cream trench coat paired with a chunky cream and black scarf. Joe Buck loves it too.

But Pam looks even better sitting at the desk with the rest of the guys. Joe also agrees that Pam should have gotten the nod over Curt Menefee.

Even though Michael Irvin has made the environment more difficult, I've decided I'm going to maintain my position that Merril Hoge dresses "Black." Because that's the only explanation for why he dresses as well as he does, lol.

I like this slate blue suit pared with a blue/orange check shirt and a nice diagonal tie picking up both colors. Looks like he might have gotten a little extra taken off the arm length of his suit to show off the cuffs. Nice.

Mike's had a rough week, so I'll show him some love.

It's challenging to still have an impactful outfit when you have to wear a coat on top of it, but Michael Irvin takes his fashion way more seriously than his appearances on the Dan Patrick show. I like the earth tones. Earth tones usually come across dull on TV, but Mike's a master. As always, I love the extra wide tie knot.

Daryl "Moose" Johnston is a new face on the Round Up

I have to show him some love for his bold use of stripes. This is a high level of difficulty outfit. He's pairing gray with blue, 3 different patterns and a red pocket square. But he pulls it off. Nice ring, by the way.

Deion was also not going to let a little weather get in the way of his fashion agenda.

This is a FUR trenchcoat. I bet you didn't know they made those. I assume Deion Sanders was giddy with anticipation awaiting the first NFLN game broadcast so he could bust this out. Nice trim on the shirt too.

This is the second time I've had to cite Eli Manning for a crooked tie. Look good, feel good. You look like a dope instead of leader for that bunch of misfits you're stuck with. Get yourself together in the mirror before you hit the field.

Matt Hasselback offers his take on the coat game. I don't know if it's intentional, but I like the turned over lapel. And I think I see a sweater vest peeking out under there. Congratulations, Matt. You've decreased your corny quotient a little bit. But you're still bald.

Interesting lapels from Stuart Scott. I like. Boo-yah!

Finally, some love for some choice NFL hotties...

Is Doug Flutie aging well or is he aging well? He's no Jack Nicholoson. No neck beard in sight on this old timer.

David Carr is smoking this week. He looks like he just rolled out of bed in an Armani suit. And all those sacks haven't marred his pretty face. And look that full head of hair! Surely, Jack Nicholson is somewhere green with envy.